2019 Men’s NCAA Championships: Official SwimSwam Previews Index


As we tick down the days to the 2019 Men’s NCAA Championships, keep track of all our event-by-event previews and winner picks here.

Don’t miss a moment of our preview action and the concurrent comment section discussion – you can bookmark this page, which will be updated with links to each preview as we publish them. Disagree with our winner picks? Well, they are infallible, but if you really don’t buy it, you can leave your own picks, predictions and expectations in the comments.

Below are all of the events in their NCAA order, broken down by day. You can click on the event name and follow the link to our full preview and check out our picks for the entire top 8.

Final Edition Team Power Rankings Here

2019 Men’s NCAA Pick ‘Em Contest Here

Wednesday 800 Free Relay Texas
Thursday 200 Free Relay Cal
500 Free Townley Haas, Texas
200 IM Andreas Vazaios, NC State
50 Free Bowen Becker, Minnesota
400 Medley Relay Indiana
Friday 400 IM Abrahm DeVine, Stanford
100 Fly Vini Lanza, Indiana
200 Free Townley Haas, Texas
100 Breast Ian Finnerty, Indiana
100 Back Coleman Stewart, NC State
200 Medley Relay NC State
Saturday 1650 Free Felix Auboeck, Michigan
200 Back John Shebat, Texas
100 Free Justin Ress, NC State
200 Breast Andrew Seliskar
200 Fly Vini Lanza, Indiana
400 Free Relay NC State
Diving Connor/Zeng/Dinsmore

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2 years ago

This years pick’em is going to be so much harder than last year.

Reply to  Swammer
2 years ago

We’ve been talking a lot about this in our Slack channel. Especially for teams. Power Rankings were super hard to do on the men’s side, it’s all very muddled in the middle (and at the top for that matter).

JP input is too short
Reply to  Swammer
2 years ago

Yeah, very few events have overwhelming favorites… Technically by psych sheet entries the biggest favorite is Jackson’s 100 free followed closely by Auboeck’s 500 free and then Finke’s mile. Biggest favorite becomes Finnerty’s 100 breast followed by Haas’s 200 free if you go by best times – and those are pretty overwhelming time-wise but we know Vissering is hanging around in the 100 breast and Seli in the 200 free.

Come on bro
Reply to  JP input is too short
2 years ago

Don’t sleep on Reece Whitley. Freshman boy taper, yo

JP input is too short
Reply to  Come on bro
2 years ago

Still don’t think he can hang with Finnerty and Vissering in the 100. 200, he should challenge Seli and Finnerty.

Reply to  JP input is too short
2 years ago

Forgetting about max mccugh in the 100

2 years ago

So, completely unrelated, but…… everyone should follow Shane Tusup on Instagram to witness his seamless transition from coaching swimming to…. professional golf?

Reply to  Kate
2 years ago

I still laugh every time I here about him golfing. It just seems so fitting.

Reply to  Swammer
2 years ago

Do they drug test for that “sport”? They should!

tea rex
Reply to  Kate
2 years ago

What is there to follow? I assume already he has broken all the major course records by now…

Fat Swammer
2 years ago

Excited for the meet! Hope I can find tix…. thanks Texas…

Reply to  Fat Swammer
2 years ago

? Why thanx texas? It’s a small venue.

Reply to  Longhorn
2 years ago

Small venue as compared to what? It has almost 2,000 seats. In terms of permanent competition pools, the only one I can think of that is significantly larger is Indy. What are the larger venues you’re thinking of?

Reply to  SwimGeek
2 years ago

Truth is, even though TSC is the best in US for championships for swimmers and spectators, it’s small at 2,000+
We do Trials in arena’s with what, 10K seats?
We watch Final 4 in football stadiums with 60K?
Most college natatoriums have bleacher seating and even less deck space.
It may be time to look into Myrtha pools at bigger venues….
They would sell out in a heartbeat, just like Austin that draws for lots of reasons.

Reply to  Bevo
2 years ago

I heard the women’s meet was only about half full. But I do think the men’s meet will be much better attended

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

Our estimate was about 60% full, but I do agree with your belief that the men’s meet will be fuller.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

correct…. I was there all sessions last Friday and Saturday…about 60% full is right and maybe less for prelims …womens had plenty of tickets available so was not an issue with that to fill up….mens is sold out so will be interesting if every session is at capacity

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

But many don’t even travel to the venue if they can’t get tickets assured in advance. I suspect attendance would be larger if more folks had assured tickets.

2 years ago

Not sure where to leave this, so I’m dropping it here. Here’s how I score the top 4 teams, with ups-downs for all individual events (including diving). My methodology predicts ups/downs subjectively using best times from both last year and this year. I’ve been predicting the meet for more than a decade using this approach and it’s proven pretty accurate.

Day 1
1. NC State, 40
2. Texas, 34
3. Indiana, 32
5. Cal, 28

Day 2
1. Texas, 187 (4 up, 7 down)
2. Cal, 163 (3 up, 5 down)
3. Indiana, 162 (5 up, 0 down)
4. NC State. 146 (3 up, 1 down)

Day 3
1. Texas… Read more »

Reply to  wethorn
2 years ago

Well so much for this system at this particular meet. CAL was on fire yesterday and Texas needs to be talking to Santa about some more of your “gifts”. Texas divers need to have a couple more into the B today and tomorrow. I think TX’s Friday’s taper point was a mixed bag for some of the team – let’s see if another day changes that. Here’s to a surprising Friday to make Saturday really interesting!!!

2 years ago

Wow. Yaeger 17th, (+15 seconds), the story of Texas’ meet. And Auboeck shows up for Michigan at last. Weird meet!

2 years ago

Rowdy Gaines is a terrible announcer

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