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Video: Two Strokes, One Drill

Who would have thought that you could fix two strokes with just one drill.


RITTER Sports Performance Kicks Off 2017 Swim Strength Summit

Starting tomorrow (May 9th), RITTER Sports Performance is kicking off the 2017 Swim Strength Summit………………..

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Two World Records & Five Italians Records Broken In Giugliano

Two World Records and five Italian Records arrived after almost 1,200 races of 640 athletes (over 700 subscribers) who came…

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The Waters Recede: The Legacy Of North Dakota Swim & Dive

A legacy of UND Swimming and Diving came to an abrupt end this spring. To say I am disappointed by the decision is an understatement.


Video: How To Fix Your Freestyle Sweep

We are psyched to be in South Florida for the remainder of the summer. That means our videos have a change of venue.


Who Are These People And Why Did They DQ My Kid?

As a swim parent, have you ever wondered about the people standing around the pool, by the blocks, at the corners and the 15-meter mark?


Ten Tips From A Used-To-Be Timid Swimmer

Courtesy of Avery Manbeck 1. Get to know your teammates. 4 a.m. sucks a little less when you’re swimming with…

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Getting Organized To Swim In College

Becoming a college swimming recruit can be an intimidating process, especially if you and your swimmer are just getting started. It is never too late to start, though, and it is often helpful to break it down into manageable segments.


Video: How To Get A Baller Butterfly

There’s no more daunting a stroke to swim than butterfly. It’s a stroke where no matter how much you’ve trained or how strong you are, you can lose it with a few strokes of thrashing.

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SwimMom Musings: The Final Lap

Soon it will be May and the final days of your senior year will be a memory. They are flying by at a rapid pace with every week bringing a new last time.

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4 Reasons Why Kids Should Go To Swim Camp

With summer around the corner, it’s time to think about swim camp. When my kids were younger, they loved going to swim camp at the University of Southern California.

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Inside Look – Texas Men’s 2017 NCAA Championship

Texas Men’s Swimming had an incredible year. Chris Ritter, host of the RITTER Sports Performance Podcast, interviewed one of their…

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Video: What Your Mesh Bag Is Missing

We are huge fans of using fins in practice. The main reason we train with them is to simulate real-life racing speeds with less effort.

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Kara Lynn Joyce Launches Girls Leadership Summit

Three-time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce has announced the first-ever LEAD Sports Summit for teenage female swimmers, which will take place…


Should Ryan Lochte Be Allowed To Swim At U.S. Masters Nationals?

What is your opinion on Ryan Lochte swimming at the U.S. Masters meet? Should Lochte swim or not swim?