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Six Bad Gym Habits

Bad gym habits. We all have them and we all don’t like to admit that they are there. But, let’s just own our bad habits and fix them!


5 Tips for When Your Swim Parenting Days Are Numbered

There will come a time when we no longer drive our kids to practice, set up for meets, or drive out of town for meets. With all the time and energy being a swim family, what are parents to do when it’s over?


Take Part In The Season Of Giving With Athletes Connected

Ninety percent of student-athletes who are struggling with mental health issues do not seek professional help, according to survey research….


Swimming & What I Learned

Swimming is a big force behind who I am today as a person. The way I think. The way I…

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How To Improve Freestyle Kicking – Video

The speed of the freestyle kick is the baseline speed for your freestyle. The higher the baseline speed (kick speed), the faster you will swim, after adding your pulling motion and body rotation.


Six Thoughts For Swim Parents About Best Times

While volunteering, I overheard several parents wondering why their kids weren’t getting best times. Although it’s best not to focus on our swimmers’ times, in reality, it’s hard not to.


An Open Letter To My College Bound Athlete

A few days back I sat with your dad and watched you sign “the letter,” officially committing to be a college swimmer. I am sure the emotions that soared through my veins were experienced by thousands of parents last week and will be replayed again in April.

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The Swim Meet Crisis Action Plan

The Swim Meet Crisis Action Plan: Your Child is in Tears on the Pool Deck.  Here’s What to do.  

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Healthier Holiday Traditions

Anita Nall Richesson, Olympian & Nutritionist: “What’s a wellness junkie like myself to do around this time of the year when the sugar and cheer is about to flow with no end in site until after January 1st?”

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Shouts From The Stands: Hampton Aquatic Center

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…


Maximizing Freestyle Efficiency: 41 Degrees of Power

After working at Swim Labs for over a year, I have found that is that there is a 41 degree angle of power with the elbows out and the forearms and wrists in, in the power phase.


Southern Cross Swimming Club #mannequinchallenge

“Southern Cross Swimming club has nails the #mannequinchallenge.

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How To Find Your Possibility Mindset After A Setback Or Injury

At some point in your sport career you will experience a setback

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14 Types Of Young Swimmers

By Rebecca Smith Read through the list of the 14 Types of Young Swimmers and see if one sounds like…


5 Things To Never Say To Your Child After A Meet

By Rebecca Smith 5 things to never say to your child after a meet (Hint: These are some of the…

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