4 Reasons to Visit the Endless Pool at the UANA Pan-Ams

Courtesy of Endless Pools, a SwimSwam partner

If you’re attending the UANA Pan American Masters Swimming Championships, we invite you to take a free swim in the brand-new Endless Pool on the swim deck. Anytime during the competition, just stop by. We’d love to help you make the most of your downtime!

The Endless Pools® swimming machine lets you swim in place against a smooth counter-current. The swim current is wider than your body, deeper than your stroke, and easily adjusts to accommodate every level of swimmer.

Here are four great reasons to visit the Elite Endless Pool beside the diving pool at the YMCA in Orlando:

1. Stroke Refinement. The Endless Pool comes equipped with underwater mirrors to let you watch and refine your stroke in real time.

The smaller Swim Mirror is installed at a 45° angle; it lets you monitor hand entry and pull-through, as well as shoulder rolls. The full-size Floor Mirror lies flat so you can view your head-to-toe posture.

In SWIMMER Magazine, seven-time USMS All-American Laura Hamel called the mirrors 
”truly astonishing. Seeing what I was doing in the mirror allowed me to make postural corrections that made my stroke feel more relaxed and natural almost immediately.”

2-3. Warm-ups & Cool-downs. Feel free to stop by before or after your races. The Endless Pools swim current adjusts to dozens of speeds, so you can easily and gently power up or wind back down.

4. Take the Challenge. The top speed of the Elite Endless Pool equals an intense 0:51/100-yard pace! You’re invited to dip in and find out exactly how long you can last.

The Elite Endless Pool has been used for stroke training by championship coaches at Auburn, Penn State, USC, University of Louisville, Harvard, and other respected collegiate programs. Gold-medal Olympians have refined their abilities in the Elite Endless Pool at SwimMAC Carolina.

The Elite Endless Pool is located beside the diving pool at the YMCA of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. The pool will be staffed with Endless Pools representatives during all swimming events, July 28 through August 4.

Watch Karlyn Pipes Coach in the Elite Endless Pool
U.S. Masters Swimming legend Karlyn Pipes trains in her own Endless Pools. Having broken Masters records in all four strokes, Karlyn has been using the Endless Pool for her own training facility, Aquatic Edge in Kona, Hawaii.

Here, you can see Karlyn coach a novice open-water swimmer to shave 15 seconds off her 100-yard pace in one short session!

Courtesy of Endless Pools, a SwimSwam partner

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25 free champ
2 years ago

I’m very interested knowing that it can do 51 second 100 yard pace. Last I read about these things they could only do 1 minute 100 yard pace. Big improvement.

Bo Swims
Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago

You have to buy the elite model to go that pace…

Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago

I actually just did a lesson in one last night. Wasn’t the Elite model, though, the one I swam in only went down to 1:05. Couldn’t do any race pace work in it, so I’d have loved to have had my lesson in the Elite model instead!

Bubble Enthusiast
2 years ago

Endless pools? Amazing. I love endless things. Once went to a restaurant and got endless chips with my drink. I got water! Got endless chips for freeeee endless is good. Let’s see more of it!