WATCH: Ryan Held Goes 29.6 in 75 Swim… Without Fins

Well, we’ve seen what swimmers can do with fins… and now Ryan Held has shown us what swimmers can do without them. In practice, with a tech suit on, the 6x 2021 SC World medalist threw down a 29.6. This leaves me with only one question… What could he do with fins on?

See more 75 videos below:

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8 months ago

To be fair, this was from a dive and the fin ones were from a push. I feel like that makes up for a decent bit of the no-fin difference.

Holden Caufield
8 months ago

Someone needs to try doing a 75 w/fins in a 20 yard pool. Imagine: 3 turns!

8 months ago

I got 30.1. 9.1, 10.7, 10.3….still crazy fast…likely a 41 low-mid if he would have done the whole 100.

Reply to  woods
8 months ago

I can go 12.2 from a push on my best day tapered and this man did a 10.3 on his third 25 🤯

8 months ago

He missed the assignment. You’re supposed to do it with fins. Post grads no fun.

Reply to  PowerPlay
8 months ago

Nah Bob Bowman no fun. Never let his swimmers go to ISL, SC Worlds, etc.

Reply to  swimmerswammer
8 months ago

Who’d actually want to go to the ISL lmao?

Reply to  swimmerswammer
8 months ago

Hali swam ISL after coming to ASU, Olivia did for this past season as well. Don’t think Michael ever wanted to do short course worlds after 2004, and he had to pull out of that one after a couple races because of a back injury.

8 months ago

Ok great but now do it with fins!!

8 months ago

This headline would have seemed very odd a week ago.

8 months ago

Super to see – all the fin stuff is equally fun too. Remember this is also an obscure practice distance that isn’t a really pivotal metric either.

Definitely not a 29, but that’s pretty likely when a coach uses a verbal take off command (from 25 yards away) they usually start the watch a few tenths late to account for the reaction time. That’s likely where that 8.8 comes in (Coach delay). Not accurate, but still, who goes 30 point for a 75 in practice?!

Held just ended that challenge. Won’t likely be many submissions on that sub 30 challenge.

8 months ago

Finally some REAL fast swimming.

Ryan is such a stud!!

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