2021 ACC Women’s Championships: Day 2 Relay Split Analysis


  • When: Wednesday, February 17th – Saturday, February 20th | Prelims: 11:00 am | Finals: 7:00 pm (EST) (Except Wednesday’s timed finals, which begin at 5:15 EST)
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC
  • Defending Champion: University of Virginia (x1) (results)
  • Format: 25 Yards/Short Course Yards (SCY)
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Championship Manual
  • Psych Sheets (uncut)
  • Live Results

The second day of the 2021 ACC Women’s Championships came to a close at the Greensboro Aquatic Center this evening after the timed finals of the 200 free relay. Earlier in the session, the finals of the 500 free, 200 IM, and 50 free were contested. If you missed it, the UVA women won the 200 free relay with the top time in the NCAA at 1:26.54. NC State took second place by the skin of their teeth at 1:26.59, now No. 2 in the NCAA this season.

While no new relay records were broken, the ACC meet record in the 50 free did get broken by UVA lead-off Kate Douglass at 21.50. The ACC conference record stands at 21.42, also held by Douglass. While Douglass had the fastest lead-off split in the 200 free relay, let’s take a look at who else was quick during the sprint relay event.

UVA freshman Alex Walsh, who won the 200 IM with the 6th-fastest performance in history, also had the fastest flying 50 free split tonight at 21.09. Walsh swam 9.92 seconds for the first 25 off the blocks, which is pretty quick. Her underwater off the flipturn was just as fast, instantaneously propelling her to aid UVA’s 2021 ACC relay title.

This evening’s 50 free champion, NC State’s Kylee Alons, had the second-fastest split at 21.11. During yesterday’s 200 medley relay timed finals, Alons also had the second-fastest free split, only she hit 20.82. Douglass was also sub-21 anchoring UVA’s NCAA record-breaking relay, posting a swift 20.62.

While NC State took second place in the event by 0.05s, all four of their relay swimmers were in the top 8 fastest relay splits this evening. Backstroke ace Katharine Berkoff had the second-fastest lead-off split with a 21.84, which would have placed 2nd in the 50 free final. Berkoff wound up tying for 4th place in the final (22.08). Heather Maccausland (21.81) and Sophie Hansson (21.83) joined Alons and Berkoff in getting their entire 200 free relay’s splits under 22 seconds.

Behind Walsh’s 21.09 anchor and Douglass’ 21.50 lead-off, 50 free runner-up Lexi Cuomo was also sub-22 with her 21.72 split while senior Kyla Valls was 22.23 on her leg.

The fastest relay split overall that was not from UVA or NC State came from Virginia Tech junior Abigail Larson, who was also sub-22 with her 21.92 split. Larson’s split aided Virginia Tech’s 4th-place finish overall (1:28.96).

All 200 Free Relay Splits 

UVA Alex Walsh 21.09
NC State Kylee Alons 21.11
UVA Kate Douglass
21.50 *lead-off
UVA Lexi Cuomo 21.72
NC State Heather Maccausland 21.81
NC State Sophie Hansson 21.83
NC State Katharine Berkoff
21.84 *lead-off
Virginia Tech Abigail Larson 21.92
Louisville Christiana Regenauer 22.03
UNC Grace Countie
22.10 *lead-off
Louisville Gabi Albiero
22.13 *lead-off
Virginia Tech Caroline Bentz 22.15
UVA Kyla Valls 22.23
UNC Amy Dragelin 22.23
Virginia Tech Anna Landon 22.24
Florida State Tania Quaglieri 22.25
Louisville Kaylee Wheeler 22.29
Florida State Emma Terebo 22.30
Florida State Zsofia Kurdi 22.35
Florida State Rebecca Moynihan
22.38 *lead-off
Notre Dame Carly Quast
22.41 (DQ)
Louisville Alena Kraus 22.43
Duke Shayna Hollander 22.45
Boston College Haley Dolan 22.45
Pittsburgh Emma Wilson 22.50
Pittsburgh Kate Fuhrmann 22.54
Duke Amelia Bullock 22.54
Boston College Sofia Zinis 22.60
Virginia Tech Joelle Vereb
22.65 *lead-off
UNC Brieanna Romney 22.72
Georgia Tech Brooke Switzer 22.72
Notre Dame Cailey Grunhard
22.72 (DQ)
Georgia Tech Jami Williams 22.73
Pittsburgh Sophie Yendell
22.78 *lead-off
Duke Quinn Scannell 22.80
Georgia Tech Catriona Macgregor 22.80
Boston College Katie Drumm 22.82
Notre Dame Coleen Gillilan
22.83 (DQ)
Pittsburgh Tatum Detwiler 22.90
Georgia Tech Grace Mauldin
22.91 *lead-off
Miami Sydney Knapp
22.96 *lead-off
UNC Courtney Isley 23.00
Notre Dame Rachel Wittmer
23.04 *lead-off (DQ)
Miami Savannah Barr 23.04
Duke Sarah Snyder
23.06 *lead-off
Boston College Alison Kea
23.29 *lead-off
Miami Carmen Martinez 23.40
Miami Emma Sundstrand 23.42


  • ACC Record: 1:26.15, NC State, 2019
  • ACC Meet Record: 1:26.15, NC State, 2019
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:28.43
  • 2020 Champion: UVA, 1:26.73
  1. UVA – 1:26.54
  2. NC State – 1:26.59
  3. Louisville – 1:28.88
  4. Virginia Tech – 1:28.96
  5. Florida State – 1:29.28
  6. UNC – 1:30.05
  7. Pittsburgh – 1:30.72
  8. Duke – 1:30.85
  9. Georgia Tech/Boston College – 1:31.16
  10. Miami – 1:32.82

Notre Dame’s A-relay was disqualified due to an early take-off on swimmer #3. Despite this, their total relay time of 1:31.00 would have placed 9th. Currently, Notre Dame sits in 6th place in the team standings with 276 points. If their relay would have placed 9th, those 40 points could have put Notre Dame in 4th place at 316 points.


  1. UVA, 510
  2. NC State, 486
  3. Virginia Tech, 376
  4. Louisville, 311.50
  5. Duke, 290
  6. Notre Dame, 276
  7. UNC, 244.50
  8. Miami, 238
  9. Florida State, 214
  10. Georgia Tech, 210
  11. Pittsburgh, 159
  12. Boston College, 115

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