2018 Women’s NCAA Championships: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


The 2018 Women’s NCAA Championships will come to a close tonight with day 4 finals. Swimmers will compete individually in the 1650 free, 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, and 200 fly, with the 400 free relay coming at the end of the session.

Stanford’s Katie Ledecky looks for a distance sweep as the defending champion in the 1650 free. After becoming the 6th fastest performer ever with her time from prelims, Wisconsin’s Beata Nelson is the top seed for the 200 back, but she’ll be up against Cal’s defending NCAA champ Kathleen Baker. The 100 free will see a matchup between defending champ Simone Manuel of Stanford and Louisville’s Mallory Comerford. Indiana’s Lilly King will chase her own record in the 200 breast. Stanford’s Ella Eastin will race for potential back-to-back titles in the 200 fly. She could go 3-for-3 in event wins and American Records this week.


  1. GOLD: Katie Ledecky, Stanford, 15:07.57
  2. SILVER: Ally McHugh, Penn State, 15:36.27
  3. BRONZE: Hannah Moore, NC State, 15:40.68

Stanford’s Katie Ledecky was far under American Record pace through the 500, flipping in 4:31.87. That was almost 5 seconds under her record pace. At the 1000, she was 9:05.89, still seconds below record pace. She had completely lapped everyone else in the field by the 1300-yard mark. She had fallen off her record pace with 150 yards to go, but still won the race by an extremely large margin.

Interestingly, in the closing 200 yards, Ledecky and Penn State’s Ally McHugh were neck-and-neck, but Ledecky had 2 fewer lengths left than McHugh. She had lapped McHugh, but McHugh began to move back up on her. Ledecky finished in a dominant 15:07.57, marking the 3rd fastest swim ever for a win on her birthday. Interestingly, Ledecky has been faster in-season in both of her record-setting swims since she got to Stanford, going in the 15:03-range midseason and the 15:07-range at NCAAs in the last 2 years.

Penn State’s McHugh had a huge swim, putting up a lifetime best 15:36.27 to become the 8th fastest swimmer in history. NC State’s Hannah Moore also had a big swim, dropping 7 seconds to take 3rd in 15:40.68.

Michigan’s G Ryan, who swam in the afternoon heats, made their way into the top 8 with a 15:50.95.


  • NCAA Record: Elizabeth Pelton (Cal), 2013, 1:47.84
  • American Record: Elizabeth Pelton (Cal), 2013, 1:47.84
  • Championship Record: Elizabeth Pelton (Cal), 2013, 1:47.84
  • 2017 Champion: Kathleen Baker (Cal), 1:48.44
  1. GOLD: Kathleen Baker, Cal, 1:47.30
  2. SILVER: Asia Seidt, Kentucky, 1:49.24
  3. BRONZE: Beata Nelson, Wisconsin, 1:49.27

Cal’s Kathleen Baker flipped well under record pace for the early lead in 25.17. She kept pulling ahead, still under record pace with a 52.31 halfway. She was still crushing it in 1:19.47 with 50 yards to go. She never let up, swimming to a new American and NCAA Record of 1:47.30 to win it. She was well ahead of the field, as Kentucky’s Asia Seidt finished in 1:49.24 behind her. Seidt came through on the back half to run down Wisconsin’s Beata Nelson (1:49.27) for 2nd.

Texas A&M’s Lisa Bratton (1:50.74) was 4th, out-touching Michigan’s Clara Smiddy (1:50.80) at the finish.


  1. GOLD: Simone Manuel, Stanford, 45.65
  2. SILVER: Mallory Comerford, Louisville, 46.20
  3. BRONZE: Abbey Weitzeil, Cal, 46.74

Stanford’s Simone Manuel was just a tenth shy of her lifetime best as she dominated to win another sprint title in 45.65. Manuel, in her last year of collegiate swimming, was teary-eyed in her final NCAA post-race interview as she expressed her gratitiude for her teammates. Louisville’s Mallory Comerford clipped her lifetime best to take 2nd in 46.20. Cal’s Abbey Weitzeil threw down a 46.74 for 3rd, just a tenth off her season best.

