2020 ACC Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap

by Robert Gibbs 16

February 22nd, 2020 ACC, College, News


  • When: Wednesday, February 19th to Saturday, February 22nd | Prelims 10:00 am | Finals 6:00 pm (1650 prelims Saturday at 4:00 pm)
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: North Carolina State University (NC State) (1x) (results)
  • Streaming: ACC Network
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Detailed Timeline: Here
  • Psych Sheets: Here
  • Live Results
  • Day 4 Prelims Heat Sheets

With the final day of the 2020 ACC Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships, this morning’s prelims sessions should go a long way in determining the meet champion. UVA currently leads by over a hundred points and has roughly an equal number of women seeded in the top eight as does NC State, which currently is in 2nd.

This morning’s action will feature prelims for only four swimming events, plus platform diving, with the timed finals of the mile to be contested later today. Three of the four pool events this mornings will feature the defending champion: Emma Muzzy in the 200 back, Sophie Hansson in the 200 breast, and Grace Oglesby in the 200 fly

Women’s 200 Back – Prelims

  • ACC meet record: 1:49.61 – Alexia Zevnik, 2017
  • ACC record: 1:49.09 – Alexia Zevnik, 2017
  • 2019 ACC champion: Emma Muzzy (NC State) – 1:51.66

Top 8:

  1. Emma Muzzy (NC State) – 1:51.92
  2. Katharine Berkoff (NC State) – 1:52.69
  3. Megan Moroney (Virginia) – 1:53.33
  4. Emma Seiberlich (Virginia) – 1:53.59
  5. Danika Huizinga (NC State) – 1:53.77
  6. Erin Earley (Virginia) – 1:54.26
  7. Bayley Stewart (Notre Dame) – 1:54.27
  8. Mackenzie Glover (NC State) – 1:54.74

This final tonight will be mostly a NC State-Virginia show, as the two schools accounted for seven of the eight top spots this morning. Last year’s champion, Emma Muzzy went 1:51.92 in prelims to lead a strong Wolfpack contingent that also includes Katharine Berkoff (1:52.69), Danika Huizinga (1:53.77), and Mackenzie Glover (1:54.74).

UVA will return last year’s 2nd and 3rd place swimmers, Megan Moroney (1:53.33) and Emma Seiberlich (1:53.59), as well as Erin Earley (1:54.26). Additionally, Virginia will have another two swimmers in tonight’s B-final, while NC State added one.

Notre Dame sophomore Bayley Stewart came within three-tenths of her lifetime best this morning, dropping a 1:54.27 to take #7 seed and becoming the only swimmer not from NC State or Virginia in tonight’s A-final.

Women’s 100 Free – Prelims

  • ACC meet record: 46.57 – Mallory Comerford, 2019
  • ACC record: 46.20 – Mallory Comerford, 2018
  • 2019 ACC champion: Mallory Comerford (Louisville) – 46.57

Top 8

  1. Casey Fanz (Louisville) – 47.94
  2. Alyssa Marsh (Duke) / Kylee Alons (NC State) – 48.10
  3. (tie)
  4. Morgan Hill (Virginia) – 48.12
  5. Arina Openysheva (Louisville) – 48.28
  6. Caroline Hauder (North Carolina) – 48.41
  7. Emma Cole (North Carolina) / Lexi Cuomo (Virginia)- 48.67
  8.  (tie)

It was a speedy morning, as most of the top eight swimmers posted their fastest times ever. Louisville senior Casey Fanz had a lifetime best by nearly half a second, breaking 48 seconds for the first time in her career as she took the top seed with a 47.94. Teammate Arina Openysheva also went a lifetime best, taking #5 seed with a time of 48.28.

Duke’s Alyssa Marsh and NC State’s Kylee Alons tied at 48.10 for the #2 seed. Marsh shaved 0.01s off her lifetime best, while Alons’ had stood at 48.78. Somewhat surprisingly, NC State will only have one swimmer in tonight’s A-final, as Ky-lee Perry, who finished 3rd overall last year, just missed the A-final with a 48.79 in prelims.

