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Swim Across America Grants $4.5 Million & Announces 2017 Schedule

Swim Across America has granted $4,571,922 in 2016 to fund clinical trials and cancer research at 18 institutions. This equals 71% of SAAs total 2016 revenue

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What Should Your Child Eat At Swim Meets?

I discussed this question with several swim moms from a variety of backgrounds, including two nurses, former swimmers, athletes, a dietitian and parents of Olympians, to find out their advice about nutrition at meets.


Shouts From The Stands: Synchronized Swimming: Is It Really A Sport?

Is synchronized swimming really a sport? Despite the doubt of many people, synchronized swimming is one of the most underrated but most difficult sports, and it certainly deserves to be in the Olympic games.


Can We Build A Better College Meet Schedule?

As a collegiate distance swimmer, I had plenty of things to gripe about to my mid-distance counterparts: more monotonous workouts, a shorter taper timeline, and a distinct lack of yoga during morning practices.


How Much Faster Do Swimmers Get In College?

One of the most fundamental aspects of a swimmer’s season is improvement – only one swimmer can win Olympic gold in each event, but every swimmer has the opportunity to measure success or not against their own best times.


3 Things Swim Parents Can and Cannot Control

We’re our children’s major role models, and they learn from us how to act when things don’t go well.

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Jerome Smith Doesn’t Let Heart Problems Stop Him From Swimming

After suffering a heart attack six years ago, Jerome Smith’s heart only pumps at 34 percent of a healthy one. But that hasn’t kept the 73-year-old from blasting away at SCAQ Masters swim workouts. And now he plans to compete in his first swim meet in 15 years.

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Recovery Strategies For Athletes

The human body is an amazing machine.  It can recover from some extreme conditions, bounce back from injury and thrive when given the right circumstances.


What’s The Best Advice For New Swim Parents?

Here are five things I’d suggest to a new swim parent…


Presenting The 19th Annual Euro Meet: A Star-Studded Event

Courtesy and written by Julia Galan of SwimSpire. The Luxembourg Euro Meet is revving up for its 19th edition from…

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SwimMom Musings: Dear Swimmer

We are swim coaches and parents everywhere who are longing for the chance to see you race again, hide out in the locker room from a tough set, or leave your wet towels everywhere. We are used to getting up at 4 am and we secretly love it.

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6 Reasons to Share the Joy of Swimming With Your Kids

This past week, I was thankful to have both my kids home for Christmas break at the same time. It made the festive week so special to have the family together.


Ryan Held Overcome With Emotion After Winning Olympic Gold

Charles Hartley, a free-lance writer based in New Jersey, has written more than a thousand published sports articles. He earned…


Shouts From The Stands: Thank You Letter To My Teammates

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…

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Why You Need to Eat It Whole

As a general rule of thumb, eating foods in their whole, most natural state (rather than mashed, pureed, juiced, popped etc.) generally lessens the impact on blood sugar and contains more nourishment for the body.


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