Watch: DII Record-Holder Karol Ostrowski Blasts 28.6 75 with Fins

Keep ’em coming. After NCAA champion Dean Farris dropped a 28.7 75 free with fins in practice, we saw 2021 Olympian Brooks Curry fire back with a 28.6 75 of his own.

Now DII record-holder (and one of the fastest men in NCAA history in any division) Karol Ostrowski has joined the party, throwing down a 28.6 from Drury’s training trip in Honolulu.

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Larry Liebowitz
11 months ago

We had our women’s team try it today at Northern Arizona University and our fastest was 34.81. Can some other women’s team accept the challenge? Rachel Lytle 34.81

11 months ago

At this point just post videos of everyone who CAN’T do a 75 with fins in under 29 seconds.

Big Mac #1
11 months ago

I could do that. In a speedboat

11 months ago

I still lobby for swimswam having a “Practice Records” section. Any distance. I could see allowing kickboard (one stroke into walls), fins or fins/paddles category. I think pulling might be protested often if people are sneaking in kicks. Full video must be submitted. If touch pads aren’t used for timing, the average stopwatch time of 3 swimswam contributors will be used.

Reply to  woods
11 months ago

Let’s get serious about practice records and see who can through a kick board the farthest.

Eric the eel > Phelps
11 months ago

Tomorrow: Dressel blasts 20.5 75 without fins

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
11 months ago

Based on his 17.6 and his 39.9, he probably could have been in the 28.5-29.0 range without fins at that time. But in fairness, these other guys aren’t rested or suited.

It would pretty much end the discussion if Dressel threw down a 28.5 in a brief without fins, though, and I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility.

Reply to  Ferb
11 months ago

That’s not possible from a push. His best 100 back half is 20.8, even if he replicated that, which isn’t happening in a brief, his first 25 he would need to flip a 7.7. Use your brain.

daeleb cressel
Reply to  Riccardo
11 months ago


Reply to  Riccardo
11 months ago

It’s his middle 50 that you should be looking at for comparison to a 75, and he doesn’t have to save anything for the last 25.

With that said, it’s been a couple days since I watched the Dean Farris video, and I was thinking (incorrectly) it was a relay start, so yeah, 28.5 from a push might be optimistic, but not by much.

11 months ago

Somebody get Shane Casas to do this backstroke.

11 months ago

This is great. We are not too far away from SwimSwam having to add a “75 w/Fins” header/section on their home page!

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