Michigan’s Siobhan Haughey turned in a lifetime best 46.91 for 4th, breaking 47 for the first time. Texas A&M’s Beryl Gastaldello also broke 47 for the first time, falling slightly behind Haughey on the back half to take 5th in 46.98. Tennessee’s Erika Brown put up a personal best 47.08 for 6th.


  • NCAA Record: Lilly King (Indiana), 2017, 2:03.18
  • American Record: Lilly King (Indiana), 2017, 2:03.18
  • Championship Record: Lilly King (Indiana), 2017, 2:03.18
  • 2017 Champion: Lilly King (Indiana), 2:03.18
  1. GOLD: Lilly King, Indiana, 2:02.60
  2. SILVER: Bethany Galat, Texas A&M, 2:03.26
  3. BRONZE: Sydney Pickrem, Texas A&M, 2:05.79

Indiana’s Lilly King was under her record pace up front in 26.96. She was right on record pace at the 100 in 58.39. She held steady through the back half, smashing the American Record in 2:02.60. Texas A&M’s Bethany Galat, who started to close in on the back half, was just shy of the former record in 2:03.26. Teammate Sydney Pickrem was 3rd in 2:05.79, followed by Michigan’s Miranda Tucker in 2:06.73.


  • NCAA Record: Ella Eastin (Stanford), 2018, 1:49.51
  • American Record: Ella Eastin (Stanford), 2018, 1:49.51
  • Championship Record: Elaine Breeden (Stanford), 2009, 1:49.92
  • 2017 Champion: Ella Eastin (Stanford), 1:51.35
  1. GOLD: Ella Eastin, Stanford, 1:50.01
  2. SILVER: Katie Drabot, Stanford, 1:51.73
  3. BRONZE: Louise Hansson, USC, 1:52.25

USC’s Louise Hansson, the 100 fly champ, pushed the early lead in 24.52. Hansson flipped in 52.54 at the 100, nearly a second under record pace. Hansson lead through the 125-yard mark, but Stanford’s Ella Eastin pulled ahead with 50 yards to go. Eastin surged ahead to take the win by nearly 2 seconds in 1:50.01. Teammate Katie Drabot swam a lifetime best 1:51.73 to make it a Cardinal 1-2. Hansson held on for 3rd in 1:52.25, followed by Cal’s Katie McLaughlin (1:52.64) and Georgia’s Megan Kingsley (1:52.66).

Virginia’s Jenn Marrkand demolished the field in the B final, touching in 1:51.81 to take over a second off her former best. That makes her the 9th fastest performer ever in this event.


  • Championship Record: Haley Ishimatsu (USC), 2013, 396.75
  • 2017 Champion: Olivia Rosendahl (Northwestern), 335.30
  1. GOLD: Olivia Rosendahl, Northwestern, 346.15
  2. SILVER: Murphy Bromberg, Texas, 335.30
  3. BRONZE: Eloise Belanger, UCLA, 300.65

Northwestern’s Olivia Rosendahl repeated as the platform champ. Texas’ Murphy Bromberg wound up 2nd, helping the Longhorns come within 5 points of Louisville. As it stands, Louisville is 5th and Texas is 6th, so the final relay will determine which team snags a spot in the top 5. Both teams are in the A final of the 400 free relay.


  • NCAA Record: Stanford, 2017, 3:07.61
  • American Record: Stanford, 2017, 3:07.61
  • Championship Record: Stanford, 2017, 3:07.61
  • 2017 Champion: Stanford, 3:07.61
  1. GOLD: Stanford. 3:07.94
  2. SILVER: Cal, 3:08.05
  3. BRONZE: Virginia, 3:10.53

Mallory Comerford took the early lead for Louisville in 46.67, followed by Texas A&M’s Beryl Gastaldello in a lifetime best 47.11. Cal had taken over the lead by the 2nd leg with Abbey Weitzeil‘s 46.37 split, and Kathleen Baker kept bringing the Bears up on the 3rd leg in 47.21. They were under record pace going into the final leg. Katie McLaughlin anchored for Cal in a speedy 46.88, but Stanford’s Simone Manuel roared through the anchor split to win it for Stanford. Manuel’s 45.47 was just .02 shy of the fastest relay split ever.


