2024 Speedo Atlanta Classic: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap

2024 SPEEDO ATLANTA CLASSIC driven by Jim Ellis Cadillac

Friday’s prelims session for the 2024 Atlanta Classic is set to showcase the women’s and men’s 200 free, 200 back, 400 IM, and 100 fly.

Florida trainee and US Olympic champion Katie Ledecky headlines another freestyle event, the women’s 200 free, ahead of last night’s 400 free top three finishers 16-year-old Madi Mintenko of Pikes Peak and current Florida Gator Bella Sims. Meanwhile, Florida’s Kieran Smith enters the men’s 200 free event seeded first ahead of settling for third in the 400 free last night behind Venezuela’s Alfonso Mestre. Flipping onto the top 200 back prelims seeds, US Olympian Phoebe Bacon of Wisconsin and Virginia Cavalier Jack Aikins respectively lead the women’s and men’s events.

Another US Olympian, Florida’s Emma Weyant, headlines her signature event, the 400 IM. At the same time, another Florida US Olympian, Bobby Finke, will headline the men’s 400 IM event. Switching gears to the 100 fly, Tennessee’s Josephine Fuller leads a star-studded field featuring Worlds medalist Egyptian native Farida Osman of Cal. In the men’s 100 fly, we are set to see Florida US Olympic champion Caeleb Dressel looking to set up another win here in Atlanta.

Friday Prelims Heat Sheet


Women’s 200 Freestyle — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 1:57.26
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 2:00.89

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Katie Ledecky (GSC), 1:58.09
  2. Madi Mintenko (PPA), 1:59.50
  3. Izzy Ivey (GSC), 1:59.52
  4. Emma Weyant (FLOR), 2:00.19
  5. Gabby DeLoof (NYAC), 2:00.68
  6. Camille Spink (UN), 2:00.96
  7. Bella Sims (FLOR), 2:01.48
  8. Julia Burroughs (UN), 2:01.80
  9. Shea Furse (ABSC), 2:02.02
  10. Sloane Reinstein (PASA), 2:02.06

Katie Ledecky of Gator Swim Club cruised to the prelims lead of the women’s 200 free at 1:58.09. She’s been as fast as 1:54.97 from last month’s San Antonio Pro Swim Series. Taking another finals spot is Pikes Peak 16-year-old Madi Mintenko, giving Gator’s Izzy Ivey a push to the finish in their heat for the top three seeds, 1:59.50 to 1:59.52.

Florida’s Emma Weyant is also spotted in fourth at 2:00.19 while Bella Sims looked to also cruise this morning into 7th at 2:01.48. Last year, Sims put up a blazing 1:55.45 at the 2023 World Champs. At this time last year in Mission Viejo, Sims put up a 1:58.44. Sandwiched between the Gators will be NYAC’s Gabby DeLoof (2:00.68) and Tennessee’s Camille Spink (2:00.96).

Men’s 200 Freestyle — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 1:46.26
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 1:49.99

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Tomas Koski (ABSC), 1:46.43
  2. Jorge Iga (PRVT), 1:46.93
  3. Kieran Smith (RAC), 1:47.00
  4. Jack Dahlgren (TRI), 1:48.56
  5. Charlie Hawke (BAMA), 1:48.70
  6. Michael Cotter (TAC), 1:48.83
  7. Caeleb Dressel (GSC), 1:49.08
  8. Jake Mitchell (FLOR), 1:49.42
  9. Owen Mcdonald (UNDY), 1:49.91
  10. Alfonso Mestre (GSC), 1:50.34

Georgia’s Tomas Koski takes the men’s 200 free top prelims time at 1:46.43, within striking distance of the 1:46.26 automatic Olympic qualification standard. Back in March, Koski hit 1:48.23 at the Westmont Pro Swim Series. His brother, Matias Koski, was a two-time Olympian for Finland. Mexico’s Jorge Iga also broke 1:47 for second seed at 1:46.93, just 0.07s ahead of Florida’s Kieran Smith (1:47.00).

