2015 DIII NCAA Live Updates From Night 1 Finals

Division III NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships

In Shenandoah, Texas and back in the giant sauna box that is the CISD Nat. Coming to you live are the results which will be updated as the meet progresses. The events contested tonight will be the 500 freestyle, 200 IM, 50 freestyle, women’s 3 meter diving. and 200 medley relay.

 For live results, click here! 

Women’s 500 Freestyle

B Final: Dana Holt (Emory), Alexa Korsberg (Kenyon), Alex Elizeus (Denison), Abigail Max (Geneseo), Sara Taege (Wash U), Courtney Cowan (JHU), Lauren Jones (Williams), Emily Weber (DePauw)

Cowan out to a quick star with a 55.8 at the 100. Taege is in second. Cowan building the leat. Outside in third is Holt with Max in fourth. Cowan 1:54.9 at the 200. Holt takes over second. Taege third.  Max still in fourth. At the halfway point it is Cowan ahead by more than two seconds, Max slips into second and Korserberg is third. Cowan continues to pull away. Max and Koresburg dueling for second. With a 100 to go, Cowan posts a 3:54.32. Two seconds behind are Max and Korseberg half a second apart. Going into the last 50 it’s Cowan then Max then Korsberg. Holt is moving again. Coming down the stretch it goes to Cowan in 4:52.88. Second to Max in 4:55.32 with third going to Taege in 4:55.97.

And now for the finalists…

A Final: Mckenna Newsum-Schoenberg (Emory), Angela Newlon (DePauw), Mariah Willaimson (Kenyon), Sarah Thompson (Williams), Rebecca Upton (Emory), Campbell Costley (Denison), Taylor Johns (Denison), Carolyn Bonfield (Emory)

Defending national champ Thompson takes it out in a 54.82 with Johns in second and Newlon third just under a second behind her. Looks like she’s going for the record: a 4:43.37 set in 2011. Costley takes over second place with Newlon still in third. At the 200 it’s Thompson in 1:52.68 with Upton second and Costley in third almost two seconds behind the leader. At halfway Thompson is still out in front at 2:21.73. Upton second and Costley in third. Thompson and Upton both just split 29.0 on that 50. Another 29.0 out of Thompson. Upton drops to a 29.3. 28.8 out of Thompson as she turns on the gas with 150 to go. Upton remains in second, Costley third. She’s going for it. 28.6 with a 100 to g. 3:48.2 from Thompson. Upton second. Williamson takes over third. At the bell lap. Thompson splits anoter 28.6. Upton second. Williamson third. And at the wall it goes to… Thompson just outside NCAA record time: a 4:45.13 for her victory. Williamson posts a 28.1 final 50 to take home second in 4:49.00. Third goes to Upton in 4:50.03.

Men’s 500 Freestyle

B Final: Stephen McMurtry (DePauw), Ryan Gajdzisz (TCNJ), Alex Grissom (DePauw), Joe Guilfoyle (Kenyon), Stuart Hohm (Denison), Austin Palmer (NYU), Drew Priede (BSC), Mark Hallman (Pomona Pitzer)

At the 100 it’s Gajdzisz out in the lead. At the 150 Gajdzisz and Hohm with Priede in third. Moving to the 200 mark Hohm takes the lead at 1:45.0 with Gajdzisz second and Hallman in third. Hohm holds the lead through the halfway point. He drops a 26.8 to put up a 2:38.6 at the 300 with Gajdzisz and Hallman following. Hohm puts distance between himself and the rest of the pool – almost a two second lead now with 150 to go. Hohm at 3:32.48 with 100 to go. Gajdzisz second and Hallman in third in lane 8. At the bell lap, Hohm still leads. Priede moves up with a 26.6 split. Gajdzisz is in third. At the wall it goes to Hohm with Priede second and Gajdzisz third. Hohm’s time is 4:26.66. Priede finishes with a 25.8 final 50 and a 4:27.40 final time. Gajdzisz finishes in 4:28.97.

And now the final heat…

A Final: Eagan Zettlemoyer (Emory), Thad Ricotta (Williams), Arthur Conover (Kenyon), Andrew Greenhalgh (JHU), Christain Baker (Emory), Christian Gronbeck (Williams), Shahar Resman (Keene St), Cameron Whiting (CMS)

Baker is out in a 23.6. Maybe a little overly enthusiastic. We’ll see if he can hang on. AT the 100 it’s Baker in 49.6. Second is Greenhalgh with Conover third. At the 200 mark Baker has the lead but Greenhalgh outslips him by 3 tenths. Baker is .06 ahead with a 1:42.74. Greenhalgh second with Conover third. Greenhalgh takes the lead at the 250. Baker second, Conover third. They are two full seconds ahead of the field. Greenhalgh puts up another 26.5 to post a 2:35.58 for the 300 mark. Greenhalgh pulls away, two seconds ahead of Conover and Baker who are holding even. With 100 to go it’s Greenhalgh, then Conover who is making his move. Baker third. 3:28.6 from Greenhalgh. Baker is falling back. It’s Greenhalgh ahead by a second. Conover splits a 25.8 on the second to last lap. At the wall it’s Greenhalgh in 4:20.30 with Conover second in 4:20.95. Baker is third in 4:24.30. Conover finished that with a 25.11 final 50! Both Greenhalgh and Conover were under the 2012 NCAA record set by Al Weik (4:21.79).

