2016 U.S. Winter Nationals: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


There’s plenty in store for day 3 prelims at the 2016 U.S. Winter Nationals, including the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free, 100 back, and 100 breast. American Record holder Kevin Cordes will be making his meet debut in this morning’s 100 breast. We’ll also get to see his Olympic teammates Tom Shields (100 fly/100 back) and Melanie Margalis (200 free/100 breast) swim multiple events today.


  1. Brooke Zeiger, MINN, 4:08.07
  2. Lindsey Clary, OSU, 4:09.15
  3. Meg Bailey, OSU, 4:11.68
  4. Breanne Siwicki, MINN, 4:12.39
  5. Emma Muzzy, GATR, 4:12.64
  6. Vanessa Pearl, MTRO, 4:12.64
  7. Regan Barney, TXLA, 4:13.17
  8. Sam Lisy, IU, 4:13.76

Tonight’s final will feature a matchup between Big Ten All-American 400 IMers, as Minnesota’s Brooke Zeiger and Ohio State’s Lindsey Clary took the top 2 seeds after prelims. Zeiger was the fastest this morning, posting a 4:08.07 to take lane 4 tonight. Clary, who won the 500 free last night, was about a second shy of that with a 4:09.15 for 2nd. They’ll each have a teammate in the final as well, with OSU’s Meg Bailey (4:11.68) and Minnesota’s Breanne Siwicki (4:12.39) taking 3rd and 4th respectively.

A trio of up-and-coming high schoolers will be in the final tonight. Emma Muzzy and Vanessa Pearl tied for 5th this morning in 4:12.64. Taking 7th was Regan Barney with a time of 4:13.17.

MEN’S 400 IM

  1. Sean Grieshop, NTRO, 3:48.35
  2. Juan Sequera, UNAT, 3:48.83
  3. Nate Carr, UNAT, 3:49.71
  4. John Bushman, MINN, 3:50.24
  5. Christopher Jhong, PLS, 3:50.87
  6. Omar Pinzon, FAST, 3:51.77
  7. Carter Grimes, SAND, 3:51.89
  8. Keith Myburgh, GATR, 3:51.96

USA National Team member Sean Grieshop, a high school senior who recently committed to Cal, led the way in the men’s 400 IM prelims. This is one of his best events, as he holds the Junior World Record in the long course version. This morning, Grieshop touched in 3:48.35 to take the top seed.

Only a half second behind was Juan Sequera, who took 2nd in 3:48.83. Nate Carr, who won silver in last night’s 200 IM, was also sub-3:50 this morning to take 3rd in 3:49.71.


  1. Aliena Schmidtke, UNAT, 52.80
  2. Olivia Bray, GATR, 53.03
  3. Hannah Saiz, SSTY, 53.07
  4. Danielle Nack, MINN, 53.28
  5. Christie Jensen, IU, 53.33
  6. Claire Donahue, UNAT, 53.35
  7. Sarah Koucheki, UNC, 53.36
  8. Gia Dalesandro, IU, 53.56

15-year-old Olivia Bray put up a fast swim this morning to secure a spot in the final, making her the youngest swimmer in the top 8 by 5 years. Bray touched in 53.03 this morning, which was 3 hundredths off her best and 2nd only to Alena Schmidtke‘s 52.80. Hannah Saiz was just a nail behind Bray, rounding out the top 3 seeds with a 53.07.


  1. Vini Lanza, IU, 46.08
  2. Daryl Turner, MINN, 46.49
  3. Ryan McCoy, UNAT, 47.23
  4. Tom Shields, CAL, 47.54
  5. Daniil Antipov, GCU, 47.62
  6. Sam Pomajevich, NCAP, 47.64
  7. Tuomas Pokkinen, MINN, 47.67
  8. Bryce Bohman, CM, 47.89

The Indiana men have been on fire through the first few sessions of this meet. This morning was no exception, with Vini Lanza taking the top seed in the men’s 100 fly with a quick 46.08. Lanza will be in the hunt for another gold tonight after winning the 200 IM earlier in the meet. The only other swimmer under 47 this morning was Minnesota’s Daryl Turner in 46.49.

One of Lanza’s biggest obstacles to another gold tonight will be Cal’s Tom Shields, who cruised to a 47.54 for 4th in prelims. Last night, Shields put his speed on display, clocking a 20.10 50 fly while swimming in the 50 free final last night.


