American Swimming Coaches Association Partners with Mental Fitness App Restoic

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December 07th, 2021 Mental Health, Training

Courtesy of Restoic, a SwimSwam partner.

ASCA partners with Restoic to provide a limited time offer for teams seeking a proven and trusted mental training resource.

With mental health and wellness remaining the #1 challenge for student-athletes, swim programs across the country are continuing to seek solutions to help their swimmers in the pool, classroom, and beyond. Given the budgetary constraints that clubs continue to face, ASCA and Restoic are working together to deliver a cost effective solution.

ASCA CEO, Jennifer LaMont shares, “We are excited to offer our ASCA members this opportunity to empower their swimmers and support their mental health training through the use of the Restoic App!”

For a limited time only, ASCA members can opt into an exclusive offer for $500 per year that provides club-wide access to the Restoic Mental Training App. Under this plan, every swimmer within your club will have annual access to the mobile app, which is normally $69.99 per athlete per year.

Swim programs from Cal, Georgia, Queens University, and many more have leveraged Restoic as a competitive advantage by empowering swimmers with the tools to increase confidence, decrease anxiety, and optimize performance through their mobile devices.

The focal point of the mental training app revolves around the five major skills needed for peak performance:

  • Relaxation: Reduce performance anxiety, stress levels, and muscle tension
  • Self-Talk: Improve confidence and resiliency through reframing exercises
  • Imagery: Enhance your sport-specific skills and improve self-belief
  • Goal Setting: Increase productivity, motivation, and promote self-mastery
  • Concentration: Maintain focus and stay in the moment when it matters most

Here’s what coaches and swimmers are saying:

  • “As a coach, I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve peak performance when it matters the most. The Restoic app empowers users to take control of their time out of the pool and focus on what separates the good from the great. I highly recommend it to any team, coach or athlete looking to improve their confidence, composure, and overall performance.” – Teri McKeever (4 NCAA team titles, 4x Olympic Coach for Team USA, Head Coach 2012)
  • “In such a highly performance-driven sport, getting any advantage in swimming is vital. I try to find effective and proven methods to enhance my training routine in order to reach my highest potential. Restoic helps me calm any nerves, focus my visualization, and guide meditative practices to both prepare to perform for what’s ahead and optimally recover from various training sessions.” – Grant House (Swimmer at Arizona State University)

Change the way mental training is implemented with Restoic Smart Coach

If you’re looking for a more guided mental training experience, Restoic also offers programs for an annual fee of $300 per team.

Restoic Smart Coach seamlessly integrates with the Restoic App to transform each swimmer’s mobile device into a dynamic competitive advantage, while also offering:

  • Team Activities – Know Your Why, Overcoming Adversity, Relaxation Breathing, and more
  • Homework Assignments – Goal Setting, Self-Talk, Mental Toughness, and more
  • Progress Tracking – Drive accountability and results
  • Coaching Insights – Personal development tips for coaching staff
  • Discussion Points – Cultivate an environment for team building and collaboration

What’s a strong body, without a strong mind?

Interested in trying out the Restoic App for iPhone or Android? Follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Sign up for Restoic using this link:
  • Step 2: Enter VIP code ASCA (after entering your email/password)
  • Step 3: Enter your mobile number and receive a download link to the app via one-time text message
  • Step 4: Sign in to review Restoic’s premium app free for 14-days

This limited time offer is only available until the end of the year, so act fast!



Restoic is mental training made simple. Trusted by elite swimmers, coaches, and teams to provide a holistic approach to mental health and performance.

Train your mind like the pros using game-tested, scientific solutions which include: The Restoic App, Digital Coaching, and Restoic for Teams.

Ready to experience peak performance in and out of the pool?

COACHES / SWIMMERS: Unlock 14-days of free premium app access when signing up using this special link along with the VIP code: ASCA

Click here to schedule a free demo

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