Andrew Zhang of Northwestern Drops First 27 in 75 with Fins

We continue to break new ground as the 75 free with fins evolves before our eyes. This evolution is courtesy of Andrew Zhang from Northwestern, who threw down a 27.7 to become the first person under 28 seconds that we’ve seen so far.

Check out the list of other impressive 75s below:

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Ol' Longhorn
10 months ago

It would be interesting to have the people doing the Brett Hawke 50 LCM kick challenge to this challenge and vice versa. Granted a lot of them don’t have access to a 25 y pool.

10 months ago

NU breakfast and pancakes next?

Andy Hodgson
Reply to  Joho
10 months ago

@Coleman the door is always open!

10 months ago

Give Coleman Stewart fins and let him do this (Lochte the dolphin kicks!)

Or even better let why bother with the 15m rule with fins?

Let’s add a start (it would have to be old school style) instead of a push

This can still be a whole lot faster, the fastest ever 100m in a 50m pool with fins is 31.24 (no breaking the surface).

Might as welll push this to the limit

10 months ago


Konner Scott
10 months ago

Comment of the year so far.

Bob Dobbalina
10 months ago


Ugly IS my alibi
10 months ago

I hear this will be in the 2028 Olympics

Reply to  Ugly IS my alibi
10 months ago

It actually can be a trial sport at some point. There have been world finswimming championships for over 20 years. The current mens records (LCM) for the 50/100/200/400/80/1500 are 15.00/33.87/1:18.65/2:55.57/6:16.24/12:09.74, I kinda like the immersive event with the tanks. It reminds me of arena football.

Case Chalish
10 months ago

Big Paddle’s market share is nose diving

Reply to  Case Chalish
10 months ago

Those guys who decided to short fins this week are kicking themselves

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