2019 World Championships: Pancake Hot Take – Day 6 Finals


We are now in the thick of the 2019 World Championships, and to make sure you’re up to speed with all the action, we’re giving you a video recap of what we think of the racing. This is Pancake Hot Take, where we rate the overall racing of every Finals Session on a scale of 1-5 pancakes, and give you our highlights from each night. 

Day 6 of the 2019 World Championships gave me everything I wanted out of a world champs session… and then some. That’s why I’m giving Day 6…

6 PANCAKES!!!!!!

I didn’t even know I had that many pancakes.

Stay tuned for Pancake Hot Takes every day after finals. And until then… stay hungry.

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3 years ago

Simone was spectacular but to me, the race of the day was the men’s 800 free relay with 5 teams with a chance to win with a 50 left….now that was a race!!!

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

Definitely . Coleman has weird picks sometimes

3 years ago

That syrup looks watery!!

masters swimmer
3 years ago

When I look at 2017 Worlds and this year, it just seems better than the Olympics. I just don’t see how the Olympics are going to beat the quality and excitement of races we are seeing now. Of course I’d be interested in what others think on this subject.

Reply to  masters swimmer
3 years ago

Olympics had the goat and an onslaught of Americans winning gold. I think next year can top it off if there’s a ton of close races and surprise upsets.

Reply to  monsterbasher
3 years ago

It’s the Olympics. There are going to be surprises. Not a single person would’ve predicted Dirado upsetting Hosszu in 2015, but that’s exactly what happened.

Tony R
3 years ago

I thought the session was worth 7 pancakes…..maybe it’s because I’m hungry.

Reply to  Tony R
3 years ago

Maybe it should have been like a college guy pancake eating contest. 25 pancakes each!

3 years ago

Now that’s a full stack!

3 years ago

Can anyone think of a single session that was better than this one from any major meet? Simone Manuel with the upset and 3 WRs (one completely unexpected from Smith) paired with an incredibly exciting 800 relay.

masters swimmer
Reply to  Kit
3 years ago

Good observation. I tend to agree. Maybe Dressel’s incredible one night at 2017 Worlds?

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