World University Games: Day Three Prelims


  • July 4th-July 11th, 2015 (Saturday-Saturday)
  • Gwangju, South Korea
  • Prelims 8:30AM/Finals 7PM (local time)
  • Prelims 7:30PM (day before)/Finals 6AM (U.S. Eastern Time)
  • Full meet preview
  • The official FISU feed (finals only):
  • In the United States:
  • Results

Day Three Prelim Events:

  • Men’s 200 butterfly
  • Women’s 200 IM
  • Men’s 200 breaststroke
  • Women’s 100 backstroke
  • Men’s 50 backstroke
  • Men’s 400 freestyle

Men’s 200 butterfly

The top two men in this event put up times that place them in the world’s top 20. Italian Francesco Pavone, who had a lifetime best of 1:56.43, posted a prelim time of 1:56.40 which ties him with South African Sebastien Rousseau for the 16th spot in the world rankings.

Russian Evgeny Koptelov, who has a lifetime best of 1:56.37, was the second fastest qualifier recording a time of 1:56.56, which ranks him 18th in the world.

American Andrew Seliskar was the third fastest qualifier of the morning hitting the wall in a time of 1:57.21.

The rest of the top 16 include:

Cameron Brodie, Great Britain (1:57.66), Yuya Yajima, JPN (1:58.15), Aleksandr Pribytok, RUS (1:58.33), Matteo Pelizzari, ITA (1:58.33), Jordan Coelho, FRA (1:58.39), Kyle Wittaker, USA (1:58.49), Shaun Ryan Burnett, NZL(1:58.58), Masayuki Umemoto, JPN (1:58.62), Keiran Qaium, AUS (1:58.74), Jan Sefl, CZE (1:58.81), Michal Poprawa, POL (1:59.47), Nicholas Brown, AUS (1:59.50), Paul Lemaire, FRA (1:59.74).

Women’s 200 IM

American Madisyn Cox was the top qualifier in the women’s 200 IM. Cox posted a time of 2:12.79 just missing out on fitting into the top 25 in the world. The 25th spot is occupied by Louise Hansson who recorded a 2:12.72 earlier this year.

The next two fastest qualifiers were Australians Ellen Fullerton and Aisling Scott. Fullerton touched in a time of 2:13.75 while Scott finished in a time of 2:14.81.

Zhang Sishi of China, who came in with the fastest entry time of 2:12.50, qualified seventh with a time of 2:15.40.

The rest of the top 16 include:

Seoyeong Kim, Kor (2:15.28), Miho Takahashi, JPN (2:15.34), Tanja Kylliaeinen, FIN (2:15.34), Sishi Zhang, CHN (2:15.40), Luisa Trombetti, ITA (2:15.48), Celina Li, USA (2:15.61), Barbora Zavadova, CZE (2:15.71), Emu Higuchi, JPN (2:15.77), Barbara Rojas-Jardin, CAN (2:16.21), Wan-jung Cheng, TPE (2:16.76), Jaqueline Hippi, SWE (2:17.06), Viktoria Maliutina, RUS (2:17.06) and Sycerika McMahon, IRL (2:17.59)

Men’s 200 breaststroke

Many of the top swimmers in this event took the prelims fairly easy.

Kirill Prigoda of Russia was the top qualifier recording a time of 2:12.28. The Russian was a second off of his lifetime best of 2:11.26. Craig Benson of Great Britain was the second fastest qualifier posting a 2:12.62 well off his lifetime best of 2:09.32.

American Joshua Prenot was also well off his best of 2:09.30 was the third fastest qualifier finishing in a time of 2:12.89.

Dmitriy Balandin of Kazakstan, who came in with the fastest entry time of 2:07.67, qualified eighth in a time of 2:13.53.

The rest of the top 16 include:

Marat Amaltdinov, RUS (2:13.12), Nicholas Schafer, AUS (2:13.19), Calum Tait, GBR (2:13.34), Flavio Bizzarri, ITA (2:13.47), Dmitriy Balandin, KAZ (2:13.51), Kazuki Kohinata, JPN (2:13.53), Daniel MacDonald, USA (2:13.57), Akhiro Yamaguchi, JPN (2:13.65), Nicholas Quinn, IRL (2:13.70), Dmytro Oseledets, UKR (2:13.88), Luca Pizzini, ITA (2:14.06), Ronen Faur, ISR (2:14.07) and Maximillian Pilger, GER (2:14.21).

Women’s 100 backstroke

Canadian Kylie Masse had the fastest qualifying time of 1:00.58. Masse was only eight one-hundredths of a second off her season’s best of 1:00.50 which currently ranks 23rd in the world.

