Campbells, Chalmers, Winnington Gear Up For NSW C’ships


The New South Wales State Open Championships kick-off on Friday with some of Australia’s biggest names getting some additional racing under their belts before the Australian National championships next month. Several stars opted out of the Vic Open last month, so we’ll be getting a first glimpse at some of the green and gold athletes as they splash for the first time in 2019.

A sprinkling of international swimmers will also be contesting events at SOPAC this weekend, including Commonwealth Games bronze medalist Lewis Clareburt and fellow New Zealand national record holder Daniel Hunter. Malaysian standout Welson Sim is slated to compete, as is Czech swimmer Barbora Zavadova.

However, most spectators’ eyes will be fixed on the Aussies to see who looks good to takes titles next month. Here’s a sampling of the Australians with their respective clubs ready to race down under starting Friday.

Bond – Alex Graham, Elijah Winnington

Griffith University – Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Emma McKeon, Taylor McKeown, Daniel Smith

Knox Pymble – Bronte Campbell, Cate Campbell

Marion – Kyle Chalmers, Brittany Elmslie, Travis Mahoney, Madi Wilson

Melbourne Vicentre – Daniel Cave, Mack Horton, Kotuku Ngawati, Sian Whittaker

Nunawading – Sophie Caldwell, Jess Hansen, Matthew Temple

Rackley – William Stockwell

Rockingham – Holly Barratt

Somerset – James Roberts

Southport Olympic – Tristan Hollard, Leiston Pickett

TSS – Grayson Bell, Cameron McEvoy, Kiah Melverton, David Morgan, Joshua Parrish, Laura Taylor

USC Spartans – Kaylee McKeown, Leah Neale, Jake Packard, Mikkayla Sheridan

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2 years ago

Was hoping to see James Magnussen also competing but looks like he’s on the way out commitment wise

Reply to  Verram
2 years ago

Very much agree, Verram. In recent years, its his lip that has been distinctly more prolific and notable than his efforts in the water. We could both be wrong but the odds on seeing Magnussen in Tokyo would have to be double digit ones at minimum …. and a return to his 2011-13 level would have several 000s included.

As to the quality of performances we will see at NSW is open to speculation as its hard to gauge just how fast Natls are going to be given the Worlds selection meet will be a couple of months later. TBH, I can’t see the logic of holding 2 such meets (let alone the expense involved) when its only one that… Read more »

Reply to  commonwombat
2 years ago

I agree on many points .. the fact that Magnussen was also missing from last weeks mens 100/200 free training camp when all others were there is a big indicator of his commitment level post surgery .. really not sure what he’s going to do now with his life as swimming is obviously no longer his passion it seems

He may decide to show up at world trials maybe …

Nor even sure if either event will even be televised or even just “live stream” worthy

Reply to  Verram
2 years ago

I think channel 72 will have finals each night . Chalmers just went 48.62 in heats this morning btw. I agree that two championships does seem silly. But then, some commentators on here have said the Australians need more race experience . So there is that aspect.

Reply to  Samesame
2 years ago

Agree on more racing practice / experience required.. but I guess the point of contention (if any) would be that we supposedly have the national championships coming up in April and yet the world champs team is not selected from this meet which make winning the nationals a bit futile in that regard .. I would prefer the one in June to be the “offical” national championships / world champs trials and any other meets to be relegated to “Grand Prix” status .. it’s nice to have the “national champion” going to worlds unless they get pre selected if they win their event in April

Reply to  Verram
2 years ago

Sounds sensible . Agreed

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