Aussie Olympian Cate Campbell Averts Melanoma Scare

In a social media post reminiscent of Australian National Teammate Mack Horton‘s, multi-Olympic medalist Cate Campbell alerted her followers to a skin cancer care she faced this week.

“Holy Moley! A friendly reminder to everyone to get their skin checked! Last week I finally went for a long overdue skin check (because skin checks seem to be one of those things that are always overdue) and discovered that I had a stage one melanoma. – No need to panic, it was safely removed, but it developed in a mole that I’d had my whole life (my nickname as a kid was Many Moles🙈),” read Campbell’s post dated Monday, November 26th (Australian time).

The 26-year-old World Record holder further stated, “I know everyone leads busy lives, but it was a timely reminder for me that we need to look after our health. An hour out of your day once or twice a year is all it takes. – Ok, that’s enough ‘mothering’ from me. But seriously guys, go get yourself checked out, especially now that it’s hot and sunny again (hurray!). I’ll be back in the pool in a week and will have a sweet scar to make me look more bad ass.”

According to The Courier Mail, Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world. Statistics say 1 in 14 Australian men and 1 in 24 Australian women are diagnosed at some stage in their life.

C1 had already opted out of competing at this year’s Short Course World Championships.

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4 years ago

Cate Campbell is still a world recorder holder.

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

To my dear downvoters, have you ever heard Federica Pelligrini being characterized as swimmer like FORMER world record holder? And that is true – she is. But to my taste I would find it disrespectful to speak about outstanding swimmer this way when she still has another world record under her belt.

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