  1. Stanford                          593   2. California                        373
  3. Texas A&M                         299   4. Michigan                          267
  5. Louisville                        232   6. Texas                           221.5
  7. Tennessee                       180.5   8. Indiana                           169
  9. Virginia                          161  10. Minnesota                         157
 11. Georgia                           135  12. Southern Cal                      127
 13. Ohio St                           123  14. Kentucky                           97
 15. Missouri                           86  16. Auburn                           82.5
 17. Wisconsin                          78  18. NC State                           70
 19. Purdue                             51  20. Arizona                            46
 20. South Carolina                     46  22. Northwestern                       40
 23. Arizona St                         34  24. University of Nevada               33
 25. UNC                                32  26. UCLA                               31
 27. Arkansas                           30  28. Hawaii                           29.5
 29. Penn St                            26  30. Alabama                            23
 31. Denver                             20  32. Eastern Mich                       18
 33. Virginia Tech                      14  33. Miami University                   14
 35. Nebraska                           11  35. Florida                            11
 37. Wyoming                             9  38. Louisiana State University          8
 39. Akron                               6  39. Rutgers                             6
 41. Notre Dame                          4  42. Duke                                3
 42. Florida St                          3  44. West Virginia                       2
 44. University of Miami                 2

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  1. Daaaave says:

    Uh oh. Emily Escobedo is a late solo entry in the 400 free relay right next to UVA….

  2. wild Bill says:

    Go Katie Go!

  3. swamfan says:

    Looks like the Cal and stanford fan sections are next to each other. . . that’s awk.

    • thezwimmer says:

      Loudest section of the bleachers. They are forced to outcheer each other so they both cheer louder. More energy in the building.

  4. Years of Plain Suck says:

    Good thing the PAC-12 — the “Conference of Champions” — has swimming powers such as Cal and Stanford. However, the PAC-12 has been a bust in 2017-18 in the major revenue sports:
    Football: 1-8 in Bowl games
    Men’s Basketball: NO VICTORIES AT ALL in the round of 64.

    • Jim C says:

      Exactly how is a conference that gets 9 out of 12 teams into postseason bowl games a bust?

    • AWSI DOOGER says:

      Yeah, I’m a USC alum. Tough year. I’d still argue we got robbed out of an NCAA berth but there is plenty of supporting evidence the other way.

    • Sccoach says:

      NCAA overall team titles
      #1 Stanford
      #2 UCLA
      #3 USC
      #11 Cal


      NCAA combined overall team and individual titles
      #1 Stanford
      #2 USC
      #4 UCLA
      #8 Cal

      The PAC12 will be ok

    • Years of Plain Suck says:

      Hey y’all: I’m a PAC-12 booster, and have degrees from a PAC-12 university. But the PAC-12 (led by the doofus commissioner Larry Scott) can’t get its act together to do a TV deal with DirecTV. This means that I can’t stream PAC-12 swimming meets!

    • Bob says:

      Tonight Stanford will have 116 NCAA championships. UCLA is second with 114. Oklahoma State is third with something like 51. “Major revenue sports” is a silly term and a measure that denies the effort, talent, and support that these athletes invest and receive. You should be ashamed of yourself. Try playing water polo, pal. You (and most “revenue sport” athletes) would quit after one minute, especially all those “revenue sport” players you exalt but, in truth, ride the bench. Finally, Stanford has the lowest acceptance rate of major colleges (Harvard is second) and a tiny undergrad population compared to places like, um, UCLA, USC, and Oklahoma State. Compare that figure to those of OU, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan and other “major revenue sports” schools.

  5. Adsf says:

    ESPNU has a. acrosse game on…where is swimming?

  6. KZJILY says:

    Anyone have the livestream for tonight?

  7. EMH16 says:

    gooooo katie!!!!! so hope so breaks 15 mins 🙂

  8. Adsf says:

    I’m on ESPN3 on TV but there is a softball game Drake vs Evansville….

    Can you please post.the link? Thanks.

