2017 NCAA Division III Women – Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

Division III Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships


Women’s 200-yard Freestyle Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA Record: 1:31.42 3/17/16 Emory (Muir, Sanchez-Aizcorbe, Taylor, Bergh)

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Emory 1:32.44
  2. Williams 1:33.44
  3. MIT 1:33.65
  4. Denison 1:33.74
  5. Thomas 1:33.90
  6. Kenyon 1:34.04
  7. Washington (MO) 1:34.22
  8. Johns Hopkins 1:34.32

MIT dropped a half-second to win the first circle-seeded heat with 1:33.65 over Denison (1:33.74) and Bates (1:34.46). Emma Paulson’s 22.5 split gave St. Thomas a heat win with 1:33.90 over Kenyon (1:34.04) and Johns Hopkins (1:34.32) in heat 3. The final heat was all Emory (1:32.44), with Williams and Wash U (1:34.22) just behind.

Women’s 400-yard Individual Medley – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 4:13.14 3/22/2012 Caroline Wilson, Williams

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Julia Durmer, SO Emory 4:16.37
  2. Megan Pierce, SR Williams 4:18.21
  3. Bridgitte Kwong, SO Amherst 4:21.80
  4. Sterling Dixon, SO Bowdoin 4:23.79
  5. Ming-fen Ong, JR Emory 4:24.10
  6. Marysol Arce, SO Kenyon 4:24.12
  7. Emma Nicklas-Morris, FR Carnegie Mellon 4:24.36
  8. Colleen Orwin, SR Kalamazoo 4:24.589

Kenyon junior Mary Dierker dropped 4 seconds to win the first heat of 400 IMs in 4:29.91. Denison’s Erica Hsu began heat 2 by dominating the first half of the race, getting out to a body length lead at 200. Kenyon senior Eliana Crawford then motored through the first 50 of breaststroke and took over the lead at the 250. Kelly Amar and Kayla Holman moved up in lanes 2 and 3 during the breaststroke leg, but Hsu maintained an edge on them and finished just ahead of Amar (4:31.21) with 4:31.05. Crawford won the heat in 4:28.95.

Bowdoin sophomore Stirling Dixon won heat 3 in 4:23.79, holding off challenges over the final 100 yards from Kalamazoo senior Colleen Orwin (4:24.58) and sophomore Marysol Arce of Kenyon (4:24.12), who passed Orwin flags-to-wall.

Emory sophomore Julia Durmer absolutely dominated the penultimate heat, winning by half a pool length in 4:16.37 over Carnegie Mellon freshman Emma Nicklas-Morris (4:24.36) and NYU freshman Julien Zhu (4:26.11).

The final heat was a stroke for stroke battle between Williams senior Megan Pierce and Amherst sophomore Bridgitte Kwong until the breaststroke, when Pierce took off. She finished the heat 2 body lengths ahead, touching in 4:18.21. Kwong was second with 4:21.80; Ming-fen Ong of Emory, third (4:24.10).

Women’s 100-yard Butterfly – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 52.64 3/20/2014 Kirsten Nitz, Wheaton (IL)

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Emma Waddell, JR Williams 53.78
  2. TIE 2nd Niamh O’Grady, JR Wash U 54.81
  3. TIE 2nd Anne Dassow, Grove City 54.81
  4. Carolyn Kane, SR Denison 54.93
  5. Marcela Sanchez-Aizcorbe, SR Emory 55.03
  6. Megan Campbell, JR Emory 55.05
  7. Kathy Lin, FR NYU 55.06
  8. Abigail Brown, SR Johns Hopkins 55.33

NYU freshman Honore Collins, who won the 200 IM last night, took heat 1 of women’s 100 fly in 56.17. Geralyn Lam of Amherst won heat 2 in 55.96 over Katelyn Strauss (56.16) and Anna Peterson of Connecticut (56.63).

Johns Hopkins senior Abigail Brown dropped 4/10 to win heat 3 in 55.33 over Clara Baker of Ursinus (55.39) and Alison MacQueen of Washington & Lee (55.40).

Denison senior Carolyn Kane (54.93) touched out Emory junior Megan Campbell (55.05) and NYU freshman Kathy Lin (55.06) in heat 4. Williams junior Emma Weddell took the final heat in 53.78. Grove City freshman Anne Dassow and Wash U junior Niamh O’Grady tied for second with 54.81.

Women’s 200-yard Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 1:44.82 3/24/2011 Kendra Stern, Amherst

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Fiona Muir, SO Emory 1:47.73
  2. Cindy Cheng, JR Emory 1:48.25
  3. Abigail Wilson, SO Kenyon 1:48.30
  4. Nicole Zanolli, JR Wash U 1:49.32
  5. Lauren Jones, SR Williams 1:49.81
  6. Hannah Orbach-Mandel, SO Kenyon 1:49.90
  7. Julia Wawer, JR Emory 1:50.34
  8. Campbell Costley, SR Denison 1:50.40

Wesleyan freshman Hannah O’Halloran dropped 6.4 seconds to win heat 1 with 1:52.22. Cara Lopiano of Chicago finished well to win heat 2 over Kenyon’s Caitlin Foley, 1:53.42 to 1:53.44. Bates freshman Monica Sears went 1:50.86 over Natalie Rumpelt of Amherst (1:51.99) in heat 3.

Stevens senior Danielle Caruso took 1 second off her seed time and won heat 4 in 1:50.85. Emory senior Marissa Bergh went 1:51.12 for second, while Wash U senior Marilyn Collins touched 3/100 ahead of Hannah Eastman of Chicago, 1:51.71 to 1:51.74, for third.

Kenyon sophomore Abigail Wilson dropped 7/10 to win the first circle-seeded heat in 1:48.30. Williams senior Lauren Jones was 1.3 seconds better than her seed time, touching second with 1:49.81. Alison Wall of Chicago went 1:50.42 for third.

Wash U junior Nicole Zanoli had the edge at the 150 won a tight battle in the penultimate heat over Hannah Orbach-Mandel of Kenyon, 1:49.32 to 1:49.90. Defending champion Julia Wawer of Emory was third in 1:50.34.

Emory sophomore Fiona Muir had a nice finish to win the final heat in 1:47.73, nearly 2 second faster than her seed time. Teammate Cindy Cheng (1:48.25) and Denison senior Campbell Costley (1:50.40) followed.

Women’s 400-yard Medley Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 3:40.13 3/21/2013, Kenyon (Oberholzer, Kaestner, Saiz, Townsend)

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Emory 3:41.97
  2. Williams 3:42.17
  3. Denison 3:44.52
  4. NYU 3:45.22
  5. Washington & Lee 3:45.25
  6. Connecticut 3:45.44
  7. Kenyon 3:46.31
  8. Amherst 3:46.39

Denison went 3:44.52 to win a tight victory over Washington & Lee in the first heat of relays; W&L dropped 2.2 seconds off their seed time to vault into the A final. Emory was 3:41.97 in the next heat, winning handily over NYU (3:45.52) and MIT (3:48.42). Williams won final heat by nearly half a pool length, touching in 3:42.17, with Connecticut (3:45.44) just touching out Kenyon (3:46.31) for second.






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