2016 U.S. Olympic Trials: Day Five Roster Update



Guaranteed Roster Members

  • MAYA DIRADO (400 IM, 200 IM)
  • CONNOR JAEGER (400 free)
  • KATIE LEDECKY (400 free, 200 free, 4×200 free relay)
  • KELSI WORRELL (100 fly)
  • KEVIN CORDES (100 breast, 200 breast)
  • LILLY KING (100 breast)
  • RYAN MURPHY (100 back)
  • OLIVIA SMOLIGA (100 back)
  • TOWNLEY HAAS (200 free, 4×200 free relay)
  • MICHAEL PHELPS (200 fly)
  • CONOR DWYER (200 free, 400 free, 4×200 free relay)
  • LEAH SMITH (400 free, 4×200 free relay)
  • MISSY FRANKLIN (200 free, 4×200 free relay)
  • JACK CONGER (4×200 free relay)
  • RYAN LOCHTE (4×200 free relay)
  • ALLISON SCHMITT (4×200 free relay)
  • JOSH PRENOT (200 breast)
  • CAMMILE ADAMS (200 fly)
  • NATHAN ADRIAN (100 free, 4×100 free relay)
  • CAELEB DRESSEL (100 free, 4×100 free relay)
  • RYAN HELD (4×100 free relay)
  • ANTHONY ERVIN (4×100 free relay)

Tentative Roster Members

  • DANA VOLLMER (100 fly)
  • KATIE MEILI (100 breast)
  • DAVID PLUMMER (100 back)
  • KATHLEEN BAKER (100 back)
  • GUNNAR BENTZ (4×200 free relay)
  • CLARK SMITH (4×200 free relay)
  • CODY MILLER (100 breast)
  • MELANIE MARGALIS (200 IM, 4×200 free relay)
  • TOM SHIELDS (200 fly)
  • HALI FLICKINGER (200 fly)
  • CIERRA RUNGE (4×200 free relay)
  • JIMMY FEIGEN (4×100 free relay)
  • BLAKE PIERONI (4×100 free relay)

The 2nd place finishers aren’t guaranteed a spot on the team yet (though 1st through 4th in the 100 and 200 free get to go automatically for relays), because of a cap on team size. Only 26 men and 26 women are allowed on the team, which would be perfect if there were no relay swimmers, since there are 13 events with two individual spots for each. But, there are relay swimmers, so there is potential for there to be too many swimmers for the available spots.

However, it’s extremely unlikely for 26 different men to qualify for each unique spot on the team. Rather, there are instances where someone like Michael Phelps might qualify in two or three events, thus opening up more spots for people who finish second.

In all likelihood, enough swimmers will qualify in more than a single event, so all 2nd-place finishers in Omaha should make the team, too. Their spots just aren’t set in stone quite yet.

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I hope Missy makes the 200 back, her endurance is there but no speed whatsoever. Someone could take over her baker had a great 100 and Dirado will be strong.


Plummer should probably be counted as guaranteed spot. 2nd place swimmer going to rio is prioritized on time rankings for the year right? Plummer is ranked first.

insert clever name here

Why are the 5th and 6th place finishers in the 100 and 200 not on this list? Are they no longer tentative?

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