2019 World Championships: Pancake Hot Take – Day 1 Finals


We are now in the thick of the 2019 World Championships, and to make sure you’re up to speed with all the action, we’re giving you a video recap of what we think of the racing. This is Pancake Hot Take, where we rate the overall racing of every Finals Session on a scale of 1-5 pancakes, and give you our highlights from each night. 

While Day 1 of racing wasn’t a firework show every single race, it certainly didn’t disappoint, with multiple championship records and a world record to boot. That’s why I’m giving Day 1 of racing:

3 Pancakes

Stay tuned for Pancake Hot Takes every day after finals. And until then… stay hungry.

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Texas Tap Water
4 years ago

Today I found out that Gabrielle Detti is a whole stack of hot pancakes! With syrup on top!

Why didn’t I know this before?

4 years ago

Coleman Hodges, living the freaking dream. Dudeman’s job is to watch crazy fast swimming, eat pancakes, and then talk about both.

The Ready Room
4 years ago

Love this. More pancakes please!

4 years ago

I think you should award half pancakes.

I think that was 3.5 pancakes because there were numerous records set.

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