2018 TYR Pro Swim Series – Atlanta: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


We’re heading into day 1 finals of the TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Atlanta, where swimmers are set to compete individually in the 100 fly, 200 breast, 100 free, and 800 free. After swimming a best time in the 100 free (48.80) this morning on the back end of his double, Texas postgrad Jack Conger will focus exclusively on the 100 fly tonight. Conger was within a few tenths of teammate Joseph Schooling’s Pool Record in this morning’s prelims. Olympic champion Sarah Sjostrom will take on a double as the top seed in tonight’s 100 free and 100 fly. We’ve also got Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian in the 100 free on the list of races to look forward to.


  1. GOLD: Sarah Sjostrom, 56.62
  2. SILVER: Kelsi Dahlia Worrell, 57.48
  3. BRONZE: Penny Oleksiak, 58.36

Sarah Sjostrom was a few tenths shy of her Prop Swim Series Record, but still crushed the Pool Record. She was out in 26.20, dominating the field by nearly a second as she finished. Kelsi Worrell was also under her own former Pool Record for the silver in 57.48, followed by Canadian Olympic medalist Penny Oleksiak. Fellow Canadian junior standout Rebecca Smith touched 4th in 58.50, while Indiana postgrad Amanda Kendall touched 5th in 58.82.

MEN’S 100 FLY:

  • Pro Swim Series Record: 51.34- Li Zhuhao, Indianapolis 2017
  • Pool Record: 51.86- Joseph Schooling, 2016
  1. GOLD: Jack Conger, 51.00
  2. SILVER: Marius Kusch, 52.22
  3. BRONZE: Tripp Cooper, 52.40

Texas postgrad Jack Conger blew away teammate Joseph Schooling’s Pool Record and took down the Pro Swim Series Record. Conger turned in 23.98, never letting up as he topped the field by over a second. Conger is now the 5th fastest American of all time in this event, moving one spot ahead of Tom Shields, who took 8th tonight in 54.58. Marius Kusch topped another Texas postgrad, Tripp Cooper, down the stretch for silver. Michael Andrew was just off the podium in 4th at 52.57, tying his lifetime best from 2015 juniors.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:21.41- Yuliya Efimova, Orlando 2016
  • Pool Record: 2:21.46- Rebecca Soni, 2011
  1. GOLD: Kierra Smith, 2:24.02
  2. SILVER: Yuliya Efimova, 2:24.42
  3. BRONZE: Madisyn Cox, 2:25.10

Kierra Smith and Yuliya Efimova are both back-half swimmers in this race, but Smith had the best back-end speed tonight. Efimova was out nearly a half second faster than Smith, but Smith hammered home in 1:14.02 to take the win. Texas postgrad Madisyn Cox knocked a few tenths from her best time to take 3rd, coming from behind to out-touch Chinese Olympic medalist Shi Jinglin (2:25.13).


  1. GOLD: Andrew Wilson, 2:08.95
  2. SILVER: Will Licon, 2:09.47
  3. BRONZE: Josh Prenot, 2:10.43

Andrew Wilson didn’t match his prelims time, but still won handily with a 2:08.95. The Texas postgrads went 1-2 as Will Licon was the only other man to break 2:10. Olympic silver medalist Josh Prenot, a Cal postgrad, came in 3rd. Georgia postgrad Chase Kalisz was just a few tenths shy of his lifetime best, touching 4th in 2:11.06. He was about a half second ahead of U.S.World Championships breaststroker Nic Fink (2:11.53).


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 53.12- Sarah Sjostrom, Austin 2016
  • Pool Record: 53.82- Simone Manuel, 2017
  1. GOLD: Taylor Ruck, 53.37
  2. SILVER: Sarah Sjostrom, 53.43
  3. BRONZE: Mallory Comerford, 54.06

Canadian junior star Taylor Ruck swam to another Pro Swim Series title. Sarah Sjostrom was out slightly faster, but Ruck had the back-end speed to win it. Louisville’s Mallory Comerford, who has the NCAA Championships coming up in a couple of weeks, picked up a bronze as she outswam Indiana pstgrad Margo Geer (54.20) and Italian Olympic medalist Federica Pellegrini (54.26) on the back half.


  1. GOLD: Nathan Adrian, 48.48
  2. SILVER: Vlad Morozov, 49.21
  3. BRONZE: Yuri Kisil, 49.22

Top seed Jack Conger scratched tonight’s event, but we still saw a sub-49 take the win as Olympic champion Nathan Adrian picked up the gold. Adrian flipped in 23.42 en route to a 48.58. Russian sprinter Vlad Morozov was right with him on the front half as he flipped in 23.45, but faded on the back half as he held off Canadian Yuri Kisil for silver. Cal postgrad Ryan Murphy was just off the podium in 49.55 as he came from behind to out-touch Brazilian Bruno Fratus (49.59).