Mizzou’s Jack Dahlgren (1:48.56) came in fourth to lead a slew of 1:48s, followed by US Olympian Caeleb Dressel actually swimming 200 free prelims to place 7th at 1:49.08. Dressel has not swum this 200 free event since spring 2022, where he hit 1:49.12 that season. Already back on track, Dressel’s lifetime best came during the 2021 US Olympic Trials, where he put up 1:46.63 before scratching of out finals.

Florida’s Jake Mitchell (1:49.42), Indiana transfer Owen Mcdonald of Dynamo (1:49.91), and Venezuela’s Alfonso Mestre (1:50.34) round out the top 10 qualifiers.

Women’s 200 Backstroke — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 2:10.39
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 2:13.59

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Phoebe Bacon (WISC), 2:09.33
  2. Josephine Fuller (UN), 2:11.44
  3. Caroline Bentz (NCAP), 2:11.68
  4. Catherine Choate (FLOR), 2:12.44
  5. Lilla Bognar (TG), 2:12.73
  6. Carmen Weiler Sastre (VT), 2:13.33
  7. JoJo Ramey (FLOR), 2:14.09
  8. Phoebe Wright (GW), 2:14.66
  9. Sophie Brison (UN), 2:16.11
  10. Zoie Hartman (ABSC), 2:16.25

Cruising to the lone sub-2:10 swim of the women’s 200 back was Wisconsin’s Phoebe Bacon, touching the wall at 2:09.33. At the San Antonio Pro Swim Series, Bacon set her season best time of 2:07.24. Behind her was Tennessee’s Josephine Fuller, touching 0.24s ahead of Virginia Tech’s Caroline Bentz of NCAP, 2:11.44 to 2:11.68.

Team Greenville 17-year-old Lilla Bognar put herself into the A-final in 5th at 2:12.73, with Florida’s JoJo Ramey claiming 7th at 2:14.09 to join in tonight’s championship final.

Men’s 200 Backstroke — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 1:57.50
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 2:01.69

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Yeziel Morales (MVN), 1:58.30
  2. Jack Aikins (UNAT), 1:59.82
  3. Anthony Rincon (VS), 2:00.81
  4. Sam O’Brien (UNAT), 2:00.95
  5. Marcus Reyes-Gentry (IA), 2:01.44
  6. Caleb Maldari (FLOR), 2:01.83
  7. Sam Powe (MCC), 2:01.89
  8. Landon Kyser (BSS), 2:02.17
  9. Christopher Thomas (MAAC), 2:02.31
  10. Baylor Stanton (GA), 2:03.73

Yeziel Morales, swimming at Mission Viejo Nadadores, has broken his own Puerto Rican national record in the 200 back at 1:58.30, eclipsing his own 1:58.71 mark from April 2023. Morales needs to find an exact eight-tenths drop in order to also eclipse the 1:57.50 automatic Olympic qualifying cut. Virginia’s Jack Aikins was the only other swimmer to break two minutes, touching in second at 1:59.82.

Harvard’s Anthony Rincon of Veritas Swimming leads the remaining qualifying seeds, with Virginia’s Sam O’Brien (2:00.95) and Marcus Reyes-Gentry of Notre Dame’s Irish Aquatics (2:01.44) rounding out the top swims under the US Olympic Trials cut.

Women’s 400 IM — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 4:38.53
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 4:49.89

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Emma Weyant (FLOR), 4:42.28
  2. Zoe Dixon (FLOR), 4:50.95
  3. Sydney Sanders (BAMA), 4:53.90
  4. Mia Abruzzo (PWAC), 4:53.92
  5. Stephanie Iannaccone (WCAB), 4:55.03
  6. Kate McCarville (UN), 4:56.29
  7. Carli Cronk (AAAA), 4:56.33
  8. Anna Auld (FLOR), 4:56.37
  9. Tori Abruzzo (PWAC), 5:00.58
  10. Mary Grace Guzzino (GTCH), 5:03.48

Defending her top seed into finals in the 400 IM was Florida’s Emma Weyant at 4:42.28, right off her season best of 4:42.11 from the 2023 US Open in December. Florida teammate Zoe Dixon grabbed the second seed into tonight’s finals at 4:50.95, whose 2022-2023 season best  was 4:44.86 from 2023 US Nationals.

