Which NCAA Teams Have the Most Swimmers in the ISL?

Although there are some very notable NCAA alumni who are opting out of the 2020 International Swimming League season, there are still a considerable amount of former collegiate athletes who have chosen to participate.

California leads all NCAA schools with the most alumni participating in the league this with nine total, tied with their Pac-12 foes USC. They are closely followed by Auburn who has eight total swimmers signed. While some schools like Stanford, Texas, Georgia, and even California had more alumni compete last year, these schools have had multiple notable alumni choose not to take part in Budapest. 

One concept is the grouping between some alumni. For example, all of the Georgia alumni and seven of the eight Florida athletes will all represent Cali Condors this season. While alumni from most schools are sporadic with their representation, it’s interesting to see some former collegiate swimmers stick together and choose to represent the same teams, as the ISL team aspect can be similar to the NCAA team aspect. 

Also, if you don’t live in one of the cities that have an ISL team and are trying to decide who to root for, you might have a collegiate allegiance that could guide your choice. For example, if you’re a Southern Cal fan, you can root for those athletes since most of them are representing multiple teams.

Note: this list is based on the last NCAA team each swimmer competed for. Swimmers who competed for one NCAA team and who train with the post-graduate group of another team are counted with the NCAA team they competed for.

Program Rankings – Most 2020 ISL signees

  • California: 9
  • Southern Cal: 9
  • Auburn: 7
  • Florida: 7
  • Indiana: 7
  • Georgia: 6
  • Texas A&M: 6
  • Tennessee: 6
  • NC State: 6
  • Alabama: 5
  • Michigan: 5
  • Texas: 5
  • Minnesota: 4
  • Arizona: 3
  • Louisville: 3
  • Ohio State: 2
  • South Carolina: 2
  • Stanford: 2
  • Northwestern: 1
  • Arkansas: 1
  • Duke: 1
  • Grand Canyon: 1
  • Kentucky: 1
  • Missouri: 2
  • Penn State: 1
  • Queens (NC): 1
  • UCLA: 1
  • UMBC: 1
  • Virginia: 1
  • Wisconsin: 1
  • Yale: 1

By Club

Alabama (5): 

  • Kristian Gkolomeev (LA Current)
  • Robert Howard (DC Trident)
  • Christopher Reid (NY Breakers)
  • Anton McKee (Toronto Titans)
  • Zane Waddell (LA Current)

Arizona (3):

  • Kevin Cordes (Cali Condors)
  • Margo Geer (DC Trident)
  • Giles Smith (DC Trident)

Arkansas (1):

  • Anna Hopkin (London Roar)

Auburn (7):

  • Marcelo Chierighini (Aqua Centurions)
  • Claire Fisch (Toronto Titans)
  • Santiago Grassi (LA Current)
  • Zane Grothe (DC Trident)
  • Annie Lazor (London Roar)
  • Julie Meynen (Toronto Titans)
  • Aly Tetzloff (LA Current)

California (9):

  • Amy Bilquist (DC Trident)
  • Madison Kennedy (DC Trident)
  • Katie McLaughlin (LA Current)
  • Ryan Murphy (LA Current)
  • Jacob Pebley (DC Trident)
  • Josh Prenot (LA Current)
  • Andrew Seliskar (LA Current)
  • Tom Shields (LA Current)
  • Abbey Weitzeil (LA Current)

Duke (1):

  • Alyssa Marsh (LA Current)

Florida (7):

  • Marcin Cieslak (Cali Condors)
  • Caeleb Dressel (Cali Condors)
  • Sherridon Dressel (Cali Condors)
  • Kelly Fertel (Cali Condors)
  • Natalie Hinds (Cali Condors)
  • Jan Switkowski (NY Breakers)
  • Mark Szaranek (Cali Condors)

Georgia (6):

  • Gunnar Bentz (Cali Condors)
  • Veronica Burchill (Cali Condors)
  • Nic Fink (Cali Condors)
  • Hali Flickinger (Cali Condors)
  • Melanie Margalis (Cali Condors)
  • Olivia Smoliga (Cali Condors)

Grand Canyon (1):

  • Mark Nikolaev (DC Trident)

Indiana (7):

  • Bailey Andison (DC Trident)
  • Zach Apple (DC Trident)
  • Ian Finnerty (DC Trident)
  • Lilly King (Cali Condors)
  • Vini Lanza (London Roar)
  • Blake Pieroni (Toronto Titans)
  • Mohamed Samy (DC Trident)

Kentucky (1):

  • Ali Galyer (DC Trident)

Louisville (3):

  • Mallory Comerford (Cali Condors)
  • Kelsi Dahlia (Cali Condors)
  • Zach Harting (DC Trident)