 Women 200 IM

B Final: Michelle York (Emory), Marissa Bednarek (Denison), Niamh OGrady (Wash U), Nancy Larson (Emory), Anna Wisniewski (JHU), Katie Kaestner (Kenyon), Kaitlin Jones (JHU), Jamie Hillas (Middlebury)

At the first wall, it’s Wisniewski out in 25.5. Second is Jones and Hillas at 26.3. Coming in before the breast leg is Wisniewski in 56.44 with Jones second and OGrady third. With the breaststroke leg to sort the field, Wisniewski still holds onto first 1:32.5 but Bednarek moves into second and HIllas reclaims third. Coming into the wall, it’s Wisniewski in 2:03.01 with Larson second with a blistering 28.1 final 50 to land a 2:04.02. Third is Katie Kaestner in a 2:04.57.

And now the finalists…

A Final: Olivia Jackson (Williams), Annelise Kowalsky (Emory), Sara Daher (Bates), Emily Hyde (Amherst), Michelle Howell (Denison), Emma Waddell (Williams), Nina Zook (Emory), Ming-fen Ong (Emory)

With the defending national champ Hyde in the water, it’s an easy guess on who will win…but you never know. She’s top seed coming into this. AT the 50 it’s Waddell out in 25.9 with Howell second and Jackson third in lane 1. Hyde is in 8th. Waddell holds her lead. 56.3 at the 100 with Jackson moving up. Howell in third. The breaststroke is going to do some sorting magic. Howell takes over the lead with a 35.1 breast split. Second is Zook with Kowalsky in third. Hyde sixth. Coming home it’s a madhouse with Howell taking the victory easily in a 2:01.59. Second goes to Waddell in 2:02.58 with Hyde in third with a 2:03.09.

 Men’s 200 IM

B Final: Duncan Bonney (BS), Timothy Lattimer (Williams), Mark Newell (Kenyon), Alexander Lednev (MIT), Joe Brunk (Denison), Chandler Lichtefeld (Emory), Andrew Rich (Denison), Mike Lanz (St Thomas)

Out quick with a 23.1 from lane 8 is Lanz with Rich in second. Third is Lednev. At the 100 Lednev takes the lead in 50.69. Second is Rich with Lattimer in third. With the breaststroke sorting them, Lednev keeps his ground 1:22.2 to hand onto the lead. Lattimer second Newell moves up into third. With a strong finish, Lednev takes it in 1:48.59. Second goes to Lattimer in 1:49.55. Brunk chases down the pack to get third with a 25.7 final split – 1:50.04.

And now the final…

A Final: Jack Lindell (Denison), Jeff Depew (Redlands), Evan Holder (JHU), Andrew Wilson (Emory), Trevor Manz (Kenyon), Hugh Anderson (Mary Washington), Kevin Lindgren (USMMA), Ian Reardon (Kenyon)

Wilson and Manz went under the existing NCAA record this morning and reset it. AT the 50 it’s Dewpew out in 23.0 with Reardon second and Anderson in third. Depew is defending NCAA champ. At the 100 Lindgren takes the lead in 49.80. Holder is second with Anderson in third. Wilson is 7th and MAnz 8th before breaststroke. That’s their specialty though – Wilson moves up to third with a 28.9 split. Second is Holder with Depew in third. Coming home on the freestyle, Wilson is flying! He takes it in 1:46.23 to break his record again. Anderson is second in a 1:46.46 – also under the ercord set this morning. Third is Holder with a 1:46.92… ALSO under the record this morning.

 Women 50 Freestyle

B Final: Marissa Bergh (Emory), Claire Liu (Emory), Jourdan Cline (Kenyon), Jenner McLeod (Kenyon), Victoria Luan (Rochester), Lydia Jones (Trinity U), Lena Yang (MIT), Amanda Wu (MIT)

In a close race down to the touch out, McLeod claims the B final in 23.35. Second to Bergh in lane 1 tied with Luan in lane 5 at 23.54.

And now the finalists.

A Final: Ashley Yearwood (Denison), Kirsten Slaughter (IWU), Alison Bartlett (Keene St), Carolyn Kane (Denison), Ana Bogdanovski (JHU), Emma Paulson (St Thomas), Mary Van Leuven (Denison), Allie Hable (UWEC)

Bogdanovski is defending champ here. Kane has one heck of a kick on her. Down to the wall and it’s Boganovski with a 22.85 to take the win and defend her title. Kane is second in 22.94. Third goes to Bartlett in 23.04.

