Delaney Duncan Becomes E. Michigan’s First Female Swimmer A-Finalist

Reported by Lauren Neidigh.

WOMEN’S 100 BREAST (Prelims):

  • NCAA Record: Lilly King (Indiana), 2017, 56.30
  • American Record: Lilly King (Indiana), 2017, 56.30
  • Championship Record: Lilly King (Indiana), 2017, 56.46
  • 2017 Champion: Lilly King (Indiana), 56.46

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Lilly King (Indiana)- 57.35
  2. Delaney Duncan (EMU)- 58.36
  3. Lindsey Kozelsky (Minnesota)- 58.41
  4. Anna Belousova (Texas A&M)- 59.07
  5. Miranda Tucker (Michigan)- 59.25
  6. Jinq En Phee (Purdue)- 59.32
  7. Silja Kansakoski (ASU)- 59.34
  8. Franziska Weidner (Hawaii)- 59.35

Minnesota’s Lindsey Kozelsky took over the leaderboard in heat 5, followed by Texas A&M freshman Anna Belousova (59.07). Purdue’s Jinq En Phee (59.32) and Hawaii’s Franziska Weidner(59.35) clipped their bests in that heat to earn spots in the final.

Indiana’s Lilly King answered back, blowing that time away in the next heat. She trailed Eastern Michigan’s Delaney Duncan through the front half, but surged ahead on the last lap to win it in 57.35. Duncan wound up 2nd in a personal best 58.36.

Michigan’s Miranda Tucker reached in to win heat 4, using her front-end speed to edge out USC’s Riley Scott (59.41).

WOMEN’S 100 BREAST (Finals):

  1. GOLD: Lilly King, Indiana, 56.25
  2. SILVER: Miranda Tucker, Michigan, 57.98
  3. BRONZE: Lindsey Kozelsky, Minnesota, 58.18

Indiana’s Lilly King was out quick in 26.32, under American Record Pace. She closed in 29.93, clipping her own record with a 56.25. King rolled here eyes a bit to her team after the finish, as she’s hoped to break 56 seconds, but said she was still excited to get the record.

Former teammate Miranda Tucker, who transferred and now swims for Michigan, was just hundredths shy of her best as she took 2nd in 57.98. Tucker ran down Minnesota’s Lindsey Kozelskyinto the finish. Kozelsky held on for 3rd, holding off Eastern Michigan’s Delaney Duncan (58.36). Texas A&M’s Anna Belousova (58.97) and Arizona State’s Silja Kansakoski (58.98) were also under 59.

An extremely close finish in the B heat saw USC’s Riley Scott hold on to out-touch a hard-charging Mariia Astashkina of Louisville, 59.23 to 59.29.

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6 years ago

Peter Linn, most underrated coach in America. Congrats to the entire EMU staff and Delaney.

Reply to  MN4Lyfe
6 years ago

If he’s #1, who’s #2?

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
6 years ago

Would be a great article to write. Here are some contenders for the top spots IMO. Dennis Dale, Dave Collins, Greg Parini, Dan Schemmel, Mike Westphal, Steve Bultmam, Steve Kuster, Brian Schrader, Jon Howell. Coaches that get little to no love but do a tremendous job making their kids better every year and excelling on a national level, sometimes in less than ideal conditions (facilities, budgets, etc). I mean, have you been to Ypsilanti?

6 years ago

Congrats to Delaney and congrats to Coach Peter Linn who continues to get outstanding performances at EMU year after year!

Reply to  Pythagoras
6 years ago

P Linn is the OG. No two ways about it.

Clemson Gingerfish
6 years ago

Jacob Hanson?

6 years ago

Jacob Hansen 200 Back?

Reply to  WhatAbout...
6 years ago

Hi everyone, the headline should have been more specific, but if you read the photo caption, it is – first female swimmer.

Since I know reading past the headline isn’t anybody’s favorite thing to do, I’ve updated it.

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