Anti-Doping: Retesting Of London Samples Results In 23 Positives

As with the retesting of samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released initial findings of reanalysis of samples from the 2012 London Olympics. A total of 265 samples from London were retested using the latest technology available.

The retesting is part of the IOC’s efforts to protect clean athletes by preventing dopers from competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

According to the IOC, 23 athletes across 6 different counties have tested positive for banned substances as a result of the samples being retested. The athletes stem from 5 different sports, although no specifics have been released at this time other than to say that all have failed their A samples.

The athletes and corresponding federations and national Olympic committees have been informed of the retest results and all athletes found to have infringed the anti-doping rules will be banned from Rio. The athletes will also face a possible loss of any medals earned at the London Games.

“These reanalyses show, once again, our determination in the fight against doping,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “We want to keep the dopers away from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This is why we are acting swiftly now. I have already appointed a disciplinary commission, which has the full power to take all the decisions on behalf of the IOC.”

As the IOC’s program is ongoing, the organization says more results may be released in the coming weeks.

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Efimova, Chicherova possibly in the 23. Unfortunately I think that 10 of the 23 will be Russians.


Why is it unfortunate? Get the cheaters out of the sport. If there is a disproportionate amount from a single country that is their own fault

Joel Lin

Am I alone thinking that very possibly Larsen Jensen moves from bronze to gold for the 400m in 2008?

Park’s odd no show this week in front of the audience he’d been begging, then a Chinese swimmer next. Just seems like a possibility.


That’s very likely.


Ryan Lochte will also get 200 free silver!
Also, Paltrinieri will get 1,500 bronze and Germany will be awarded 4×200 bronze. Biedermann will be happy.


If that were to happen, silver would go to PVK as well.


Would they take back the medals this much after the fact?

I am sure a gold meda would feel good no matter what, but I doubt it’s the same when you have to wait four years to get it.


It doesn’t matter how long. If you are caught positive, you are stripped of your medal and whoever was behind you moves up, provided they are also clean.


Almost 10% tested positive so it sounds like they need to expand the testing. I’d like to see USADA do the same test program with all the old samples here in the USA, Its funny that Travis has time to write a newspaper editorial about how evil Russia is but I dont see him mention anything about retesting USA athletes.


Beisel should get the gold in the 400IM. Could that race have been any more obvious???


And Katinka the bronze. First olympic medal?


For a ridiculous swimmer like her I actually think it would be a shame to win her first that way considering the medal count she is preparing to rack up this summer, anticlimactic at the very least


Usatf is probably paying a lot to avoid re testing. Tyson gay is still running just to show the tip of the iceberg the balco guys are still allowed to stay on the open.

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