2024 Canadian Open: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap



  • Women’s para 400 free
  • Men’s para 400 free
  • Women’s 400 free
  • Men’s 400 free
  • Women’s para 100 fly
  • Men’s para 100 fly
  • Women’s 100 fly
  • Men’s 100 fly
  • Women’s 50 breast
  • Men’s 50 breast
  • Women’s 200 back
  • Men’s 200 back

The third day of the 2024 Canadian Swimming Open will kick off with preliminary heats in the 400 free, 100 fly, 50 breast and 200 back.

Defending Olympic champion Maggie MacNeil highlights the session with an entry in the women’s 100 fly, along with multi-time world champion and last night’s 100 free winner Summer McIntosh.


  • Canadian Para Record S7: 5:20.59, Sabrina Duchesne (2021)
  1. Yang Tan – S7 (OAK), 6:30.89 (553 points)

The lone entrant in the women’s para 400 free, Oakville’s Yang Tan put up a time of 6:30.89, well shy of her personal best of 6:13.95 set in late February.


  • Canadian Para Record S8: 4:33.57, Reid Maxwell (2024)
  1. Philippe Vachon – S8 (MEGO), 4:46.33 (851 points)

Philippe Vachon clocked 4:46.33 as the only swimmer in the men’s para 400 free, nearing his fastest time of 2024 (4:44.66). His lifetime best of 4:37.61 was set at the 2018 Para Pan Pacs.


  • Canadian Record: 3:56.08, Summer McIntosh (2023)
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 4:07.90
  1. Ella Jansen (HPCONT), 4:12.97
  2. Mabel Zavaros (MAC), 4:16.40
  3. Emma O’Croinin (ESWIM), 4:20.63
  4. Maya Bezanson (ESWIM), 4:21.77
  5. Laila Oravsky (BTSC), 4:22.86
  6. Lydia Hart (PSC), 4:23.29
  7. Peyton Leigh (BROCK), 4:25.68
  8. Paige Stepanoff (TSC), 4:26.28
  9. Helen Anne Sava (RAMAC), 4:26.93
  10. Danielle Treasure (WES), 4:29.06*

*There was a tie for 10th between Danielle Treasure and Melissa Er in a time of 4:29.06. The two underwent a swim-off, with Treasure coming out on top, 4:27.06 to Er’s 4:30.78. Treasure’s best time sits at 4:24.30, set last month, while Er’s prelim swim marked a new PB—she was previously 4:29.56.

Ella Jansen cruised to victory in the fifth and final heat of the women’s 400 free, qualifying first into the final by a wide margin in a time of 4:12.97.

Jansen, who swam in the final of the 100 free and 100 breast last night, owns a personal best of 4:07.18 set at the 2023 Pro Swim Series in Fort Lauderdale. Her season-best stands at 4:09.48, set at the 2023 World Juniors where she finished 4th.

Coming off her big win in the 400 IM last night, Mabel Zavaros topped the penultimate heat in 4:16.40, marking the only other swimmer sub-4:20.

Racing the event for the first time this season, Zavaros set her personal best time of 4:10.96 last March at the Canadian Trials.


  • Canadian Record: 3:43.46, Ryan Cochrane (2014)
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 3:46.78

Results Incomplete

  1. Ethan Ekk (ATAC), 3:57.11
  2. Owen Ekk (ATAC), 4:02.10
  3. Mark Van Eybergen (ACS), 4:02.38
  4. Lorne Wigginton (HPCONT), 4:02.80
  5. Francis Brennan (BBST), 4:05.05
  6. William Debroux (BTSC), 4:06.46
  7. Victor Dagenais (CAMO), 4:07.08
  8. Carter Scheffel (BRANT), 4:08.73
  9. Mateusz Powalowski (MSSAC), 4:10.03
  10. Brian Dietz (ESWIM), 4:11.05


  • Canadian Para Record S10: 1:06.86, Jaime Cosgriffe (2024)
  • Canadian Para Record S14: 1:09.17, Angela Marina (2023)
  1. Angela Marina – S14 (BRANT), 1:09.85 (806 points)
  2. EXH – Meghan Calhoun (OSAC), 1:15.02

Brantford’s Angela Marina narrowly missed her best time and Canadian Record for S14 women in the 100 fly, touching in 1:09.85. She set her record of 1:09.17 last summer at the Ontario Championships.


  • Canadian Para Record S13: 59.94, Brian Hill (2009)
  1. Caleb Arndt – S13 (NEW), 1:12.11 (487 points)

Caleb Arndt scored 487 para points with his time of 1:12.11 in the 100 fly, with his PB sitting at 1:06.52 and season-best at 1:09.62.