 Men’s 50 Freestyle

B Final: Ian Gaynor (Widener), Ryan Funk (Kenyon), Austin Fathman (MIT), Jeremiah Crowley (NYU), Ben Nadareski (Union), Joey Duronio (Kenyon), Oliver Smith (Emory), Thomas Meek (Chicago)

Nadareski claims the victory in the B final with a 20.35. Second is Crowley in 20.39. Third to Fathman and Gaynor tied with a 20.46. Update: Nadareski DQ’d for false start. Crowley takes the 9th place spot with Fathman and Gaynor tied for 10th.

And now the A final…

A Final: Austin Caldwell (Kenyon), Stephen Culberson (Trinity U), Christinan Brindamour (Coast Guard), Jesse Novak (Rowan), Jason Potter (Gettysburg), Ryan Fleming (Denison), Tommy Thetford (W&L), Alex Poltash (CMS)

Brindamour is defending champ in this event. We’ve finally got guys under 20 seconds in the 50 again! Go DIII! And now for the race… Novak grabs the title with a 19.89 and second is Potter finishing with a 19.97. Third goes to Culberson in 20.02.


Women’s 3 Meter Diving

Maura Sticco-Ivins (Wellesley), Maria Zarka (Kenyon), Sarah Sheridan (Hope), Danielle Freund (Trinity U), Nickie Griesemer (Ithaca), Sarah Hayhurst (Centre), Meghan Bartlett (Fredonia), Christina Pekar (Lake Forest)

After the first round, Sticco-Ivins is in first. Bartlett is in second and Freund is third. After the second round, Sheridan moves up into third. Sticco-Ivins remains first with Zarka second. After the third round, Sticco-Ivins maintains her lead with Zarka gaining. Sheridan remains in third. With the fourth round, Sticco-Ivins puts up a huge score of 65 and maintains her lead. Sheridan takes over second and Zarka is third. Going into the final round Sticco-Ivins increases the lead ever more. Sheridan is second and Hayhurst is third. Sticco-Ivins claims the title with 500.35 points. Second is Sheridan with 477.85. In third is Zarka with 463.15.

 Women’s 200 Medley Relay

B Final: Conn College, CMS, St Thomas, Amherst, MIT, Chicago, CMU, Wash U

Out to the early lead in back is St Thomas  with a 26.2 with MIT in second and CMS third.  St Thomas holds the lead. MIT second with Amherst taking over third. Coming out of the fly leg it’s Amherst with St Thomas second and CMS third. At the wall it goes to Amherst with a 1:43.36. Second is MIt with a 1:44.35 and St Thomas is third in 1:44.84. CMU and Wash U are DQ’d.

A Final: Gustavus, Denison, Williams, Kenyon, NYU, Emory, JHU, Wheaton IL

JHU are the defending champs in this event, though Kenyon comes into the finals with the top time in the event. NCAA recordholder Celia Oberholzer gets out to a good start. Kenyon out in the lead with a 25.56. Second is Williams with Emory and Denison in third. Through the breaststroke leg, it’s still Kenyon at 53.43. Duncan splits a 27.8. NYU in second and Emory third. The butterfly leg with Cooper runs to Kenyon in 24.5 and Williams takes back second. NYU third. With the freestyle finale it goes to Kenyon in a new national record. 1:40.58 with a 22.5 anchor leg from McLeod. Second is NYU in 1:41.43 and third is Emory with a 1:41.93.

 Men’s 200 Medley Relay

B Final: JHU, Bates, CMU, Denison, Wash U, DePauw, Amherst, Conn College

CMU out to a good start with a 22.99 leg. Second is JHU with Depauw in third after the backstroke leg. After breast Denison tied with JHU in 48.2 and CMU third. Denison’s breaststroker split a 24.4. Denison holds the lead with a 21.2 split from the flyer. Wash U second with JHU third on the outside. And coming home it’s Denison with a 19.94 split at the end and a 1:29.45 final time. Second is Wash U in 1:29.78 and third goes to DePauw with a 1:30.53.

A Final: Gettysburg, NYU, Williams, Kenyon, Emory, MIT, CMS, TCNJ

Emory is the defending champion in this event. Out to a fast start is Kenyon in 22.23 with Williams on their heels in 22.3. Third is CMS. Kenyon builds the lead with a 46.5 at the 100. Willimas second and Emory third with a 23.7 breast split from Wilson. Kenyon still in the lead after fly with a 21.21 split. Willimas second and Emory third. Coming honme it goes to Kenyon with a new NCAA record in 1:27.54. Second goes to Emory with a 1:27.96. Third falls to Williams with a 1:28.40. Six anchors of the top 8 were under the 20 second mark. Dang DIII. Props.

SwimSwam’s got you covered for all things NCAA! Check back tomorrow morning for prelims ups/downs recap!

Swimming resumes tomorrow morning at 10 CST. Catch all live results here. 

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