2019 FINA World Junior Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


  • 50-Meter Course
  • Duna Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Pool swimming: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Heats 9:30am GMT+2 (3:30 am EDT / 12:30 am PDT)/ Semifinals and Finals 5:30pm GMT+2 (11:30am EDT / 8:30am PDT)
  • Meet site
  • Entries book
  • FinaTV Live Stream (subscription required)
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The 2019 FINA World Junior Championships continue this morning in Budapest, Hungary. Day 3 prelims for the women includes the 50 fly, 100 breast, and 200 back. The men are set to compete in the 50 back, 50 free, and 800 free. We’ll also see the mixed 4×100 free relay heats.


  • WR 24.43 SJOESTROEM Sarah SWE Boras (SWE) 5 JUL 2014
  • CR 25.46 IKEE Rikako JPN Indianapolis, IN (USA) 26 AUG 2017
  • WJ 25.46 IKEE Rikako JPN Indianapolis (USA) 26 AUG 2017

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  1. Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR)- 26.20
  2. Claire Curzan (USA)- 26.32
  3. Naele Portecop (FRA)- 26.42
  4. Torri Huske (USA)- 26.58
  5. Miriam Sheehan (PUR)- 26.82
  6. Anicka Delgado (ECU)- 27.00
  7. Costanza Cocconcelli (ITA)- 27.03
  8. Helena Biasibetti (ITA)- 27.04
  9. Athena Maneses Kovacs (MEX)- 27.07
  10. Aleyna Ozkan (TUR)- 27.34
  11. Michaela Ryan (AUS)- 27.39
  12. Tamara Potocka (SVK)- 27.42
  13. Iana Sattarova (RUS)- 27.46
  14. Natalie Kan (HKG)- 27.47
  15. Gabriela Peingier (AUS)- 27.57
  16. Beatriz Padron (CRC)- 27.65

Belarus’ Anastasiya Shkurdai was the fastest woman through the heats, reaching in at 26.20 to win the final heat in 26.20. A few tenths behind in that field was the USA’s Torri Huske, who hit the wall in 26.58, just a hundredth shy of her best. Teammate Claire Curzan, the 100 back silver medalist, won heat 8 in 26.32 to take the 2nd seed for semifinals.

Winning the first circle-seeded heat was France’s Naele Portecop in 26.42. There were 5 women under 27 this morning, including Puerto Rico’s Miriam Sheehan (26.82). Italy’s Costanza Cocconcelli (27.03) followed Portecop in heat 7, with teammate Helena Biasibeitti (27.04) posting a time just a hundredth slower as both Italians landed in the top 8.


  • WR 24.00 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Glasgow (GBR) 4 AUG 2018
  • CR 24.63 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis, IN (USA) 25 AUG 2017
  • =CR 24.63 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis, IN (USA) 26 AUG 2017
  • WJ 24.00 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Glasgow (GBR) 4 AUG 2018

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  1. Jan Cejka (CZE)- 25.32
  2. Wyatt Davis (USA)- 25.35
  3. Thomas Ceccon (ITA)- 25.51
  4. Nikolay Zuev (RUS)- 25.53
  5. Srihari Nataraj (IND)- 25.63
  6. Pavel Samusenko (RUS)- 25.73
  7. Marvin Dahler (GER)- 25.77
  8. Adam Chaney (USA)- 25.80
  9. Krzystof Radziszewski (POL)- 25.84
  10. Pieter Coetzee (RSA)- 25.86
  11. Gabor Zombori (HUN)- 25.98
  12. Cole Pratt (CAN)- 26.03
  13. (T-13) Jakub Moscicki (POL)- 26.04
  14. (T-13) Marvin Miglbauer (AUT)- 26.04
  15. Anthony Rincon Velasco (COL)- 26.06
  16. Figueirido Farjado (BRA)- 26.08

All 3 100 back medalists are through to the semifinal round, but it was the Czech Republic’s Jan Cejka topping the heats in 25.32. With that, he clipped Russia’s Nikolay Zuev, the 100 back silver medalist, in heat 8. Zuev’s teammate Pavel Samusenko is the 6th seed for semis in 25.73.