  • Canadian Record: 55.59, Maggie MacNeil (2021)
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 57.92
  1. Summer McIntosh (SYS), 58.14
  2. Maggie MacNeil (LAC), 58.34
  3. Mary-Sophie Harvey (CAMO), 58.68
  4. Rebecca Smith (CASC), 59.49
  5. Danielle Hanus (RAPID), 59.88
  6. Sofia Sartori (LSU), 1:00.36
  7. Victoria Raymond (UNVAR), 1:00.68
  8. Mia West (MANTA), 1:00.92
  9. Lila Bleakney (GGST), 1:01.37
  10. Zora Ripkova (ORCAB), 1:02.08

Summer McIntosh grabbed the top seed and neared her personal best time this morning in the women’s 100 fly, clocking 58.14 to lead a trio of swimmers sub-59.

McIntosh’s swim falls just shy of her PB 57.86 set at the 2023 Atlanta Classic last May.

Defending Olympic champion Maggie MacNeil advanced 2nd in 58.34, having set a season-best of 56.94 in October en route to gold at the Pan Am Games. Her fastest swim in 2024 is 57.18, done at the Knoxville Pro Swim in January.

Mary-Sophie Harvey continued her impressive meet by qualifying 3rd overall in 58.68, coming off of setting a PB of 58.12 in February.


  • Canadian Record: 50.34, Josh Liendo (2023)
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 51.67
  1. Finlay Knox (SCAR), 53.11
  2. Eric Ginzburg (RAMAC), 54.04
  3. Bill Dongfang (ISC), 54.68
  4. Raben Dommann (HPCVN), 54.94
  5. Aidan Hill (MACC), 55.03
  6. Max Malakhovets (ESWIM), 55.04
  7. Dillon Fernando (RAMAC), 55.05
  8. Jordi Vilchez (BTSC), 55.11
  9. Justice Migneault (HPCVN), 55.15
  10. Alexandre Perreault (OTTSC), 55.25

Finlay Knox has been on fire all week, and continued his run of momentum with a strong showing in the men’s 100 fly heats.

Knox took the top seed by nearly a second in 53.11, with his personal best time sitting at 51.86 from 2022. At the 2024 World Championships in February, he finished 12th overall and logged the second-fastest time of his career in the prelims in 52.04.

Ramac’s Eric Ginzburg followed up his win in last night’s 50 fly with a new PB in the 100 fly this morning, touching in 54.04 to knock more than two-tenths off his previous mark of 54.29 set at the beginning of March.


  • Canadian Record: 30.23, Amanda Reason (2009)
  1. Shona Branton (WES), 31.10
  2. Ashley McMillan (GO), 32.15
  3. Halle West (MANTA), 32.27
  4. Sophie Angus (HPCONT), 32.38
  5. Madyson Hartway (SYS), 32.56
  6. Riley Tofflemire (MMST), 32.79
  7. Paige Banton (SSAT), 33.24
  8. Alexandra Leno (ESWIM), 33.28
  9. Tatyanna Goyette (CAMO), 33.10
  10. Tessa Cieplucha (MAC), 33.51

After last night’s 100 breast final was a razor-thin four-way battle, Shona Branton dominated the heats of the women’s 50 breast, qualifying first by more than a second in 31.10.

Branton, who represents Western University, set a lifetime best of 30.75 in January, nearing the Canadian Record of 30.23 set in 2009, and also broke 31 in March at the U SPORTS Championships (30.84).

Greater Ottawa (GO) Kingfish’s Ashley McMillan set a personal best of 32.15 to advance in 2nd—she was out faster in the 100 breast final (32.67) than her PB coming into the meet (32.93).

Manta’s Halle West, who was 9th in this event at the 2023 World Juniors, advanced 3rd in 32.27, with veteran Sophie Angus lurking in 4th at 32.38. Angus was out in 32.03 in the 100 breast final last night.

Back in 8th, 13-year-old Alexandra Leno set a PB of 33.28, ranking her 4th all-time in Canada among 13-year-old girls.


  • Canadian Record: 27.45, Scott Dickens (2009)
  1. Apollo Hess (HPCONT), 28.32
  2. Finlay Knox (SCAR), 28.56
  3. Gabe Mastromatteo (KSS), 28.90
  4. Lucas Morin (CAMO), 29.14
  5. Jordan Willis (MACC), 29.24
  6. Camren Courchene-Carter (BROCK), 29.25
  7. Blake Tierney (GOLD), 29.28
  8. Graeme Aylward (TSC), 29.39
  9. Alexandre Landry (SLSC) / Brodie Khajuria (AJAX), 29.43

Apollo HessFinlay Knox and Gabe Mastromatteo won their respective circle-seeded heats to claim the top three seeds for tonight’s final of the men’s 50 breast, with Hess leading the way in 28.32.

The HPC – Ontario swimmer produced his fastest time since last March, with his PB sitting at 27.76 from April 2022.

