Watch: Marko Kovacic of Utah Clocks Monster 28.1 75 Free with Fins

They keep coming. And as a result, the 75 free with fins is reaching new heights! Utah had a heat go off, wherein Marko Kovacic clocked a 28.1, shattering the best we’d seen previously by a whopping half a second. And the man didn’t even have a cap.

Watch other 75s below:

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2 years ago

The watch was started at least a half second late

Bob Dobbalina
2 years ago

Lame trend.

Reply to  Bob Dobbalina
2 years ago

I think it’s fun. Mid January in swim world isn’t loads of fun – I like this.

Larry Liebowitz
2 years ago

We had our women’s team try it today at Northern Arizona University and our fastest was 34.81. Can some other women’s team accept the challenge? Rachel Lytle 34.81

2 years ago

Waiting for “random 45 year old masters swimmer does a 28 second 50 with fine” headline

Reply to  Horninco
2 years ago

I wish my local Y’s pool was open…

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Horninco
2 years ago

Well Santos is turning 42, so guarantee he could beat this.

2 years ago

Brooks Curry about to move the bulkhead to 20y

2 years ago

What percentage of the Texas, Cal, NC State, and Virginia team can do this?

Hoosier Daddy
2 years ago

Leave utah and come to beautiful bloomington Indiana to train under coaching legend Ray Looze!!

daeleb cressel
Reply to  Hoosier Daddy
2 years ago


Honest Observer
2 years ago

This has gotten to the point where some mention of the particular brand of fins being used ought to be mentioned. Big difference between brands and models, both in terms of area and stiffness.

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