Italy’s Thomas Ceccon, the 100 back champion, and the USA’s Wyatt Davis, the 100 back bronze medalist, battled in heat 9. Davis was slightly faster this morning, out-touching Ceccon 25.35 to 25.51. The USA landed 2 in the top 8 as Adam Chaney took 8th this morning in 25.80.


  • WR 1:04.13 29.80 KING Lilly USA Budapest (HUN) 25 JUL 2017
  • CR 1:06.61 30.32 MEILUTYTE Ruta LTU Dubai (UAE) 29 AUG 2013
  • WJ 1:05.39 30.48 MEILUTYTE Ruta LTU Nanjing (CHN) 20 AUG 2014

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  1. Kayla van der Merwe (GBR)- 1:07.50
  2. Evgeniia Chikunova (RUS)- 1:08.07
  3. Anastasia Makarova (RUS)- 1:08. 23
  4. Kaitlyn Dobler (USA)- 1:08.59
  5. Thea Blomsterberg (DEN)- 1:09.05
  6. Eszter Bekesi (HUN)- 1:09.12
  7. Avery Wiseman (CAN)- 1:09.14
  8. Ellie Andrews (USA)- 1:09.33
  9. Kotryna Teterekova (LTU)- 1:09.39
  10. Sara Lahrach Sanchez (ESP)- 1:09.47
  11. Lea Polonsky (ISR)- 1:09.50
  12. Georgia Powell (AUS)- 1:09.61
  13. Zheng Muyan (CHN)- 1:09.65
  14. Lydie Stepankova (CZE)- 1:09.68
  15. Benedetta Pilato (ITA)- 1:09.81
  16. Mei Ishihara (JPN)- 1:10.35

Great Britain’s Kayla van der Merwe blew away the field in heat 7. She was over a second ahead of anyone else in her heat, posting the only sub-1:08 of the morning in 1:07.50. The Russians had 2 heat winners with a pair of 1:08-lows from Evgeniia Chikunova (1:08.07) and Anastasia Makarova (1:08.23).

The USA’s Kaitlyn Dobler is the 4th seed for semis in 1:08.59. Teammate Ellie Andrews qualified 8th in 1:09.33. Italy’s Benedetta Pilato, who became the first Italian woman to break 30 in the 50 breast and earned a bronze medal at the FINA World Championships this summer, hit the wall in 1:09.81 to earn a semis spot at 15th. Pilato and van der Merwe could have another matchup in this race after Pilato out-touched van der Merwe for the 50 breast title last night.


  • WR 20.91 CIELO FILHO Cesar BRA Sao Paulo (BRA) 18 DEC 2009
  • =CR 21.75 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis, IN (USA) 26 AUG 2017
  • CR 21.75 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis, IN (USA) 25 AUG 2017
  • =WJ 21.75 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis (USA) 26 AUG 2017
  • WJ 21.75 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis (USA) 25 AUG 2017

Semifinal Qualifiers:

  1. David Curtiss (USA)- 22.16
  2. Vladyslav Bukhov (UKR)- 22.29
  3. Jonathan Tan (SGP)- 22.46
  4. Michael Pickett (NZL)- 22.61
  5. Artur Barseghyan (ARM)- 22.79
  6. Adam Chaney (USA)- 22.84
  7. Robin Hanson (SWE)- 22.88
  8. Illia Linnyk (UKR)- 22.90
  9. Mikkel Lee (SGP)- 22.94
  10. Huang Junyi (CHN)- 23.02
  11. Kalani Ireland (AUS)- 23.03
  12. Jokubas Keblys (LTU)- 23.05
  13. Mariano Jasso Escoto (MEX)- 23.07
  14. James Lebuke (CAN)- 23.12
  15. Filip Orlicz (POL)- 23.16
  16. Gawie Nortje (RSA)- 23.20

The USA’s David Curtiss took about a tenth off his lifetime best to take top seed for semis in 22.16, touching ahead of Singapore’s Jonathan Tan (22.46) for the win in the final heat. The Americans have 2 in the top 8 with Adam Cheney taking 6th seed for semis in 22.84. This was Cheney’s 2nd race of the morning as he swam the 50 back earlier in the session, qualifying for semis there as well.