Taking the third seed in an almost-personal best was Sydney Sanders of Alabama at 4:53.90, 0.02s ahead of Georgia’s Mia Abruzzo of Plymouth Whitemarsh (4:53.92).

Harvard’s Stephanie Iannaccone of Walnut Creek Aquabears (4:55.03), Tennessee’s Kate McCarville (4:56.29), Alamo Area 18-year-old Carli Cronk (4:56.33), and Florida’s Anna Auld (4:56.37) round out a tightly-bunched top eight. Another Abruzzo, 17-year-old Tori Abruzzo, came in 9th this morning to join her sister in the A-final at 5:00.58.

Men’s 400 IM — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 4:12.50
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 4:25.19

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Bobby Finke (SPA), 4:21.80
  2. Tommy Hagar (BAMA), 4:22.29
  3. Josh Parent (FLOR), 4:23.57
  4. Munzer Kabbara (LBN), 4:23.70
  5. Jarod Arroyo (PR), 4:24.47
  6. Matthew Mortenson (UMIZ), 4:26.90
  7. Giovanni Linscheer (FLOR), 4:27.96
  8. Baylor Stanton (GA), 4:28.07
  9. Mason Laur (FLOR), 4:28.51
  10. Peter Bretzmann (FLOR), 4:31.44

Florida’s Bobby Finke, swimming with St. Petersburg Aquatics, smoothly took the men’s 400 IM top seed at 4:21.80. Alabama’s Tommy Hagar dropped a big personal best to get his second US Olympic Trials cut at 4:22.29, adding this cut to his 200 back Trials cut. Affirming his own US Olympic Trials cut in at third was Florida’s Josh Parent at 4:23.57.

Coming in at fourth was Lebanon’s Munzer Kabbara at 4:23.70, breaking his own Lebanese national record of 4:24.23 from the 2022 World Champs. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico’s Jarod Arroyo came in fifth at 4:24.47, seconds off his own Puerto Rican national record.

Mizzou’s Matthew Mortenson came in 6th at 4:26.90 while Georgia’s Baylor Stanton took 8th at 4:28.07 for his second A-final qualification following 10th in the 200 back. Three Florida Gators make up the remaining top ten qualifiers, featuring 9th seed Mason Laur (4:28.51).

Women’s 100 Butterfly — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 57.92
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 1:00.19

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Josephine Fuller (UN), 58.85
  2. Caroline Larsen (FOXJ), 59.10
  3. Farida Osman (CAL), 59.61
  4. Callie Dickinson (ABSC), 59.75
  5. Leah Gingrich (KA), 59.93
  6. Olivia Peoples (FLOR), 59.95
  7. Andrea Sansores (UARK), 1:00.25
  8. Emma Harvey (UPSU), 1:00.33
  9. Miriam Guevara (PRVT), 1:00.57
  10. Kristen Romano (TNAQ), 1:00.73

Tennessee’s Josephine Fuller crushed the women’s 100 fly prelims for the top time at 58.85, a half second off her recent personal best of 58.37, which ranks 10th in the US. Foxjets 18-year-old Caroline Larsen put up 59.10 for the second seed while Egyptian veteran Farida Osman placed third at 59.61.

Georgia’s Callie Dickinson (59.75), last night’s 200 fly champ Leah Gingrich (59.93), and Florida’s Olivia Peoples (59.95) all broke one minute to qualify into tonight’s A-final.

Mexico’s Andrea Sansores of Arkansas (1:00.25) and Bermuda’s Emma Harvey of Penn State (1:00.33) also made it in ahead of Puerto Rican nationals Miriam Guevara of Northwestern (1:00.57) and Kristen Romano of Tennessee Aquatics (1:00.73).