UVA got two up, as Morgan Hill, last year’s silver medalist, went 48.12 for the #4 seed, and freshman Lexi Cuomo swam a lifetime best by nearly a second to tie for the #7 seed with a 48.67.

UNC’s Caroline Hauder (48.41) and Emma Cole (48.67) took the last two spots in the top eight.

Women’s 200 Breast – Prelims

  • ACC meet record: 2:04.34 – Emma Reaney, 2014
  • ACC record: 2:04.06 – Emma Reaney, 2014
  • 2019 ACC champion: Sophie Hansson (NC State) – 2:06.73

Top 8

  1. Ella Nelson (Virginia) – 2:07.23
  2. Kate Douglass (Virginia) – 2:07.67
  3. Sophie Hansson (NC State) – 2:08.44
  4. Julia Poole (NC State) – 2:09.06
  5. Morgan Friesen (Louisville) – 2:09.23
  6. Alexis Wenger (Virginia) – 2:09.70
  7. Mariia Astashkina (Louisville) – 2:09.87
  8. Olivia Calegan (NC State) – 2:11.00

UVA freshman Ella Nelson continues to a great ACC champs debut, knocking 0.36s off her lifetime best this morning to take the top seed here and the #2 time overall in the country with a 2:07.23 (pending other results this morning). Her fellow Wahoo freshman, Kate Douglass, holds the top time in the country with a 2:06.19 from the Tennessee Invite, and she put up a 2:07.67 this morning for the #2 seed. UVA got a third A-finalist in the form of Alexis Wenger, who went 2:09.70.

As we suspected, it’s been the NC State and UVA show for the most part this morning, and the Wolfpack matched the Cavaliers with three A-finalists of their own. Defending champion Sophie Hansson led the way with a 2:08.44, Julia Poole holds the #4 seed with a 2:09.70, and Olivia Calegan knocked half a second off of her personal best to take the final spot with a 2:11.00.

The Louisville Cardinals accounted for the other spots in the top eight. Alexis Wenger, yesterday’s 100 breast runner up, went 2:09.70 for the #6 seed, and Mariia Astashkina went 2:09.87 for the #7 seed.

Women’s 200 Fly – Prelims

  • ACC meet record: 1:52.81 – Grace Oglesby, 2019
  • ACC record: 1:50.61 – Kelsi Worrell, 2016
  • 2019 ACC champion: Grace Oglesby (Louisville) – 1:52.81
  1. Abby Richter (Virginia) – 1:54.69
  2. Coleen Gillilan (Notre Dame) – 1:54.94
  3. Grace Oglesby (Louisville) – 1:55.03
  4. Jessica Nava (Virginia) – 1:55.14
  5. Alena Kraus (Louisville) – 1:56.31
  6. Bryanna Cameron (North Carolina) – 1:56.37
  7. Luciana Thomas (Notre Dame) – 1:56.77
  8. Julia Menkhaus (Virginia) – 1:57.19

UVA junior Abby Richter cracked 1:55 for the first time to put up the top time of this morning with a 1:54.69. The Cavaliers put three women into the A-final, including Jessica Nava (1:55.14) and Julia Menkhaus (1:57.19).

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish had their best event of the morning, with freshman Coleen Gillilan taking the #2 seed with a 1:54.94, tying her lifetime best from just a month ago. Luciana Thomas put up a 1:56.77 to take the #7 seed.

Louisville also got two up for the third straight event. Defending champion Grace Oglesby cruised to a 1:55.03 for the #3 seed, and Alena Kraus went 1:56.31 for the #5 time. UNC’s Bryanna Cameron rounded out the top eight with a 1:56.37, good for the 6th-fastest time of the morning.


We’re still waiting for the result of a swim off for 16th place in the 100 free, but we’ll give you a quick preview of the ups/mids/downs now. UVA has 11 A-finalists, so unless something goes horribly wrong for them (or incredibly right for NC State) in the platform diving, 1650 and 400 free relay, they should hav the team title pretty well locked up. NC State has 8 A-finalists, and that should be plenty to hold off Louisville, who got 6 A-finalists. Again, here were the team standings after last night:


  1. Virginia – 1001.5
  2. NC State – 888
  3. Louisville – 745.5
  4. North Carolina – 567
  5. Notre Dame – 531
  6. Duke – 462.5
  7. Florida State – 417
  8. Virginia Tech – 297
  9. Georgia Tech – 261.5
  10. Miami – 231
  11. Pitt – 224
  12. Boston College – 134

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4 years ago

Fast swimming here in Greensboro.

