9 Swiss swimmers added to European Champs team, 12 to Junior Euros

Swiss Swimming has announced its current European Championships squad, naming 9 member to the roster at this point.

The roster can continue to grow if more athletes hit the standards before July 4.

The team is made up of 6 men and 3 women:

Martin Schweizer (SCUW) – 50m breast (28.01)
Jérémy Desplanches (GEN)
– 200m IM (2:03.60)
Danielle Villars (LIMM) – 200m free (2:01.14), 100m fly (59.49), 200m fly(2:10.61)
Svenja Stoffel (CHUR) – 50m fly (26.65), 100m fly (1:00.40)
Martina van Berkel (SUI) – 200m fly (2:11.54)
Luca Pfyffer (LIMM) – 100 breast (1:03.01), 200m breast(2:15.39)
Patrick Schwarzenbach (KREU) – 200m breast (2:16.05)
Alexandre Haldemann (NSG) – 200m free (1:51.08)
Nils Liess (LYN) – 200m free (1:51.68), 400m free (3:56.25), 200m fly (2:01.04)

Pfyffer, Schwarzenbach, Haldemann and Liess are all junior swimmers, and also make up a portion of the 12-person Junior Euros squad, seen in full below:

Boys (10)
Nils Liess
Luca Pfyffer 
Patrik Schwarzenbach 
Aleksi Schmid 
Marco Sidler 
Jacques Läuffer  
Jolann Bovey
Tim Slanschek 
Olivier Nowak 
Olivier Petignat

Girls (2)
Lisa Mamié
Sara Staudinger


You can see the Swiss announcements in their original French here:

European Championships squad
Junior European Championships squad

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