Men’s 100 Butterfly — Prelims

  • FINA Olympic A Standard: 51.67
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: 53.59
  1. Youssef Ramadan (VT), 51.92
  2. Caeleb Dressel (GSC), 52.17
  3. Santiago Grassi (BSC), 52.45
  4. Martin Espernberger (UN)/Djurdje Matic (GW), 53.01
  5. Angel Martinez (AGS), 53.15
  6. Aidan Stoffle (UNAT), 53.39
  7. Diego Balbi (PERU), 53.75
  8. Yusuf Tibazi (AAA), 53.78
  9. David Gapinski (GTCH), 54.15

Egypt’s Youssef Ramadan of Virginia Tech takes the men’s 100 fly top seed at 51.92, just off the automatic Olympic qualifying time of 51.67. In for second was USA’s Caeleb Dressel of Florida’s Gator Swim Club at 52.17. This season, Dressel has been as fast as 50.84 from the San Antonio Pro Swim Series. At the same meet, Ramadan put up his former season best of 52.39, a half-second improvement following prelims.

Argentina’s Santiago Grassi of the Beach Swim Club took the third seed at 52.45 ahead of tied fourth-place pair Austria’s Martin Espernberger of Tennessee and Serbia’s Djurdje Matic of George Washington (53.01).

Mexico’s Angel Martinez of Texas A&M’s Aggie Swim Club placed sixth at 53.15 with Auburn’s Aidan Stoffle taking seventh at 53.39, two-tenths under the US Olympic Trials cut this morning.

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relays are fun
1 month ago

Watch out for Owen McDonald. the was in outside lanes at NCAA in both the 200 IM and 200 Back and ended up with a 2nd and a 3rd. Go Owen.

1 month ago

I believe Baylor Stanton is of Gwinnett Aquatics

Go gators
1 month ago

I like how Emma weyant is looking

1 month ago

Looks like Phoebe Bacon likes wearing a watch

Aragon Son of Arathorne
Reply to  Swymmer
1 month ago

gonna be a dog fight for that #2 spot in Indianapolis

Tea rex
1 month ago

Would be awesome if we could a recap or even links to all the meets going on across the US this weekend

Reply to  Tea rex
1 month ago
James Beam
1 month ago

Wouldn’t that be Indiana’s Owen McDonald now in the 2 free?

1 month ago

Training for and most importantly Racine the 2free is definitely helping Baeleb’s back half.

It’s far better than doing 25’s with the wrong straight arm freestyle technique in a SCY pool and cutting off blood circulation which a certain someone is doing right now

Reply to  RealCrocker5040
1 month ago

wow the blatant Popovici shade

Reply to  RealCrocker5040
1 month ago

It all depends on where you are now and what your goal is. Lots of elite freestylers over the last 20 years have used straight arm freestyle as a way to develop a more powerful shoulder-driven stroke for 50s and 100s, and there’s some interesting research behind BFR. But if you’re a fast sprinter who wants to improve in the 100 and can’t finish the race without dying (which isn’t the case for Caeleb) then yes, learning to finish a 200 and figuring out how to balance hip driven and shoulder driven styles of freestyle (regardless of straight arm vs high-elbow low-fingertips) is probably a better move to work on your limiting factor.

Reply to  RealCrocker5040
1 month ago

It amazes me that Team Andrew rather than learning from their shortcomings continues to double down on the same training strategies and gimmicks. Somehow he seems to have enough talent to drop sub 1min 100BR pretty regularly and remain a favorite in that event to make the team, but he has gone from a favorite to a longshot in the 50free, 100fly and is not even swimming the 2IM as far as I know. Still if he makes the team at all I respect that, but it will be a waste of his potential at his athletic peak to miss the team in many events where he could have made it with better training.

Reply to  Hank
1 month ago

One of the great tragedies of American swimming is that MA didn’t go to college and turn into a 200 IM monster

Aragon Son of Arathorne
Reply to  Smglsn12
1 month ago

I’d take a 100 stroke monster. Homeboy doesn’t do more than 50’s now.

Reply to  Hank
1 month ago

So well said and I agree with all of this. He had so much potential due to his versatility, but it was wasted due to improper training.

Reply to  Alice
1 month ago

“Some men just can’t be reached.”
~ The Captain, Cool Hand Luke

1 month ago

Dressel 1.41.71 in finals

Reply to  RealCrocker5040
1 month ago

He isn’t going to swim it in the evening

Reply to  Comet16
1 month ago

I don’t think RealCrocker’s comment was meant to be taken seriously, unless they really think Daddy Dressel has some crazy tricks up his sleeve. Baeleb breaking the 200 WR before the 50 or 100 would be a shocker for sure.

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