6 Ways The FORM Swim Goggles Will Help You Smash Your 2020 Goals

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January 20th, 2020 Gear, Industry, News

The FORM Swim goggles got everyone talking at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The world’s first swim goggles with a smart display have been shaking up the sport since they launched in 2019 and the excitement is showing no sign of dying down.

Even Michael Phelps mentioned how exciting this is for swimming in an interview with VentureBeat during the Panasonic press event.

So if you’re determined to smash your 2020 goals, here are six ways the FORM Swim Goggles can help you do it.


See your metrics while you swim

Metrics like split times, stroke rate/count, pace per 100, and distance are right there, in your line of sight, while you swim. That means no more guesswork.


You can customize what metrics to see and when to see them

Using the free FORM Swim App, you can customize the goggles to show what you care about. With over 12 metrics to choose from, you can pick which you want to see while you’re swimming, after turns, and during rest.


Measure your effort in the moment with live heart rate

By pairing the FORM Swim Goggles with Polar’s OH1 or OH1+ heart rate sensors, you can see your heart rate live while you swim. This means you can make sure you train in the right zone and recognize if you are over or under training.


The app lets you review every workout 

Keep track of your progress over time as every workout is saved in the FORM Swim App, complete with a breakdown of sets, times, stroke efficiency, and everything else you need to know. Just sync the goggles with the app to access your last swim.


Compete against yourself 

Comparing yourself to others can distract you from your own goals. With metrics that update after every turn, you always know exactly what you’re doing. This makes training a lot more fun and engaging as you compete against your own metrics during your swim.


You and your coach can work better together

When you swim with FORM, your coach doesn’t need to write down numbers or quote them back to you — everything is in the goggles and app. That means coaching can focus on technique, strategy, and making you a better swimmer.

For more info, check out the FORM website. You can also follow FORM on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Swimming gear news is courtesy of FORM, a SwimSwam partner.

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