WATCH: Ryan Held Goes 29.6 in 75 Swim… Without Fins

Well, we’ve seen what swimmers can do with fins… and now Ryan Held has shown us what swimmers can do without them. In practice, with a tech suit on, the 6x 2021 SC World medalist threw down a 29.6. This leaves me with only one question… What could he do with fins on?

See more 75 videos below:

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Big Mac #1
8 days ago

Holy moly. That is near if not at sub 40

Last edited 8 days ago by Big Mac #1
Reply to  Big Mac #1
8 days ago

8.8 at 25, means averaging 10.4 for next two 25’s would put him at 40.0, assuming he could keep the pace up. Big assumption. But yeah, super fast! Very impressive

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
8 days ago

And no start either!!

Reply to  Big Mac #1
8 days ago

Dressel was 29.3 (ish) to the feet in his 39.90.

Dean Farris was 29.9 to the feet in his was to 40.80

So this was not on sub 40 pace, probably close to sub 41 if he swam a full 100, which is pretty damn fast for a in practice time in January and definitely more impressive than any of these fins times

8 days ago

He would have made the Olympic team had he made the move to Arizona earlier, and cut ties with Coley Stuckels.

Reply to  Bobo
8 days ago

He had by far the most successful year of his career with Coley in 2019, went a best time in the 50 a few months before trials in 2021.

The only real argument you could make for him leaving was how hard it became to have a consistent place to train after Coley “stepped down” at Alabama. Lots of pros were in weird situations for long chunks of 2020 with universities not allowing them in pools.

Reply to  oxyswim
8 days ago

I really think it was just a freak missed taper. Held went PBs in season in both the 50 and 200 Free (21.6, 1:47.xx), and he even went 48.0 in prelims of trials. It’s not easy to replicate that 47.3 he went at Nationals (2nd fastest American of all time), and Held is still one of the greats in American swimming and a stand up guy regardless of what people may say about him.

Scotty P
Reply to  25Backstroke
8 days ago

25 Backstroke. I honestly think this is it.

Reply to  Scotty P
8 days ago


Reply to  Bobo
8 days ago

Except he went 47.3/21.6/1:47.0 w Coley, so good luck finding a coach who can do better.

8 days ago

Ryan looking real good lately 👀

75 w/ fins under 20”
8 days ago

Is that even legal?

Reply to  75 w/ fins under 20”
8 days ago

No you need fins compete. This would be a DQ

8 days ago

wish he would have kept going so we could see what the 100 was! that is flyin

Reply to  swammer
8 days ago

Right? I’d say 41 low at the very least, probably sub 41. Very exciting to see what he’ll do later this year.

8 days ago

I’ve hand-timed this through 5 different tries, all of which started on Held’s first movement, and the fastest I can get is 29.93. Still impressive nonetheless.

Reply to  HJones
8 days ago

I’ve timed from the whistle three times and got 30.3. I’m a huge Ryan Held fan, but I think 29.6 is a little fast

Here Comes Lezak
8 days ago

I think Ryan wins the challenge

8 days ago

The only impressive 75 of the week

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