Hosszu Announces Split from Tusup; Tusup Reacts With Intimate Details

Updated with Shane Tusup‘s statement.

On the day before she’s scheduled to begin competition at the 2018 Speedo Grand Challenge in Irvine, California, Hungary’s triple Olympic gold medalist Katinka Hosszu announced a professional split from her coach and husband Shane Tusup.

“I would like to get ahead of the gossips, sadly Shane and I haven’t been able to resolve our personal issues, therefore we are no longer working together. I am still preparing for the upcoming competitions while looking at my options for my support team.”

Shortly after posting, Hosszu’s Facebook page, with 503,000 followers, became inaccessible. The post did not explicitly say that their personal relationship was over, just that the two are ‘no longer working together.’ A screenshot of the post is below:

Screenshot, May, 24th

In spite of previous promises to “work to change,” Tusup released a press release after Hosszu’s post on Facebook (posted in its entirety here) claiming that marital infidelity on Hosszu’s part was the reason for the relationship failing.

“At the end of November, I was completely blindsided by the sudden overnight strain on our marriage, and any hope to reconcile the marriage was completely sabatoged by Katinka continuously misleading me into believing the issues were all me and my character.”

Tusup says that Hosszu’s admission of marital infidelity came in April, after the two announced their attempts to reconcile but before a recent Instagram photo of the two together in Japan in late April, where they celebrated his birthday together on a publicity tour.

“As I look back on our ten years together, I question whether her commitment to me was real,” Tusup said. “After all the blood, sweat and tears I gave for her, dedicating my life to helping her achieve all of her childhood dreams, it now becomes apparent that I was manipulated and deceived and that our relationship was built on a lie. I truly believe she never loved me, but simply loved the way I was devoted to her.”

SwimSwam has been unable to get in touch with Hosszu to comment on Tusup’s accusations.

This is the latest in a back-and-forth year for the pair’s relationship. The two, who married in 2013, mutually announced in December of 2017 that their relationship had hit a “difficult time,”  which led to them attending a major Hungarian awards ceremony separately, and Tusup saying that he would “work to change.”

Since then, Hungarian media reported that Hosszu filed for divorce and testified against her husband in court earlier this month in a wrongful termination suit by a former Iron Aquatics coach. Those divorce proceedings were recently put on hold, however, and on Thursday morning, Hosszu posted the following image to social media of her and Tusup with the caption “you and me against the world”.

Tusup has earned a reputation for emotional outbursts on pool decks, including at a youth meet in November where he engaged in a profanity-laden shouting match with officials and meet organizers in Hungary, where he walked around the deck with both of his middle fingers in the air, according to Hungarian coach and meet organizer Ferenc Pass. He was later ordered to apologize after Hosszu testified against him in court.

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2 years ago

So will she swim tomorrow or she is still “looking at my options for my support team.”?

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

yea, after tusup IG post..i think there wont much swimming for her tomorrow…

2 years ago

Check out Shane’s Instagram post about it…yikes

Reply to  Mavguy1602
2 years ago

can someone post the popcorn gif

M Palota
Reply to  taa
2 years ago

Kinda like a car crash on the side of the road. You really don’t want to look and you promise yourself that you won’t but…

Becky D
Reply to  taa
2 years ago

comment image

Reply to  Mavguy1602
2 years ago

me me me me me I I I I I —> pretty much sums up what he is saying. Classless.

2 years ago

Shane regretting those tattoos.

Reply to  Philip
2 years ago

Why? It was his win too.

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

He didn’t do the swimming, it was all her. It was her and only her win. Just like it was all ledecky and all phelps and all missy etc. the coach helps guide the swimmer but it’s really up to the swimmer. Any coach who sees a swimmer accomplishments as equal parts their success is a bad coach

Reply to  Klorn8d
2 years ago

The list of enormous talents who failed to reach their highs they should have after coaching changes suggests you are wrong. The relationship and understanding between athlete and coach is of paramount importance when determining the success of an athlete. I remember Rebecca Adlington talking about this; She was pretty honest, without saying it outright, that there were women more talented than herself. One thing that always came across though, was that she believed she and Bill had a relationship, a trust and a confidence in one and other that pushed her to that level. She always said she couldn’t swim for another coach, and sure as hell when he moved on she hung up her goggles. I really think… Read more »

Reply to  Dee
2 years ago

I agree that coaches are equally important in the partnership.

However, getting back to Yozhik’s point, she can walk away and still tout everything they accomplished. Whereas, sure, he can put their success on his resume, but beyond that (e.g. showing off those tattoos) would just make it seem like he’s a has-been who can’t get past her

Reply to  Philip
2 years ago

They’ll serve as red flags for potential mates

running start to touch backstroke flags
Reply to  Philip
2 years ago

Like everyone else? Lol. Tats are for losers… The only Tattoo anyone should get is Oly rings… the winners.

Professional Swimmer

welllllll… if you really want to go this road… once you’ve been at the olympic games you kinda wanna loose the ideia of getting the rings when you realize their the most trivial thing around

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