I took my 10 years old son to watch the prelims session today and we had a great time! 2 comments from him this morning.
1. “Wow.. I want to swim as fast as these girls some day!”

2. “Dad, how come that girl is allowed to swim breaststroke with dolphin kick (pointing out to one of the UVA swimmers)” It was hard to answer it because I can see big white water behind her kick after every stroke, but it was a teaching moment where I told him to respect the officials and they must see something I don’t see.

Anyway, I thought that was very interesting. Congratulations to all teams!

Frog legs
Reply to  Swimfan
4 years ago

It is so awesome that your 10 yo son is so interested in those details. You should explain to him the swimming he is watching is how an elite level breast stroker kicks. There are many variations of a legal breast stroke kick and I wish I could discern the differences myself. It s just so nice to see the women swimmers inspiring others.

Reply to  Swimfan
4 years ago

This sounds like a troll disguised as an age group parent.

Reply to  Swimfan
4 years ago

Probably commenting on Ella Nelson. You can tell your son you are allowed to have an upsweep motion at the end of your breastroke kick. In essence, it is half a dolphin kick, it would be illegal if she were to kick down but sweeping up is perfectly in the rules. If you look back at some underwater shots of Phelps, he had this mastered long ago.

4 years ago

Anyone know if Kaki Christensen still swims for UVA?

4 years ago

She is not listed on the roster.

4 years ago

200 back
NCSU 4-1-0
UVA. 3-2-0

Top two battling it out, little room for others

Joel Lin
Reply to  Wahooswimfan
4 years ago

In the real case where can NCS make back the points? 4/1 is great but 3/2 is a near offset. Absent a rash of DQs the Hoos have it.

Reply to  Joel Lin
4 years ago

The meet is now over. And NCST is having a good session. But not gaining anything.

Cuomo with a huge drop to move into A final of 100 free. Perry in 9th for NCST.

And then they both just put 3 each into 2 breast A-final. Uva will have a solid mile with Madden going for win and Donohoe swimming her best event.

Good meet – congrats to the Hoos

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  Swimgeek
4 years ago

Both UVA and NC State having great meets. Both so deep in almost every event.

Reply to  Samuel Huntington
4 years ago

Multiple events where these two teams are putting 5-6 into the A-final. But LVille will continue to be a factor. And it really looks like UNC is back to relevance. That’s great news for the ACC.

And now that we’re seeing the stellar performance for the uva freshman (breakout meet for Cuomo and 3 incredible swims for Nelson) – the class next year is arguably even better. And uva will quickly be in the National Title discussion. A. Walsh and Emma Weyant are just massive talents. And Keating and Harter are major factors too.

Silent Observer
Reply to  Wahooswimfan
4 years ago

UVA should get credit where credit is due. DeSorbo has recruited and created a very well rounded squad. The fly events are where they built a separation from NCState and never looked back.

State banked on their depth in the back and distance events… But doesn’t have anyone other than Alons who can compete in the fly. They needed her elsewhere, hence them having no one able to break up the UVA landslide in the 100 yesterday and the 200 today…

This does look like to be an exciting rivalry for years to come. Most of both squads were underclass, not too many seniors for either. A great example is the 400 Medley from last night. Both anchors were seniors,… Read more »

Joel Lin
Reply to  Silent Observer
4 years ago

New coaching staff & a new energy is bolting through Chapel Hill. UNC is in its way. Notre Dame is coming up. Louisville is solid & improving. NCS & UVa are already there & are NCAA top tier now.

These are the good old days for ACC swimming. Awesome conference.

Reply to  Silent Observer
4 years ago

Yes, expect it will be a rivalry for years to come, and hope the mens becomes as competitive.

ACC fan
4 years ago

Any heat sheets for this morning?

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