Vladyslav Bukhov of the Ukraine is the 2nd seed for tonight’s semis after winning the penultimate heat in 22.29. Winning the first of the circle seeded heats was New Zealand’s Michael Pickett, who reached in at 22.61 ahead of Armenia’s Artur Barseghyan (22.79).


  • WR 2:03.35 29.06 1:00.37 1:31.84 SMITH Regan USA Gwangju (KOR) 26 JUL 2019
  • CR 2:07.45 29.92 1:01.49 1:34.17 SMITH Regan USA Indianapolis, IN (USA) 25 AUG 2017
  • WJ 2:03.35 29.06 1:00.37 1:31.84 SMITH Regan USA Gwangju (KOR) 26 JUL 2019

Final Qualifiers:

  1. Jade Hannah (CAN)- 2:10.21
  2. Lena Grabowski (AUT)- 2:11.03
  3. Natalie Mannion (USA)- 2:11.56
  4. Erika Gaetani (ITA)- 2:11.67
  5. Eszter Szabo-Feltothy (HUN)- 2:11.70
  6. Aviv Barzelay (ISR)- 2:11.91
  7. Zuzanna Herasimowicz (POL)- 2:12.41
  8. Tahlia Thornton (AUS)- 2:12.48

Canada’s Jade Hannah, the 100 back champion, dominated the final heat by over 2 seconds with a 2:10.21 to take the top qualifying spot for finals. Austria’s Lena Grabowski was the 2nd fastest woman of the morning, winning heat 5 with a 2:11.03 ahead of Italy’s Erika Gaetani (2:11.67). Natalie Mannion of the USA won the first circle-seeded heat in 2:11.56.

The USA’s Rye Ulett, top seed coming into prelims, was 12th this morning in 2:14.88. Great Britain’s Honey Osrin, the 3rd seed coming into the meet, was 10th in 2:13.80.


  • WR 3:19.40 47.34 1:34.68 2:27.40 USA – United States Of America Gwangju (KOR) 27 JUL 2019
  • CR 3:26.65 49.99 1:40.94 2:33.66 CAN – Canada Indianapolis, IN (USA) 25 AUG 2017
  • WJ 3:26.65 49.99 1:40.94 2:33.66 CAN – Canada Indianapolis (USA) 25 AUG 20

Final Qualifiers:

  1. USA- 3:30.60
  2. RUS- 3:32.45
  3. AUS- 3:32.96
  4. ISR- 3:33.05
  5. ITA- 3:33.17
  6. CAN- 3:33.21
  7. CHN- 3:33.56
  8. TUR- 3:34.03

The Americans were nearly 2 seconds faster than anyone else this morning. Jake Magahey led them off in 50.08, handing off to Carson Foster with a 50.21. Grace Cooper took on the 3rd leg with a 55.07, while Maxine Parker brought it home for them in 55.24. They combined for a 3:30.60.

Brazil’s Murilo Sartori had the fastest men’s split of prelims with a 49.60 on the 2nd leg. Israel’s Anastasia Gorbenko had the fastest women’s split with a 54.03 anchor.


