Survey: Coaching Styles Influence on Motivation and Performance

by SwimSwam Contributors 1

August 04th, 2020 News, Training

The survey and information below is courtesy of Ian Bishop, a former collegiate swimmer who is currently studying at Northern Michigan University.

We are looking for participants for a research study, Coaching Styles Influence on Motivation and Performance. All you have to do to participate is complete a brief anonymous survey.

The research studies how different coaching styles impact the motivation and performance of athletes. The data will show the different styles of coaching that are present in the world of swimming today, as well as coaching styles athletes prefer. By developing a diverse array of coaching styles we can study the positive and negative factors associated with each style and how they impact their athletes.

You can find the anonymous consent form for the survey here.

Once enough data is collected, the findings will be shared here on SwimSwam.

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1 month ago

A subjective, anonymous, and online survey will produce horribly inaccurate data. Best of luck though.