  1. Isabel Ivey, GSC, 1:45.43
  2. Melanie Margalis, SPA, 1:45.77
  3. Iris Wang, GT, 1:46.26
  4. Amanda Weir, SA, 1:46.29
  5. Hannah Moore, NCS, 1:46.43
  6. Emma Cole, GOLD, 1:47.15
  7. Sinead Eksteen, NCAP, 1:47.39
  8. Victoria Cunnungham, SMU, 1:47.56

National Junior Team member Isabel Ivey took onthe 200 free this morning, clocking a 1:45.43 to take top seed over U.S. Olympian Melanie Margalis (1:45.77), who raced through prelims in a practice suit. Ivey is buiding off a huge performance at the Florida 1A State Championships last month, during which she nearly broke Margalis’ State Record in the 200 IM. This is Margalis’ first yards meet in 2 years, but she’s in great form, having posted one of the fastest 200 IM swims of all time last night.

Other familiar faces in this final include Amanda Weir (1:46.29) and NC State All-American Hannah Moore (1:46.43). We’re used to seeing Weir in the 50 and 100 freestyles, but tonight we’ll get a chance to see what she can do in middle distance.


  1. Maxime Rooney, UF, 1:34.73
  2. Jorden Merrilees, UNC, 1:36.15
  3. Anze Tavcar, IU, 1:36.22
  4. Jackson Miller, IU, 1:36.26
  5. Marwan El Kamash, IU, 1:36.26
  6. Jack Dolan, RSCA, 1:36.68
  7. Sam Pomajevich, NCAP, 1:36.88
  8. Paul Fair, MINN, 1:37.35

While several Gators opted out of this meet after fast invite performances, freshman Maxime Rooney did end up making the trip. Rooney was well ahead of the 200 free field this morning, clocking a 1:34.73 to take the top spot heading into finals. The next fastest swimmer was UNC’s Jorden Merrilees in 1:36.15.

A trio of IU men made it into the final, with Anze Tavcar (1:36.22), Jackson Miller (1:36.26), and Marwan El Kamash (1:36.26) nearly making it a 3-way tie. Tavcar sits in 3rd, while Miller and El Kamash are tied for 4th.

Also making it into the championship final at 6th was 15-year-old Jack Dolan, who clocked a 1:36.68. That cut 2 seconds off his previous best 1:38.81 from 2016 NCSAs. Dolan has been looking very good here so far, having swim the 4th fastest 50 free of all time among 15-16 year olds with his 19.86 last night.


  1. Miranda Tucker, CW, 59.00
  2. Breeja Larson, NYAC, 59.14
  3. Danielle Herrmann, CLOV, 59.24
  4. Melanie Margalis, SPA, 59.50
  5. Lindsey Horejsi, MINN, 59.67
  6. Nikol Popov, CANY, 59.74
  7. Rachel Bernhardt, DREX, 1:00.49
  8. Margaret Aroesty, LIAC, 1:00.70

Club Wolverine’s Miranda Tucker, who recently made the move to Michigan from Indiana, was the fastest swimmer through 100 breast prelims with her 59.00. Following closely were Breeja Larson (59.14), a former American Record holder in this race, and Danielle Herrmann (59.24). Melanie Margalis returned to the pool for this event, racing to 4th in 59.50.


  1. Kevin Cordes, AUB, 52.16
  2. Ian Finnerty, IU, 53.32
  3. Alec Kandt, MSU, 53.34
  4. Mike Alexandrov, NYAC, 53.44
  5. Craig Emslie, UNC, 53.57
  6. Rostyslav Fedyna, UNAT, 53.71
  7. Conner McHugh, MINN, 53.83
  8. Nick Zito, WEST, 54.32

We haven’t seen Kevin Cordes wim in yards since he made the move to Singapore to train with Sergio Lopez after the 2014-15 NCAA season. Now, he’s back in the states training with Lopez at Auburn. Cordes, who holdds the American Record in this race with his 50.04 from 2015, topped the heats this morning with his 52.16 in prelims.

A slew of men were in the 53-range to qualify for the final behind Cordes, led by Indiana’s Ian Finnerty in 53.32. Just 2 hundredths back was Alec Kandt, who rounded out the top 3 in 53.34. Bulgarian Olympian Mike Alexandrov will also be in the hunt tonight. He was just outside of this morning’s top 3 with a 53.44 for 4th.


