2022 U.S. International Team Trials: Day 2 Roster Updates

by Robert Gibbs 2

April 27th, 2022 News


The US rosters grew tonight as top swimmers claim their spots on the 2022 International Teams for this summer’s FINA World Championships and Junior World Pan Pacific Championships.

On the women’s side, Katie Ledecky picked up the first roster double of the meet as she added a win in the 200 free to go with her victory yesterday in the 800 free. Claire Curzan also doubled with a win in the 50 fly after placing 2nd in the 100 free yesterday. Hali Flickinger didn’t win the 200 free, but her 4th-place finish in the 200 free counts as a double for roster-building purposes; she was already on the team after winning the 200 fly yesterday. Leah Smith, who took second to Ledecky last night in the 800 free, guaranteed her roster spot with a 3rd place finish in the 200 free, locking her into the 4×200 freestyle relay.

Teenager Claire Weinstein punched her ticket with a 2nd place finish in the 200 free behind Ledecky, while veteran Lilly King reserved her spot in Budapest by winning the 200 breast. College star Phoebe Bacon made her first Worlds team with a win in the 200 back.

On the men’s side, Drew Kibler, Trenton Julian, and Caeleb Dressel all earned roster doubles as well. Kibler took 2nd in the 200 free after tying for fourth in the 100 free yesterday. While typically the top four swimmers in the 100 and 200 free are guaranteed spots on the roster, USA Swimming hesitated officially naming Kibler and Hunter Armstrong to the team yesterday. We’re not entirely sure what Kibler’s qualification means for Armstrong yet.

Julian, meanwhile, secured a spot thanks to a 4th place finish in the 200 free after taking 2nd in the 200 fly yesterday. Dressel won the 50 fly to go along with his victory in the 100 free yesterday.

Charlie Swanson and Nic Fink tied for the win in the 200 breast, but they’ll both automatically be added to the team since they were both under the FINA ‘A’ standard.

Kieran Smith (200 free), Carson Foster (800 free relay), and Ryan Murphy (200 back) all punched tickets too.


Women – Guaranteed 

Women – Potential 

Men – Guaranteed 

Fink and Swanson tied for first in the 200 breast. Per the selection guidelines, since they were both under the FINA ‘A’ cut, they will both be included in Priority #1 and be added to the team.

Men – Potential 


Here’s an overly-simplified version of the U.S. World Championship selection process: the team can have a maximum of 26 men and 26 women. Swimmers are added to the roster in these priorities until the roster cap is hit:

  1. Top 4 in 100/200 frees, Winner of all other Olympic events
  2. 2nd-place finisher in all Olympic events (besides 100/200 free)
  3. Winner of non-Olympic events (50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly)
  4. 5th-place finisher in 100/200 free
  5. 6th-place finisher in 100/200 free

For a full breakdown of selection procedures, follow this link.

We track ‘doubles’ as a way of knowing when the next priority of swimmers can be officially added to the team. A ‘double’ is effectively a swimmer qualifying in more than one event. One swimmer qualifying in three events counts as two ‘doubles’ for our purposes.

The Magic Numbers:

  • 6 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 2 athletes (2nd-place finishers) can be added for that gender
  • 9 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Prority 3 athletes (stroke 50 winners) can be added for that gender.
  • 11 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 4 athletes (5th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender
  • 13 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all priority 5 athletes (6th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender

Doubles After Day 2

Women – 4

Men – 3


The Junior Pan Pac team will consist of 20 men and 20 women. The selection criteria is similar to that of the World Championship, with the caveat that swimmers must be under 19 years of age as of December 31, 2022, and swimmers who make the senior Worlds team are ineligible. In short, first priority goes to the top finisher in each event, as well as the second-place finisher in the 100 and 200 free. The second priority will then move to the second-fastest swimmer in each Olympic event until the 20 athletes have been selected on both sides.

Theoretically the team could take up to the 6th-highest eligible finisher. Realistically the selection won’t go that deep, unless a lot of swimmers decline their spot. For now, we’ll just list out the top-three eligible swimmers in each event, noting that the second and third athletes haven’t actually qualified as of yet.

The rules are a bit convoluted, and we’re likely to see more swimmers decline their spots for this than we are for worlds, so the final roster could look a bit different. But for now, here’s our best guess as to how this roster is shaping up through the second day of competition.


Women – Guaranteed 

*Claire Weinstein qualified for the Worlds team by virtue of a second-place finish in the 200 free, so she will not swim at Junior Pan Pacs and thus, Katie Grimes takes the second behind Bella Sims. Sims will potentially make the Worlds team as a member of the 4×200 free relay, so her status for this meet is up in the air.

Women – Potential 

  • Tess Howley – 200 fly
  • Kayla Wilson – 100 free
  • Alex Shackell – 200 fly
  • Gracie Weyant – 200 breast
  • Avery Klamfoth – 200 breast
  • Erin Gemmell – 200 free
  • Natalie Mannion – 200 back
  • Jo Jo Ramey – 200 back

Men – Guaranteed 

Men – Potential 

  • Thomas Heilman – 200 fly
  • Michael Schott – 100 free
  • Giovanni Linscheer – 1500 free
  • Ilya Kharun – 200 fly
  • Levi Sandidge – 1500 free
  • Lucas Cooper – 200 free
  • Matthew Lucky – 200 breast
  • Ben Delmar – 200 breast
  • Josh Zuchowski – 200 back
  • Maximus Williamson – 200 back

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7 months ago

why is Patrick Sammon listed on the Jr Pan Pac team with a birth year of 2003?
edit: Also, why are two potential members listed for 2Back, 2Breast, and three potential for 2Fly in JrPanPac?

Last edited 7 months ago by traertriclub
7 months ago

On the mens side:

Dressell getting 50/100 fly is another 2
Finke getting the 800 is 1
Smith getting in the 400 is 1
MA getting the 50/100 br, and 50 fr will be 2
Murphy getting in the 100 back is 1
Fink getting in the 100 br is 1
Casas/MA getting the 1 fly is 1
Foster/casas/smith/Finke getting in 1 of the IMs between them

And that’s 13. Doesn’t include the second spots in the 400/800 going to Simone already on the team, Murphy winning the 50 bk, casas/Armstrong getting the other 100 bk spot, or kalisz doubling on the IMs.

Some combo of Huske/Curzan/Douglas get in the… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Backstrokebro

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