Breaking Down the New ISL Gems and Stars Ranking System

The ISL is implementing a new GEMS and STARS event ranking system for the upcoming 2021 season. All individual events that are competed during the ISL season will be ranked. Each ISL athlete will have a ranking for the events in which they compete, and each athlete will either be awarded a “gem” or a “star” based on their rankings.

The ISL Rating System from last season is still being used to calculate each athlete’s score. With this scoring system, the final time isn’t the only factor that applied to scoring. The main objective is to finish as high as possible in the event, while also taking into account the degree of difficulty of the field, among other factors.

After each ISL match, the athlete’s race is assessed based on placement and jackpot points. Depending on the match, either a new rank is assigned to the athlete or there is no change. If your ranking changes, your points (and thus your gem or star) will also change.

One goal of the new GEMS and STARS system is to help the coaches manage the team lineups. Fans could also benefit from the new visual representation of a swimmer’s rank to more easily assess a team’s overall strength.


ISL GEMS & STARS Breakdown 

Diamond GEM #1 Ranked Athlete
Ruby GEM #2 Ranked Athlete
Emerald GEM #3 Ranked Athlete
Sapphire GEM #4 Ranked Athlete
Gold STAR #5 and #6 Ranked Athlete
Silver STAR #7 Through #10 Ranked Athlete
Bronze STAR EVERY ISL Rookie OR Athlete That Regularly Competes in Event

Below, see examples of the new ranking system based on the overall points in the men’s 50m freestyle and the women’s 100m breaststroke from the 2020 ISL season.

ISL 2020 – Men’s 50 SCM Freestyle 

Caeleb Dressel (Cali Condors) 1st 12,553 Diamond GEM
Florent Manaudou (Energy Standard) 2nd 11,357 Ruby GEM
Kristian Gkolomeev (LA Current) 3rd 4,783 Emerald GEM
Vladimir Morozov (Tokyo Frog Kings) 4th 4,689 Sapphire GEM
Michael Andrew (NY Breakers) 5th 3,432 Gold STAR
Justin Ress (Cali Condors) 6th 3,324 Gold STAR
Maxim Lobanovszkij (Team Iron) 7th 3,151 Silver STAR
Szebasztian Szabo (Aqua Centurions) 8th 2,825 Silver STAR
Kosuke Matsui (Tokyo Frog Kings) 9th 2,250 Silver STAR
Benjamin Proud (Energy Standard) 10th 2,206 Silver STAR

ISL 2020 – Womens 100 SCM Breaststroke

Lilly King (Cali Condors) 1st 11,556 Diamond GEM
Alia Atkinson (London Roar) 2nd 7,562 Ruby GEM
Molly Hannis (Cali Condors) 3rd 5,538 Emerald GEM
Annie Lazor (London Roar) 4th 5,022 Sapphire GEM
Benedetta Pilato (Energy Standard) 5th 4,301 Gold STAR
Martina Carraro (Aqua Centurions) 6th 3,745 Gold STAR
Jenna Laukkanen (Team Iron) 7th 3,391 Silver STAR
Ida Hulkko (Team Iron) 8th 3,052 Silver STAR
Breeja Larson (Energy Standard) 9th 2,974 Silver STAR
Emily Escobedo (NY Breakers) 10th 2,766 Silver STAR

The 2021 ISL regular season will take place in Naples, Italy and racing is set to begin on August 26th.


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1 year ago

For the love of God, all I want out of this is teams to swim fast, compete, and get the athletes paid. All this other stuff just seems unnecessary and is complicating things

M d e
Reply to  PVSFree
1 year ago

Feel like this could be to do with their interest in fantasy/betting stuff perhaps ie.

Make a team with 1 swimmer of each gemstone, 2 gold stars, 3 silver Stars and 4 bronze stars to score as many points as possible.

Or it could just be to have something a bit more visually interesting than a number for the broadcast.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  M d e
1 year ago

Might as well just make them hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons.

Former ISL Swimmer
Reply to  PVSFree
1 year ago

Still haven’t been paid for last season yet either. Still waiting on final payment. Crazy the next season is about to start and I am still waiting on it.

1 year ago

I think most people agree this is stupid. I feel like this is an attempt to mimic the medal system from the oly games

1 year ago

ISL paying athletes in stolen virtual gems this year?

Reply to  Believer
1 year ago

Nah crypto, dark web style.

Mean Dean
1 year ago

Really dumb

Casas 100 back gold in Fukuoka
1 year ago

What’s the point of it?
Why not just tell us someone is ranked 1sr/2nd/3rd in an event? It’s way more easy to comprehend and remember than Emerald and Sapphire.

Steve Nolan
1 year ago

OK OK OK, so I’ve been saying all the stuff the ISL has been doing this offseason – the entire draft process, basically – is way too confusing, too hard to follow for your average fan.

I just clicked on the ISL Rating System link in this story and LOOK AT. WHAT. IS THERE.
comment image


Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 year ago

We need to call Cam mcevoy to solve this equation

Konner Scott
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 year ago

Oh man, I thought this was a classic Steve Nolan gag but it’s actually for real