  9. Formerswimcoach says:

    What was KLs split at 1000 y

  10. HookEm says:

    I get Ledecky is the main show, but maybe show the other swimmers once she finishes? Penn State just had a great swim or 2nd, but you wouldn’t know it. Not trying to take away from Ledecky, shes the GOAT. But cmon

    • Fanny says:

      Totally agree. Horrible commentary during the 1650. They never mentioned one other swimmer besides KL

    • Fred says:

      that is typical Rowdy. He will gush on and on about the winner while we are left hanging in regard to the other finishers. I actually prefer the OSU live feed so I can just watch plus they show the finish of all the lanes immediately. You would not realize anyone else was swimming other than Ledecky tonight.

  11. wild Bill says:

    Katie – Great interview. Happy Birthday!

    • AWSI DOOGER says:

      Is she leaving school? I couldn’t think of any other reason for her to describe this as the most fun she’s ever had at a meet. Seemed emotional.

      I thought Katie would take the Simone route and stay at Stanford one before year before taking the Olympic year off to train exclusively.

  12. gii says:

    Ledecky went fully déjà vu.

  13. swamfan says:

    In that 15+ min race Rowdy spent more time talking about Ledecky’s uncle John than any other swimmer in that race

    • Fanny says:

      Even Janet Evans got more air time than some of the other swimmers in that heat that were having a great race!

  14. gii says:

    Maybe they should swim the mile at Pac-12 next year, since Ledecky couldn’t break the record at NCAA.

  15. swamfan says:

    In a 15+ min race Rowdy literally spent more time talking about Ledecky’s “Uncle John” than any other swimmer in that race

  16. wild Bill says:

    Great swimming ahead.

  17. SwamMac says:

    Nice swim by McHugh too

  18. AWSI DOOGER says:

    I wish the 73% who thought Katie would break 15 minutes were in charge of setting the over/under on the final time.

    Would have been cupcakes.

  19. paloozas says:

    gosh ally howe – a stellar swimmer and a great career for her! congratulations.

  20. IM FAN says:

    And the oldest record on the womens side is gone. Great swim by baker.

  21. AWSI DOOGER says:

    Awesome by Kathleen Baker. She seemed in a bit of a lull before that race

  22. Zanna says:

    Yes Baker with a new AR!

  23. pvdh says:

    that was an annihilation. she’s ready to challenge Masse

    • Dee says:

      That’s on the presumption Baker is improving and Masse isn’t, and I don’t see that as the case – Masse is showing no signs of hitting a plateau yet. What is she behind Masse on paper, half a second? Long way over 100m.

      Baker is definitely one of the ladies in a bunch behind Masse, but I honestly don’t see who beats her if she swims her own race.

      • Pvdh says:

        While that is true, Remember that Baker is still over a year younger than Masse and was faster in Rio. Masse took a leap forward last year and Baker seems ready to do the same. Much like another Cal bear backstroker around 2014-2015, I don’t think she’s put it all together in the long pool. Her potential to drop is more than Masse in my opinion

    • Lee says:

      This isn’t a real indication considering she added in the 100

  24. oh boy says:

    Is it just me or did Beata Nelson almost lose her goggles? She seemed really upset when she was in the frame when they showed Baker celebrating.

  25. Danjohnrob says:

    Why are the “live results” so far behind the actual results! For the 200 F + 100 back the other day it took HOURS for the results to post. The results of the 1650 F are still not showing. Ugh!

    • B G says:

      While not instant, I think most of the “live results” have been posted fairly quickly. However, something I’ve noticed in the past is if you click on results before they are posted, it can be hell to clear the cached page and get the actual results to load, even if they are there.

      When this happens to me, I usually right-click the link and open it in a window alone (without the menu showing events). If they don’t then show up, reloading that page (without the frame for the menu) usually pulls the latest “live results,” assuming of course they are posted.

      Hope that maybe helps!

    • Bearly Breathing says:

      Try Ctrl-Shift-R in your browser.

  26. 12beatKick says:

    Where you at 73% of swimswan readers??!?

  27. pvdh says:

    oh man, Simone is crying…

  28. Swim-Fan says:

    Simone emotional. Great college career

  29. swamfan says:

    That was great interview with simone. I loved the way they showed her mom throughout it.

    Happy for Weitzel getting third. Still not her best time but she seemed much happier after that race- gave simone a big hug afterwards and was actually smiling on the podium.