  • WR 7:32.12 55.20 1:52.55 3:46.79 ZHANG Lin CHN Rome (ITA) 29 JUL 2009
  • CR 7:45.67 55.75 1:53.99 3:52.05 HORTON Mack AUS Dubai (UAE) 28 AUG 2013
  • WJ 7:45.67 55.75 1:53.99 3:52.05 HORTON Mack AUS Dubai (UAE) 28 AUG 2013

Top 5 through afternoon heats:

  1. Tommy-Lee Camblong (FRA)- 7:53.59
  2. Guillaume Roux (FRA)- 7:57.84
  3. Lukas Martens (GER)- 7:59.97
  4. Alexandros Kachris (GRE)- 8:04.23
  5. Paige Advait (IND)- 8:05.94

We had 3 men under 8:00 this morning. France led the way with Tommy-Lee Camblong (7:53.59) and Guillaume Roux (7:57.84). Both men are well under the 8th-seeded time in the fastest heat. Germany’s Lukas Martens also broke the 8:00 barrier with hiss 7:59.97.

The top 8 seeds will race with tonight’s final. The 8th-seeded man is Team USA’s Arik Katz with a 7:59.73.

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Daniel Tan
4 years ago

Jonathan Tan broke Joseph Schooling’s National Record in the 50m freestyle by 0.01s.

4 years ago

Those slow 800 free heats were not slow

Reply to  Samesame
4 years ago

IKR! The top seed has 7:52 IIRC, so the french may win a medal.

4 years ago

It seems dumb ho have the women’s 100 metre free on so late in the program tonight, with the mixed free only two events later. They could have put the 100 free on first event and let the swimmers recover better. Some of them will compete in the mixed and will have little time to recover.

Honest Observer
4 years ago

There’s been a lot of tall about how hard it’s going to make the team next year in the women’s 100 back, but the 100 fly is shaping up to be a tough race too. Kelsi Dahlia has dominated the past few years, but depending on what sort of form she’s in, she could have both Curzan and Huske nipping at her heels. Those two have both been 57.8’s, and at their age, improvement can come rapidly. Based on how they’ve been swimming at this meet so far, they may beat that time this week.

Reply to  Honest Observer
4 years ago

It’s time for some fresh new blood in the women’s 50/100 flys for the US

Reply to  Honest Observer
4 years ago

The difference is that all the backstrokers are all time elite times. Probably top 25 performers on history. In the fly there USA will have tight races but we aren’t as competitive in international races.

4 years ago

The WJR for that mixed free relay is in danger tonight

4 years ago

We’re seeing a lot of good swims from athletes who live in countries that are not traditionally strong in swimming: BLR, PUR, CZE, IND, ECU… The future looks bright for the sport of swimming internationally!

Reply to  Danjohnrob
4 years ago

BLR? Herasimenia, Popchanka, Tsurkin, Shymanovich, Sankovich, Shkurdai…🤣🤣

They’re not one of the strongest nations but they aren’t that weak.

4 years ago

Awesome to see the juniors have their time to shine! Do we have any idea or way to know how many of these kids live in the US but have citizenship and are competing for another country?

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

All of the USA juniors have to prove US citizenship, any other competitors are hard to tell.

Texas Tap Water
4 years ago

Shocking that Rye Ulett missed final

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
4 years ago

Everyone that was criticizing the selection procedure because she was faster out of the b-final than mannion was in the a-final can now see why the US places an emphasis on morning swims

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
4 years ago

It is, perhaps, worth noting that Rye is the youngest member of the U.S. team, at the tender age of 13. Completing the double taper necessary to qualify for this meet and repeat her top-level performance from Nationals under the pressure of a number 1 seed was too much for her this am at her first major international meet in a foreign country, but if she’s to become the champion we all expect she will be, this morning’s “failure” will fuel her practices in the future. Watch out for her in 2021!

Reply to  Danjohnrob
4 years ago

(She’s actually 14). But the rest of your comment I agree with!

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
4 years ago

Did swimming the US Nationals, US Jr Nationals and World Jrs back to back hurt her today?

Reply to  Breezeway
4 years ago

Seems like it’s easier to compete at the events back to back when you are that young. Our coaches certainly didn’t taper the kids yet at 14. They can recover so much faster at the younger ages.

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