Knox, who rolled to the win in the 100 breast on Thursday, touched in 28.56 for the #2 seed, just shy of his opening split from the 100 breast final (28.47).

Mastromatteo leaned on his front-half speed to hold on to 2nd in the 100 breast last night, and essentially matched that opening split (28.93 last night, 28.90 this morning) to advance in 3rd.


  • Canadian Record: 2:05.42, Kylie Masse (2021)
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 2:10.39
  1. Madison Kryger (BROCK), 2:13.04
  2. Delia Lloyd (ESWIM), 2:15.41
  3. Leah Tigert (TSC), 2:17.48
  4. Katelyn Schroeder (LOSC), 2:19.14
  5. Olive Rogers (ESWIM), 2:20.09
  6. Abbey Cronin (MACC), 2:20.10
  7. Halayna Montrichard (BRANT), 2:20.78
  8. Hannah Estabrooks (NEW), 2:21.29
  9. Helen Anne Sava (RAMAC), 2:21.36
  10. Sophie Kissuk (ESWIM), 2:21.84

Brock’s Madison Kryger continued her run of best times with another drop in the 200 back, claiming the top seed by more than two seconds in 2:13.04.

Lowering her previous mark of 2:13.85 set last year, Kryger moves up to 8th all-time among Canadian 15-year-old girls. Her previous season-best stood at 2:14.14 from the Knoxville Pro Swim in January.

Etobicoke’s Delia Lloyd, who set a big PB of 2:11.74 at the Knoxville Pro Swim, qualified 2nd in 2:15.41, and Toronto’s Leah Tigert set a lifetime best of 2:17.48 to advance in 3rd.


  • Canadian Record: 1:56.96, Markus Thormeyer (2019)
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 1:57.50
  1. Tristan Jankovics (RACQ), 2:02.20
  2. Ethan Ekk (ATAC), 2:03.04
  3. Benjamin Loewen (CREST), 2:04.25
  4. Loic Courville Fortin (CAMO), 2:04.90
  5. Parker Deshayes (CASC), 2:06.20
  6. Kaedin Duong (ESWIM), 2:06.22
  7. Blake Tierney (GOLD), 2:06.27
  8. Francis Brennan (BBST), 2:06.42
  9. Carter Buck (TSC), 2:06.74
  10. Cole Pratt (CASC), 2:06.81

Tristan Jankovics looked comfortable in topping the final heat of the men’s 200 back and qualifying 1st overall in a time of 2:02.20, nearly even-splitting the race: 1:00.70/1:01.50.

Jankovics has been 1:59 four times in his career, hitting his two fastest at the Canadian Championships last August (1:59.11 PB), and owns a season-best of 2:00.98 from the 2023 U.S. Open in Decemer.

American Ethan Ekk from the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club won his heat in 2:03.04 to advance 2nd, with his lifetime best standing at 2:00.84 from last summer.

Raben Dommann, the fastest Canadian in the event this season, was down in 11th in 2:07.30, splitting 59.17/1:08.13. Cole Pratt, who advanced in 10th, had similar splitting: 57.59/1:09.22 for a final time of 2:06.81.

Dommann went 1:59.11 at the 2024 Worlds in Doha, qualifying for the semi-finals.

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1 month ago

Wasn’t sure where to write this but
Milak swam 50.99 in the 100fly finals. I think he’ll be 50 low if not 49 high by Paris

Daddy Foster
1 month ago

Kryger has a gorgeous backstroke

Reply to  Daddy Foster
1 month ago

Delia Lloyd is also pretty good.

Reply to  Bob
1 month ago

Interesting dynamic between these two HPC-Ontario training partners. They breathe down each other neck in all three backstroke events at this meet!

Anything but 50 BR
1 month ago

McIntosh 3 tenths off her best with a 58:14. Surely she gets a PB ~ 57.4 tonight

1 month ago

I put a reasonable amount of time trying to figure this out myself but what will happen now that there’s a tie for 10th in women’s 400m free in a 10 lane pool?

Daddy Foster
Reply to  Marley09
1 month ago

Lol I assume one of the girls will just let the other swim in the A-final

Reply to  Marley09
1 month ago

Swim off.

Swimmers First
Reply to  Marley09
1 month ago

Sadly this is a really crappy way to settle a tie in a “distance-oriented” event. There should be a way to further elucidate the timing to get down to 1/1000 of a second. Making them swim another 400 and the winner has to then swim a 3rd 400 tonight is not really a good thing. I think for 100’s it’s not horrible. Imagine 200 Fly or a 1500!!!??

Reply to  Swimmers First
1 month ago

The swim timing equipment is not (and likely never will be) reliable to 1/1000 of a second. If you rely on those data, you might as well be flipping a coin.

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