    • wild Bill says:

      I saw the same thing with Abby – she has a future.

      Hard work does pay off –

    • NormG says:

      Abbey had a rough meet. Was faster at Pac 12’s unshaved and unrested, or so they say.

    • Superfan says:

      Weitzeil is such a great sport. Seems so genuine when she gives her competitors hugs after they win even if it wasn’t a great swim for her. I’m a fan of hers. She will do great things, even though she already has. Still an American record holder

  30. wild Bill says:

    Love seeing Lilly fired up – she is tough

  31. Zanna says:

    Wow Lily, 2.02.60 AR

  32. pvdh says:

    WOW, Galat made that a race

  33. Sophie says:

    I was not expecting that from Galat!

  34. pvdh says:

    Galat could be challenging for sub 2:20 this summer

  35. Friuti says:

    If only that race was 200 meters 😉
    Impressive to see Galat that close to King in yards

  36. Sccoach says:

    Looze’s race advice:

    Lilly can you please not roll your eyes after you break the AR?

  37. pvdh says:

    Galat was 1:03.17 coming back, compared to King’s 1;04.21. and King had the second fastest back 100 in the field…

  38. pizza says:

    wait doesn’t simone have an extra year of eligibility bc she redshirted??

  39. Sophie says:

    Dang! Jen Markand throwing down!

  40. pvdh says:

    the current state of US womens swimming is insane. This maybe the most top end talent AND the most depth ive ever seen them have

    • Baker-King-Worrell-Manuel says:

      The USA Women proved that at the 2017 FINA World Championships.


      “1. This is the most dominant U.S. swim team in nearly 50 years

      The U.S. won 38 medals (most by one nation at a single worlds in history), with 18 golds, in the Duna Arena pool.”

      If the Riptide Rocket keeps improving, oh my!

  41. paloozas says:

    marrkand would’ve been third… 🙁

  42. pvdh says:

    Jen Merkand woulda got third there

  43. AWSI DOOGER says:

    B-final winner by time would have been third in the 200 butterfly

  44. wild Bill says:

    Ella – Outstanding interview

  45. pvdh says:

    what do you guys think Eastin is in LC this year?

  46. Skoorbnagol says:

    Ledecky is never going faster at any primary event again scy or long course. Technique looks terrible (in comparison) to 2012-15. Can see her getting beat in 2020, she’ll be there for taking.
    And anyone that doubts it just ask yourself who was Katie Ledecky in March 2010 before London.

    • pvdh says:

      the only question I have….How do i acquire a time machine to go back to March of 2010?

      • Skoorbnagol says:

        Watch back to the future ….

      • Baker-King-Worrell-Manuel says:

        Katie Ledecky has the 9 All Time Top Performances in the women’s 400 m freestyle.

        Katie Ledecky has the 15 All Time Top Performances in the women’s 800 m freestyle.

        Katie Ledecky has the 7 All Time Top Performances in the women’s 1500 m freestyle.

        Katie Ledecky’s performances all have been in a textile suit.


        • Micah says:

          past is unbelievably impressive. However, the OP is talking about looking ahead and I tend to agree that she may well struggle matching her achievements that you have pointed out so well.

          • Baker-King-Worrell-Manuel says:

            The second fastest all time performance in the women’s 400 m freestyle at the 2017 FINA World Championships is not impressive?

            The tenth fastest all time performance in the women’s 800 m freestyle at the 2017 FINA World Championships is not impressive?

            The fourth fastest all time performance in the women’s 1500 m freestyle at the 2017 FINA World Championships is not impressive?

            Restacking top 10 performances is somehow not impressive?

      • Improving says:

        You need a DeLorean or the time machine from Big Bang Theory….

    • Sccoach says:

      Bruh she went the 15:03 this year and was only 4 seconds off of it today. Keep your hot takes to yourself

      • Skoorbnagol says:

        SCY is fun but outside USA means nothing. Don’t be upset, her technique is worse and long course she will still dominate buts she on the decline.

