Claire Tuggle Delights With 4:11 400 LCM Free In Ireland

2018 Irish Open Swimming Championships

  • Wednesday, April 4th – Sunday, April 8th
  • National Aquatic Centre, Dublin
  • LCM
  • Selection for European Senior & Junior Championships; World Youth Olympic Games
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The 5-day Irish Open Swimming Championships kicked off in Dublin tonight, with national talent taking on a young contingency from America, including 13-year-old Claire Tuggle.

Tuggle wasted no time making a name for herself at her first overseas international competition, as the teen captured the gold medal in the women’s 14&O 400m freestyle event. After establishing herself as the top seed with a solid morning swim of 4:16.12, Tuggle grabbed the gold medal with a super impressive 4:11.37.

Splitting 1:00.63/1:04.18/1:03.67/1:02.89, Tuggle crushed her old personal best of 4:15.45 set at the 2017 NCSA Summer Championships. She led a 1-2 punch tonight, with fellow American teen Ashley Strouse earning silver in 4:17.22.

With her race tonight, Tuggle’s 4:11.37 now checks-in as the 4th fastest time ever by an American 13-14 year old, just about 2 seconds off of what Katie Ledecky was at that age.

American Women 13-14 All-Time 400m Freestyle Times (Top 5)

  1. Sippy Brennan, 4:07.15, 1978
  2. Becca Mann, 4:08.65, 2012
  3. Katie Ledecky, 4:09.30, 2012
  4. Claire Tuggle, 4:11.37, 2018
  5. Maddie Homovich, 4:12.30

America’s William Davis took the men’s 50m butterfly in 23.65, while fellow stars n’ stripes teammate Willie Davis touched right behind in 23.70. The men’s performances position them just outside the top 10 times in the world this season.

Other highlights of night 1 include Ireland’s Darragh Greene reaping a new Irish National Record in the 10om breaststroke final, taking the race in a smooth 1:00.21. That overtook the previous NR of 1:00.58 held by Alex Murphy since 2017.

For his part, Murphy was disqualified in the event for an illegal turn. Ireland is still seeking its first-ever man under the minute mark in the event.

Mona McSharry was tonight’s 100m breast winner for the women, taking the race in 1:07.80 to represent the only swimmer under the 1:08 threshold. Splitting 31.79/36.01, McSharry most likely secures her roster spot for the 2018 European Championships taking place in Glasgow later this year.

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Ahhhh! Cynthia Woodhead’s record actually might go down!


Clair took at least one of Sippy’s 11-12 records down last year. Maybe two, I can’t quite remember. She’s the real deal!

bobo gigi

Sophie, it’s very possible but not sure. Claire’s birthday is in July. Her LCM tapered meets in 2019 will come in August. She will be 15. I predict something around 4.09 next summer but maybe she will surprise me again. And honestly it’s not the most important thing in her development. Cool if she breaks that legendary antique NAG record but it’s icing on the cake. Her coach is not focused on records but on technique and has long-term views. And it works very well so far.


Claire will be 13 in July


That is 5 sec improvement since her race 2.5 months ago in Austin. Based on what she was doing in SCY just recently I incline to think that it is not due to excellent tapering but that the puberty process isn’t complete yet in her case. We should expect more drops this year. Maybe not with the pace of 5sec per 3 months, but still impressive.

Ol' Longhorn

Perhaps SwimSwam can notify us when “the puberty process” is complete.


I’m more than sure you’ve understood what I meant and most likely agreed. If you don’t like the wording I used, please correct it. I’m positive that your vocabulary is better than mine. But your comment doesn’t sound good – you are talking about 13 yo girl. Some decency, please.


Just say development. Talking about a young girl’s puberty process is weird and makes people very uncomfortable


He literally did nothing but quote you…those are literally your own words…if anybody needs to show some decency it is you.

Daniel Carr

What is Becca Mann doing now who was almost a second quicker than Ledecky in 2012 ?
Tuggle is very exciting, love watching a swimmer develop as she is and hopefully she will end up as great as Ledecky and that’s from a Brit.


Mann is in the cinema program at USC, so I imagine its a very daunting academic load

Swim Mom

And the point of this comment – other than to criticize Mann or her choice of studies is… what?


People who use the handle “Swim Mom” (I’m sure it’s not all the same person) are always the worst commenters on here. I think Yooz was pointing out that the USC Cinema Arts program is a very challenging program, and that the academic load might be impacting her swimming


I don’t think its a criticism… USC’s cinema program is probably the most prestigious in the country. I think you may have sensed sarcasm when none existed. She is certainly dealing with a daunting academic load if she is in that program.


She is a top American open water swimmer. Seems to be doing quite well for herself

Ol' Longhorn

Yes, her foray into USRPT with the Andrews turned into an open water swimmer.


She had a terrific 2015 but reported a back injury in the months leading up to Olympic trials, didn’t swim well there and she’s never made it back to her previous level. still doing ok in open water. Hoping she still has some great swims left!


She made the world champs roster… that’s a little
better than ok

lots of haters on the site lately jeez. I thought it would have died down after NCAA’s


to be fair, the fact that she has scored minimal points at NCAAs (0 this past year) after being such a highly touted recruit with A final worthy times is noteworthy. still, she seems to be happy and focusing more on open water so all is well!


Why does NCAA’s need to be such a priority though. Maybe she chose to focus more on open water and she is succeeding at that.

Life doesn’t depend on scoring points in school. She was expected to be a star as a kid and she is doing that in open water. She hasn’t been a letdown at all in my opinion


Mann has been 8:21 in the 800 (2015). But has had some injuries and has turned her focus to open water.

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