Watch: Dean Farris Pushes a 28.7 75 Free with Fins in Practice

We took a trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts to go film a couple of Harvard practices. At this men’s workout, they started off doing a few fun relays with teams of 3. On this relay, 2x NCAA champion Dean Farris swam the middle leg, a 75 with fins. He not only gave his team a whopping lead but split 28.7.

For reference, if he would have kept going and swam another 25, there’s a very real chance he could have swum under 40 seconds for a 100 free. I know it’s with fins…. but come on. That’s fast. Full practice video coming soon 👀

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1 year ago

Reminds me of that Ashton Kutcher movie where he is training for the coast guard and breaks records wearing wearing fins and some other gear.

“He’s fast!”

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1 year ago

Max Jones did it four times yesterday #recognize #dartmouthontherise

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1 year ago

Those didn’t look like big fins either. Yikes.

Reply to  Snarky
1 year ago

@Coleman Hodges what fins was he wearing?? It matters.

1 year ago

THIS is the content we come for!!!!!!

1 year ago

Joe Schooling went 28.6 in army fatigues at boot camp

Reply to  harambe
1 year ago

After going 50.6 in practice in a speedo

Big Mac #1
Reply to  Snarky
1 year ago

After he broke 20 seconds in the scm pool and moved the bulkhead with the pins still in

Reply to  Snarky
1 year ago

Not sure schooling could go a 50.6 75 with fins right now

1 year ago

Underwater swimming 😁👍🏼. 13 strokes total.

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1 year ago

At first I wasn’t impressed at all, but those are really tiny fins, way smaller the ones I am used to using / seeing at practice

still love dean farris
1 year ago

Not sure if this will be a popular opinion but I feel this is less impressive than the article seems to imply. My experience is that people can swim about a second faster per 25 with that kind of fin than they can without. Making that rough conversion would equate that to a 32.high 75 off a push, which is definitely really impressive, but not necessarily lights out. I kinda feel like the swim is just reminding us that Dean Farris is still really fast, but the second paragraph of the article seems to blow things out of proportion.

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
1 year ago

the fins definitely take away from the impressiveness. Give Ryan Hoffer some fins and he could probably go 37 for 100. It’s still really cool seeing how easy he made it look but practice times with fins is like having a million dollars in monopoly money, it’s neat in specific scenarios but not worth very much in reality

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