        • Sccoach says:

          you completely contradict yourself but that’s ok. You said in your first post she’ll be there for the taking, now you are saying she’ll dominate. You say she won’t be better and scy or lcm but then you say scy doesn’t matter. Well it obviously matters to her. Keep drinking, happy St Patty’s day

    • Baker-King-Worrell-Manuel says:

      March 2010, huh? Not one female athlete has swam faster than 8:14.63 in the women’s 800 m freestyle since the 2012 London Olympics.

      Is there an European website you can troll?

    • Swimcoach says:

      Eastin said on Wednesday that the team has been struggling with the flu for a couple weeks now. People just have off meets for a variety of reasons. She’s the greatest distsance swimmer in history by miles (no pun intended but appreciated.) Those at her level think in quads. In 2020 this won’t even be a blip on her radar.

    • Double Arm Freestyle says:

      Honestly, I like her new stroke better. She’s still adjusting to it, but that first 1000 of her 1650 was the best I’ve seen her swim. I’m excited for 2020 once she fully adjusts and peaks

  47. AWSI DOOGER says:

    Cynthia Potter may not be as sharp or specific as her prime. Overall I think she is one of the greatest specialized sports analysts of all time, and doesn’t receive nearly enough mention in that regard.

    Olympic diving is sometimes shown on tape delay nowadays. I remember when everything was live. The dive seemed like a spinning twisting blur. Yet somehow Cynthia would pick out some nuance mistake, and it would be verified in slow motion replay.

    My family members and I would look at each other in amazement: How did she see that?

  48. Tea rex says:

    I am a huge Katie Ledecky fan, but I wish she would swim the 1650 at Pac 12s. That would say her up better for going a beast time in 1650 at NCAAs. She swims up to 1000 yard races all through the season, but only races 1650 ~twice in a whole season.

    She is in the 15:03-07 range with races with whack splitting. Imagine what she could do with a well-executed race…

    • Sccoach says:

      I don’t have a problem focusing sprint and middle distance during college season. She’s lapping 2nd place in a mile, she is way more valuable to the team if she trains sprint middle distance so she has that 100 and 200 speed for relays.

      That’s just my outside perspective, I’m sure she works on mile pace constantly but if we are wanting her to be more valuable to the team and not individually then it seems like sprint/middle distance training has more value

  49. Years of Plain Suck says:

    Spotted Brad Howe (Ally Howe’s father and erstwhile Masters swimmer) several times when the TV camera panned the Stanford cheering section. He’s gotta be one proud dad!

  50. Sophie says:

    Dang. I was cheering for Cal, but Manuel crushed that last 100!

  51. Swim-Fan says:


  52. joe says:

    What a final race. Gutted for Cal but all four great splits from them.

  53. Sophie says:

    46.88 for McLaughlin!

  54. paloozas says:

    virginia was third!

  55. paloozas says:

    yo katie mclaughlin is on a ROLL. rooting big time for her this summer. 46.8 is no joke, esp. as a mid-distancer

  56. Pvdh says:

    Verrry interested to see what type of sponsors Manuel gets.

    • E+Gamble says:

      Show her the money…..she has earned it. ??

    • beachmouse says:

      She’s got both the talent and a very marketable storyline to get a good number of crossover deals beyond the swimming sphere. While it’s probably not quite in the territory of the other Simone (Biles) she won’t have to worry about making rent in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country if she wants to continue to train at Stanford.

  57. swamfan says:

    Wow. I really, really feel for Cal in that last race. All four of them swam a fantastic race and McLaughlin in particular did an absolutely incredible job. She nearly held off Manual.

  58. Kaez says:

    Katie looked so defeated after that relay, Cal gave it their absolute best, and that split from Mclaughlin is no joke.

  59. Swim-Fan says:

    Stanford will definitely miss Simone Manuel.

  60. AWSI DOOGER says:

    The parents and other relatives should jump in also…like Poppie’s Pond.

  61. swamfan says:

    wow. seeing this team awards ceremony makes you realize how much smaller Cal’s team is compared to the other top-4 teams

  62. Bearly Breathing says:

    Is this the time or place to point out that Florida scored only 3 swimming points? This is after being shut out completely last year.

  63. Takinpics says:

    I hate to be THAT guy (and I’m sure I’ll get some beg votes for it), but Ledecky only had a 2 LENGTH lead, not lap lead…

  64. Sean Sullivan says:

    I wonder if Meehan thought about using Howe on that last relay. 21.0 with a flying start on the 4×50, seems to me like she might have given them a little more breathing room, and maybe they could have broken their record from last year.