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 8:06.68- Katie Ledecky, Austin 2016
  • Pool Record: 8:15.71- Katie Ledecky, 2017
  1. GOLD: Wang Jianjiahe, 8:18.09
  2. SILVER: Ashley Twichell, 8:29.35
  3. BRONZE: Hali Flickinger, 8:31.03

China’s Wang Jianjiahe was over 10 seconds ahead of the field tonight to take the gold, followed by U.S. National Teamers Ashley Twichell and Hali Flickinger. Chilean Record holder Kristel Kobrich was just off the podium in 8:34.13. Also breaking 8:40 for 5th place was Mariah Denigan (8:39.84).


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 7:49.96- Michael McBroon, Santa Clara 2014
  • Pool Record:
  1. GOLD: Zane Grothe, 7:53.88
  2. SILVER: Andrew Abruzzo, 7:54.51
  3. BRONZE: Marwan El Kamash, 7:59.42

Indiana postgrad Zane Grothe has been a force in the distance events lately. Grothe, who swept the distance races at U.S. Winter Nationals. captured the 800 free here after a close battle with Andrew Abruzzo. Indiana alum Marwan El Kamash rounded out the podium as the only other swimmer to break 8:00. Touching 4th was 16-year-old Jake Magahey in 8:03.52.

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3 years ago

Conger didn’t come to play

Tammy Touchpad Error
Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

I’ve been skeptical about a 50.9 here until the last few meters then he touched in 51.00. Classic.

3 years ago

I’m sure he’s excited for the PB, but 51.00? Great swim for Conger, bodes VERY well for nationals this summer, especially if he swims the 100 free tonight!
Is the team for 2019 being decided at these trials as well? Hopefully USA Swimming moves away from that format, as made evident by some (but certainly not all) of the swims at Kazan in 2015

3 years ago

51.00 is a pb for Conger right?

Reply to  Dave
3 years ago

Yup. Previously was 51.26 I believe?

3 years ago

The only way to race Joe in big pool – swim real good 100 fly.
And you guys suggesting Conger to drop the 100 fly ?

Reply to  dino
3 years ago

If everything goes well, we might see Dressel and Conger for 100 fly spot in 2019 Worlds. I feel it’s tough for Conger to defeat Joe as seen from NCAA, finishing behind him esp 100 fly event all the time. I feel he is suited for relays rather than individual events.

Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

Talking about schooling and forgetting about Milak guy and maybe minakov

Reply to  Rafael
3 years ago

u already said that 4 times last year . We are focused on whats going on in Usa right now Rafael .

3 years ago

If we’re worrying about usa, don’t even mention Schooling.

It will be Dressel and probably Conger unless Stubblefield or Phillips produce something sensational.

100 fly will yet again most likely be Dressel followed by a possible multitude of swimmers. My favorite would have to be Townley Haas but if he wanted to, you saw Conger. I’d say Conger would do better at the 200 than the 100 but he could still go for the 100 and challenge Adrian/Held for that second spot, although it will probably be held. Don’t forget Pieroni.

Conger is in a great position though, at least when it comes to US swimming and qualifying for meets. When you look at the whole world though, it’s a… Read more »

3 years ago

100 free , u got Zack Apple in the mix as well for Trials , lets not forget .

Cheatin Vlad
Reply to  Rafael
3 years ago

I’m with Rafael. Schooling is off the podium when WC’s rolls around in 2019.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

Beefy T Shields still recovering from that bad back?

tammy touchpad error
3 years ago

Am I the only one with a blotchy, 4 frames per second stream on USAS? I tried 3 devices it’s all the same. Any way to improve?

Reply to  tammy touchpad error
3 years ago

Nope. This sucks.

3 years ago

Very close to sub 51 for Conger. His time reminds me of Phelps Olympics Trials 2016.

3 years ago

Is this announcer sedated? I tuned in and the announcer wasn’t saying anything so I assumed it was a B final. Nope, it was the last 50 of the A final of the men’s 200 breast. I don’t need Rowdy level excitement, but can we get something?

Swimbo Fisher
Reply to  dmswim
3 years ago

Announcer is not ideal. He also butchered Prenots name. He stays quiet the entire eace then just reads the top 3 times at each wall

Swimbo Fisher
Reply to  Swimbo Fisher
3 years ago

Entire race…

Reply to  dmswim
3 years ago

Announcer is not saying anything but lanes and names and “lets see what’s going to happen!”

3 years ago

Andrew Wilson needs to learn how to chill in prelims

Reply to  Teddy
3 years ago

I always wonder when people say that. How many swimmers have the extra gas to be comfy in the morning and be sure to make it through? Maybe a dozen total in the whole world? Gotta practice for those elite meets not have easy prelims at this level.

Reply to  JimSwim
3 years ago

Just to play devil’s advocate, he consistently swims his fastest times in prelims or semis at big meets. He’s missed out on teams in a few events where his prelim or semi time would have been good enough, he just did it at the wrong time. Might be time to start learning how to cruise and pac. That doesn’t mean do a warmup swim and be in lane 8 every time, just play with pacing at meets like this and start getting mentally used to turning up at night and saving your best swim for last.

andy majeske
Reply to  Teddy
3 years ago

Also, it gave him the opportunity to play with pacing—he wen’t out more than a second slower in finals at the 100… Probably learned a lot…

Reply to  Teddy
3 years ago

He won at night, so….

Emory Eagle beats two Georgia Bulldogs and gets the GTech pool record.

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