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Rough Seas // Tough Sailor – An Open Discussion On Mental Illness

I started Rough Seas // Tough Sailor – a website and community dedicated to the open discussion, support, and advocacy of mental health and mental illness in athletics.


Advice For Your First Year Of College, Swimmers – By College Swimmers

“There’s a good chance you’ll get worse before you get better. Stay patient, be confident in the changes you’re making (in your training/strokes, schedule changes).”

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Caeleb Dressel Breaks All Of Your Time Converters

This past weekend at NCAA championships, Florida’s Caeleb Dressel broke his own national record in the 100 yard freestyle with a jaw-dropping 40.00.


The Power Of Nutrient Dense Foods

When it comes to athletes and food, eating for increased energy, power, stamina and optimal recovery time is the goal. Nutrient dense foods, along with nutrient timing are the keys to making that happen.


The Ultimate Swim: The 12,000 IM

The 12,000 IM. 3,000 yards of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Has it ever been done? Frankly, should it ever…


Video: How To Become An Olympic Medalist In Backstroke

We’ve been lucky enough to become friends with some of the most accomplished swimmers out there.


The 2017 Plymouth Leander Harwich Cup National Qualifier

After a highly successful 2016 National Qualifier, the Plymouth Leander Swimming club is ready to welcome teams from across the UK and around the world to the 2017 Harwich Cup National Qualifier from May 27-29, 2017.

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When Should Your Child And Age Group Swimmer Wear A Tech Suit?

One coach, who lives in an area without tech suit rules, said families leave teams over suit rules. Plus, he doesn’t like playing the “suit cop” at meets. He lets parents and swimmers make the decision, but puts his ideals and preferences out there for everyone to know.


Raising A Champion – Tori Trees Smith and John Smith

Author Eney Jones takes us up-close and personal with Tori Trees Smith and John Smith, parents of Olympic athlete Clark…


Shouts From The Stands: Why Feminists Should Be Excited About Stanford

Stanford Women’s Swimming just accomplished their most successful season to date. They claimed this year’s D1 National Championship Title along with an undefeated season, coach of the year award, academic all American status, and a handful of American Records.


How To Start The New Season Strong

When starting out a new season, it is important that the past is not forgotten.

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TritonWear Analysis: 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships 200 IM

Ryan Murphy, Mark Szaranek and Will Licon battle neck and neck for the NCAA 200 IM title!

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FINIS Set Of The Week: Hitting Your Taper Perfectly

The key during taper is to remember everyone is DIFFERENT! No two swimmers are the same, therefore need rest a specific way and manner.

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Are the NCAA’s Overhyped?

Courtesy of Barry Revzin A now infamous comment in an early live recap post suggested that the NCAAs are overhyped….


Use Your Food For Recovery

One of the most important factors in sustained athletic success is understanding recovery. There are many components to improving your recovery time from training that can really up you’re A game.