      Doesn’t work like that. A great 50 freestyler is not necessarily a great 100 freestyler. See Michael Andrew. Howe split 21.2 last year and has never ever swam on their 400 free relay A team.

  65. bobo gigi says:

    Quick thoughts.

    1650 free. KL is done! 😆 😆 Please. 3rd fastest swim ever. She has put her records at such a high level that you can’t ask her to break them every time she swims. Especially now that she’s older and older. 🙂 Cool to win on her birthday. It’s tough for me to read that some fans here call her meet an “off-meet”. 4.26 in the 500 free/3.58 in the 400 IM/15.07 in the 1650 free. I take that every week. 😆 Now logically like all other great young female mid-distance/distance swimmers, it’s iikely to see her not match her level of her youngers years as she’s older. But she has such a big margin. Of course the young Chinese are a threat. Of course Ruck is a threat. But she’s a champion and she likes the challenges. Maybe she should turn pro now. I don’t know. Maybe she will continue to train at Stanford. I don’t know. Maybe she should train again with Bruce Gemmell before Tokyo. I don’t know. She knows what she has to do. The most difficult part for her is to remain motivated. She has won everything. She has nothing to prove. She’s already the greatest mid-distance/distance female freestyler of all time. The rest now is icing on the cake. As long as she has fun with swimming I think she will be tough to beat.

    200 back. Happy that Kathleen Baker wins a race at this meet. She breaks the old record of Liz Pelton. Yes, in the current swimming world, 5 years it’s long. 🙂 The race between Masse, Ruck, Baker, Smith, Seebohm and maybe another Australian at Pan Pacs will be great to watch. I think that Ruck has the biggest potential for the coming years. We’ll see.

    100 free. Simone Manuel couldn’t lose the final invidual college race of her career. All week she has been very close to her level of last year except in the 200 free. As always she’s better and better as the meet goes on. And she’s a HUGE racer. Congrats to her on an amazing college career. I thought Mallory Comerford would break 46 but it’s still a new PB for her. She was maybe a little bit less fresh than Simone in that race. The 500 free was not necessary. Still another very successful meet for her. Abbey Weitzeil with a good 3rd place. But she’s still far from her best. And good surprise with Frenchwoman Béryl Gastaldello who breaks the 47-second barrier for the first time in her final individual college race. Great 5th place against amazing girls. Erika Brown with a new PB too in 47.08. Very interesting to see how she will convert her crazy SCY progression into LCM next summer.

    200 breast. King and Galat are by far right now the leaders of the US women’s 200 breast. King hates losing and she wins again. New NCAA and American records! But Galat shows she’s not so far in yards and she’s a much better swimmer in long course so we can expect something big from her next summer.

    200 fly. Not a 3rd record for Ella Eastin but still a great showing. Her last 50s were monsters this week. 3rd individual win of the meet with amazing times. She’s of course the MVP of the meet. Now all eyes on long course. We know she’s amazing in yards. I want to see her at least great in long course this year. I want to see her one day in 2.07/4.28 in IM events. But if she peaks it must be in 2020 for Tokyo. This year I would be happy with 2.09/4.32. We’ll see.

    4X100 free relay. No. Simone Manuel couldn’t say goodbye to college swimming on a defeat. Impossible. She’s clutch. She hates losing. And she touched first again. Stanford will miss her a lot. Happy for Janet Hu too that she finishes her college career with a win. She has been a tremendous teammate and a very important piece of Stanford relays. Great fight from Cal. They will come back. They have a young team. Impressed by Katie McLaughlin’s leg after a 200 fly. She’s slowly but surely back to her best. And Lauren, Béryl Gastaldello didn’t swim a lifetime best in 47.11. You wrote just before that she broke the 47-second barrier for the first time in the 100 free. 😉 Congrats to you on your great recaps.

    Congrats to Stanford, the swimmers, the divers and the coaches, on a dominant win. It was a crazy fast meet and it was fun to watch. Now ladies, you can rest a little bit and then back to training for a very important summer in long course.

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