  1. Bridgette Alexander, UKY, 52.80
  2. Marie Chamberlain, IU, 53.02
  3. Isabella Arcilla, CANY, 53.15
  4. Tevyn Waddell, MINN, 53.43
  5. Caroline Baldwin, UNC, 53.61
  6. Ally Rockett, IU, 53.62
  7. Sarah Hitchens, UNC, 53.82
  8. Zoe Avestruz, MINN, 53.91

Top seed Danielle Galyer scratched out of this morning’s 100 back prelims, but it was still Kentucky on top as Bridgette Alexander clocked a 52.80 to set herself up in lane 4 tonight. Alexander was the only women under 53 seconds this morning, but Minnesota’s Tevyn Waddell has also been sub-53 at this meet with her 52.40 relay leadoff last night. In prelims, Waddell clocked a 53.43 for 4th seed.

Minnesota, Indiana, and UNC will all have 2 swimmers in the final tonight. Waddell’s teammate Zoe Avestruz was the 8th fastest this morning in 53.91. Indiana will be represented by Marie Chamberlain (53.02) and Ally Rockett (53.62), while UNC has Caroline Baldwin (53.61) and Sarah Hitchens (53.82).


  1. Bob Glover, IU, 46.13
  2. Arkady Vyatchanin, NYAC, 46.87
  3. Daryl Turner, MINN, 47.12
  4. Mark Nikolaev, GCU, 47.13
  5. Bryce Bohman, CM, 47.24
  6. Tom Shields, CAL, 47.28
  7. Jacob Molacek, GOAL, 47.28
  8. Omar Pinzon, FAST, 47.69

Indiana’s Bob Glover turned in the fastest time in the men’s 100 back this monrning, touching in 46.13 to come within hundredth of his best time. So far, Indiana has won 5 of the 6 races that have been contested on the men’s side, but if Glover wants to add to that total, he’ll have to get by Olympic backstroker Arkady Vyatchanin, who took 2nd this morning in 46.87. Vyatchanin has been as fast as 45.80 in his career.

Both Tom Shields and Omar Pinzon swam this event on the back end of their doubles. Shields, who qualified for the 100 fly final earlier, tied for 6th in this race with Jacob Molacek, as the 2 swimmers both touched in 47.28. Pinzon, a Colombian Olympian, was the 8th fastest qualifier in 47.69.

Also swimming this as his 2nd event today was 15-year-old Jack Dolan, who set yet another lifetime best. Dolan’s 48.07 in prelims was a full second faster than his previous best 49.21 from 2016 NCSAs, and ranks him 15th all time among 15-16 year olds. He didn’t make it into the championship final, but he will be in the B-final tonight.

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M Palota
7 years ago

Jack Dolan. Wow. A 19.86 for his 50 and now 1:36 2-free and a 48-low 100 back… Who is this kid?! How big is he?

I confess I don’t know SCY times at all but any 15-year-old boy that can make a US National Final… Let alone two in two nights! That’s some impressive swimming.

Swim Nerd
Reply to  M Palota
7 years ago

He’s 6’5″.Asked him at his last meet.

7 years ago

Shields negative split that 100 back

bobo gigi
7 years ago

Isabel Ivey is the fastest of the 200 free prelims after swimming a 400 IM.
Hopefully she will scratch the decathlon of swimming to focus on her best event tonight. Margalis will be tough to beat but it could be a great battle.
After watching her swim in video at the last junior pan pacs I’m pretty sure she’s got a very bright international future in the 200 free.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

i doubt she will scratch, but time will tell.

7 years ago

Can we all remember how much of a SCY beast Tom Shields is? Also the 1:34 from Rooney seems to be a good sign, I’m betting Florida is really gonna help him. Looking forward to what he can do at NCAAs with the Texas guys and whatnot

Reply to  Person
7 years ago

Absolute monster at Cal has any other swimmer won the 100 fly freshmen year 100 back and runner up in fly sophomore year than win both 100 fly and 100 back junior year? Or has anyone even won the 100 fly 3 times? Schooling probably will but still. Tom Shields is in my top 5 for best yard and college swimmer ever

Reply to  Uberfan
7 years ago

I’m pretty sure Pablo Morales won 4 100 fly titles

Reply to  Uberfan
7 years ago

Pablo Morales won the 100 and 200 fly four times each and the 200 IM his sophomore through senior years. When he graduated in 1987, he had won 11 (out of a possible 12) individual NCAA titles which was a record at the time.

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