Michigan (5):

  • Felix Auboeck (NY Breakers)
  • Ali DeLoof (LA Current)
  • Catie DeLoof (Tokyo Frog Kings)
  • Siobhan Haughey (Energy Standard)
  • Miranda Tucker (DC Trident)

Minnesota (4):

  • Lindsey Kozelsky (DC Trident)
  • Connor McHugh (DC Trident)
  • Kierra Smith (LA Current)
  • Tevyn Waddell (NY Breakers)

Missouri (2):

  • Michael Chadwick (Toronto Titans)
  • Mack Darragh (Toronto Titans)

NC State (5):

  • Simonas Bilis (Energy Standard)
  • Ky-Lee Perry (DC Trident)
  • Justin Ress (Cali Condors)
  • Makayla Sargent (LA Current)
  • Coleman Stewart (Cali Condors)
  • Andreas Vazaios (London Roar)

Northwestern (1):

Ohio State (2):

  • Meg Bailey (NY Breakers)
  • Andrew Loy (DC Trident)

Penn State (1):

  • Shane Ryan (Toronto Titans)

Queens (NC) (1):

  • Marius Kusch (London Roar)

South Carolina (2):

  • Brandonn Almeida (NY Breakers)
  • Emma Barksdale (DC Trident)

Southern Cal (8):

  • Anika Apostalon (Toronto Titans)
  • Dylan Carter (LA Current)
  • Robert Glinta (Iron)
  • Louise Hansson (Toronto Titans)
  • Katinka Hosszu (Iron)
  • Vladimir Morozov (Tokyo Frog Kings)
  • Cristian Quintero (Tokyo Frog Kings)
  • Kendyl Stewart (LA Current)
  • Kasia Wilk (NY Breakers)

Stanford (2):

  • Abraham DeVine (DC Trident)
  • Ella Eastin (LA Current)

Texas (5):

  • Townley Haas (Cali Condors)
  • Tate Jackson (Cali Condors)
  • Will Licon (LA Current)
  • Maxime Rooney (LA Current)
  • Remedy Rule (DC Trident)

Texas A&M (6):

  • Alia Atkinson (London Roar)
  • Lisa Bratton (Toronto Titans)
  • Bethany Galat (DC Trident)
  • Beryl Gastaldello (LA Current)
  • Breeja Larson (Energy Standard)
  • Sydney Pickrem (London Roar)

Tennessee (6):

  • Maddy Banic (Energy Standard)
  • Erika Brown (Cali Condors)
  • Tess Cieplucha (Toronto Titans)
  • Molly Hannis (Cali Condors)
  • Meghan Small (Cali Condors)
  • Kira Toussaint (London Roar)

UCLA (1):

  • Ting Wen Quah (DC Trident)

UMBC (1):

  • Emily Escobedo (NY Breakers)

Virginia (1):

  • Leah Smith (Tokyo Frog Kings)

Wisconsin (1): 

  • Beata Nelson (Cali Condors)

Yale (1):

  • Isabella Hindley

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10 months ago

No Ryan Held?

PBG Watcher
Reply to  Wolfpacker
10 months ago

Or Simonas Bilis? Both NCSU guys which would bump NC State up to 7 total.

Reply to  Wolfpacker
10 months ago

As far as been announced, Ryan Held is not on an ISL roster this season.

10 months ago

Matt Grevers didn’t finish his NCAA career at Northwestern?

Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

And if you’re going by the last school they swam for, shouldn’t Zach Apple be with Indiana?

10 months ago

Surprised Stanford’s numbers are that low, but Ledecky and Manuel’s lack of participation contributes to that

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  PVSFree
10 months ago

Katie Drabot also out.

10 months ago

Tevyn Waddell for the Breakers from Minnesota!

10 months ago

Mizzou has another ISL swimmer on the Toronto Titans in addition to Michael Chadwick. Mack Darragh

Nick Highman
10 months ago

Cody Miller from Indiana?

Reply to  Nick Highman
10 months ago

Cody isn’t swimming this season.

10 months ago

Brandon didn’t swim for South Carolina

Reply to  John
10 months ago

He sure did. He’s actually the school record holder in the 400 IM.

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 months ago

Never finished school there. You only go to school when you graduate from there.

Reply to  John
10 months ago

Uhhhh what? I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying.

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 months ago

He did not graduate from South Carolina. Is it easier to understand now ?

Reply to  John
10 months ago

Yes. We all know he left after one year and went back to Brazil.

But he still went to South Carolina and swam there.

10 months ago

Only two Deloofs this season?

Sunny Cal
Reply to  frizzaly
10 months ago

Did Gabby Deloof drop out this year?? Is she the only Deloof still training in San Diego??