Americans Elizabeth Pelton and Rachel Bootsma had the next two fastest qualifying times. Pelton posted a 1:01.01 while Bootsma recorded a 1:01.04, both over half a second off their season’s bests.

Xinyu Qiao of China who came with the fastest entry time oddly did not compete for a spot in the final finishing in a time of 1:10.03.

The rest of the top 16 include:

Simona Baumrtova, CZE (1:01.40), Carlotta Zofkova, ITA (1:01.60), Yekaterina Rudenko, KAZ (1:01.67), Polina Lapshina, RUS (1:01.81), Holly Barratt, AUS (1:01.82), Marie-Pier Couillard, CAN (1:01.97), Miki Takahashi, JPN (1:02.00), Caroline Baddock, NZL (1:02.06), Yuka Kawayoke (1:02.34), Camille Gheorghiu, FRA (1:02.34), Kira Toussaint, NED (1:02.34), Stefania Cartapani, ITA (1:02.36) and Hayley White, AUS (1:02.49).

Men’s 50 backstroke

Junya Hasegawa of Japan was the top qualifier in the men’s 50 backstroke posting a time of 25.44. Stefano Pizzamiglio of Italy finished in a time of 25.47 while Seonkwan Park of South Korea and Henrique De Souza of Brazil tied recording times of 25.75.

Russian Nikita Ul Yanov came in with the fastest entry time of 25.13 qualified fifth with a time of 25.85.

The rest of the top 16 include:

Kosuke Matsui, JPN (25.85), Viktar Staselovich, BLR (25.87), Matteo Milli, ITA (25.94), Eddie Moueddene, FRA (25.95), Maksim Dzialendzik, BLR (25.97), Gede Siman Sudartawa, INA (25.99), Felix Wolf, GER (26.06), Joseph Patching, GBR (26.06), Jacob Pebley, USA (26.09), Gytis Stankevicius, LTU (26.13) and Heewoong Shin, KOR (26.14).

Men’s 400 freestyle

Jay Lelliott of Great Britain was the fastest qualifier in the men’s 400 freestyle recording a time of 3:51.41. He was followed by Jack McLoughlin of Australia who posted a 3:51.48 and Naito Ehara of Japan who hit the wall in a time of 3:52.17.

Damiano Lestingi of Italy was the fourth fastest qualifier finishing in a time of 3:52.20 he was followed by Aleksandr Fedorov of Russia (3:52.43) and Seungho Baek of South Korea (3:52.46).

Sergii Frolov of the Ukraine and American Reed Malone pushed each other in the final heat tying with the sixth fastest qualifying time of 3:52.71. Max Litchfield of Great Britain was the final qualifier posting a 3:52.95.

Australian Jordan Harrison, who came into the event with the top entry time of 3:47.45, had a poor showing posting a 3:56.30.



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Adam B
6 years ago

I can’t get over how dumb the event order is for today. Men’s 200 and 400 free finals are separated by 25 minutes — with the 200 IM final sandwiched in between.

Reply to  Adam B
6 years ago

I just noticed that blunder too, Adam B. I wonder if there are any other event clashes in the program.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Adam B
6 years ago

Yes. It’s an awful schedule.
I don’t know who has built that schedule but it’s absolute nonsense.
Reed Malone swims both finals today.

6 years ago

Did conger swim the 50 back?

Reply to  Snswimmer
6 years ago

No. US entries were Jacob Pebley and Matthew Josa.

6 years ago

whats happened to Jordan Harrison? This was supposed to be his big meet of the year after missing World Champs… he is seriously out of form and should have medalled in both 400m and 800 events so far.

Reply to  verram
6 years ago

I’m wondering the same thing. He seems so off this year. But also Thomas Fraser-Holmes and some Miami swimmers seemed the same way. Hopefully just hard training before the Olympic year

Reply to  MIKE
6 years ago

It is probably that so much happens or doesn’t in the long period of picking teams and when they compete. Have never favored long periods for a great many years. My rememberance was a 4 and a half month wait that didn’t work and this was much greater. It works against the swimmers in the long run and not fair to progrress of others since rosters of teams was named.

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  CoachGB
6 years ago

In this case – Jordy Harrison – it is only from Aust nationals April 6 to July 6 – 3months .

Jordy has the capacity to get on the 2016 team & perhaps that is his focus rather than break that long winter gruel.

6 years ago

I think Max Litchfield is just from Great Britain. In an earlier report he was Australian, and in this one he’s a German from Great Britain…

Reply to  Ukswimmer
6 years ago

And every New Zealand Swimmer is said to be Australian…

6 years ago

Have you seen Paul Powers swim the 50 back?

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