Announcing SwimSwam’s 2023 NCAA Championships Fantasy Draft


  • Women: March 15-18, 2023
  • Men: March 22-25, 2023
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Meet Central: Women | Men
  • Psych Sheets: Women | Men
  • Live Results: Women
  • SwimSwam Preview Index: Women
  • Pick ’em Contest: Women

The next two weeks will feature the two biggest meets of the year in American collegiate swimming. The 2023 Women’s NCAA Championships will run from March 15 – 18 and a few days later the men’s meet will run from March 22 – 25.

In order to prepare for all the action and excitement, SwimSwam has conducted the 2023 NCAA Championships Fantasy Draft. If you paid attention to our 2022 World Championships or 2022 Commonwealth Games drafts, you already know how these drafts go. But if you’re new to this idea, here’s how it works:

Each of the four drafters or “GMs” gets to select eight swimmers for their team, conssiting of four women and four men who will be competing at the 2023 Women’s and Men’s NCAA Championships. GMs are limited to two swimmers per school on their team and the goal is to create a team that scores the most points according to the following scoring system:

2023 NCAA Draft Scoring System

  • Individual Gold: 6 points
  • Individual Silver: 5 points
  • Individual Bronze: 4 points
  • Individual 4th – 8th: 1 point
  • NCAA/US Open/Fastest Relay Split In History: 3 points
  • Relay Gold: 3 points
  • Relay Silver: 2 points
  • Relay Bronze: 1 point
  • Relay NCAA/US Open Record: 1 point
  • DQ: – 2 points

As we go through the women’s meet this week and the men’s meet next week, we’ll be keeping track of how many points each team scores. After the conclusion of the men’s meet on March 25, we’ll find out who drafted best and who drafted worst. Check out the full set of teams below.

You can watch the draft happen live on the SwimSwam podcast or on YouTube here:

If you have your own thoughts on who is going to score big at the NCAA Championships, make sure to enter the 2023 pick ’em contests for both meets. The women’s contest is live right now, with entries closing just before the meet begins on March 15 at 4 pm EST. The men’s contest will launch in the coming days.

Additionally, make sure you comment on this post and let us know who you think will fare the best in this competition. Will Braden win his third straight draft? Can Coleman sneak into the #1 spot after a 2nd and 3rd place finish? Will first time drafter Yanyan have beginners luck? And, most importantly, will I (Ben) face my third straight loss or will I come out on top?

The Teams

TEAM Knoxville Knuckleballers Taylor Ruck & Roll Gabe and the Jetts Bathtub Pool Swimmers
GM Coleman Ben Braden Yanyan
1 Kate Douglass (UVA) Leon Marchand (ASU) Gretchen Walsh (UVA) Alex Walsh (UVA)
2 Adam Chaney (UF) Jordan Crooks (TENN) Kelly Pash (TEX) Josh Liendo (UF)
3 Gabriel Jett (CAL) Erica Sullivan (TEX) Bjorn Seeliger (CAL) Torri Huske (STA)
4 Carson Foster (TEX) Katharine Berkoff (NC) Destin Lasco (CAL) Claire Curzan (STA)
5 Maggie MacNeil (LSU) Lexi Cuomo (UVA) Emma Sticklen (TEX) Hugo Gonzalez (CAL)
6 Grant House (ASU) Taylor Ruck (STA) Max McHugh (MINN) Lydia Jacoby (TEX)
7 Olivia Bray (TEX) Brooks Curry (LSU) Aimee Canny (UVA) Brendan Burns (IND)
8 Gabi Albiero (UL) Kacper Stokowski (NC) Aleksas Savickas (UF) David Johnston (TEX)

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Steve Nolan
1 year ago

I might bet on the fourth round outscoring the second and third.

Hell, the fifth is close, too! (Maggie and Hugo have the potential to outscore any two swimmers from the first round, though that’s not super likely.)

1 year ago

I like Coleman for the W.

I think Jack Dolan was a miss by everyone. He should be on 4 podium relays and he could draw a couple individual A finals. I see him scoring double digit points.

Sam M
1 year ago

You guys should add in extra points for calmest win celebration, if in the interview the athlete isn’t out of breath and for shaking the hands/ congratulating the lanes next to them

Sam M
Reply to  Sam M
1 year ago

Oh and extra points if your swimmer is the first to be in the ready position out of the field, and minus points for being last up on the blocks

Sam M
1 year ago

Yan Yan wins, then Coleman then Braden and then Ben

college swimmer in VA
1 year ago

Nah bc Coleman’s list is loaded

Old Swim Coach
1 year ago

Some of the people in rounds 4 & 5 could also be in the first round. Foster, MacNeil, Curzan, and Huske going that late is just…wow. Coleman has best shot at fastest relay split of all time and he also got a high value pick with Albiero in the 8th round. I’m taking his team over Ben’s team by a smidge.

Faulty Touch Pad
1 year ago

Having Crooks and Liendo go in the second round, but Youseff not getting drafted at all is downright disrespectful.

Reply to  Faulty Touch Pad
1 year ago


1 year ago

The Sullivan pick was so unbelievably horrible with who was left

Octavio Gupta
Reply to  Virtus
1 year ago

Yes that team should be disqualified for sheer stupidity