Mitch’s Monday Meet Review Episode 3: College Conference Championships Edition

  1 Mitch Bowmile | March 03rd, 2014 | AAC, ACC, Big Ten, College, Featured, News, Pac-12, Video

Mitch Bowmile¬†is back with his weekly roundup of swimming competition. This week, Mitch tackles the college conference championships that happened across the country last weekend including the men’s ACCs, men’s Big Tens and women’s Pac-12s.

Editor’s acknowledgement:

There is a slight factual error in the video. The correct standings for the ACC Championships, with points, is as follows:

1. Virginia Tech 1264.5
2. NC State 1226
3. UNC 995
4. Virginia 972
5. Florida State 957.5
6. Notre Dame 907.5
7. Georgia Tech 543
8. Duke 482
9. Pitt 412.5
10. Boston College 205
11. Miami 156


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