Watch Caeleb Dressel Become First Man Under :40 in 100 Free


Caeleb Dressel has broken every major barrier he could have this weekend, including a 17.63 50 free, 42.80 100 fly, and now, a 39.90 100 free. Watch the video below, courtesy of ESPN, to see him become the first man under :40.

Orignally reported by Lauren Neidigh.

Florida’s Caeleb Dressel has been smashing barriers all week. Dressel, a senior, set out to make history individually one last time for the Gators in tonight’s 100 free final. After a scorching 40.00 last season, he set out to be the first man to break 40 seconds. Dressel exceeded expectations as usual, surging to an incredible 39.90 to win the final.

Dressel’s Splits:

  • 1st 50 Split- 18.96
  • 2nd 50 Split- 20.94
  • Final Time- 39.90

While Dressel dominated the field, NC State’s Ryan Held had an awesome swim in his own right. Held swam to a 41.08, clipping his best time by .01 and tying Olympic champion Nathan Adrian as the 5th fastest man ever.


1 Caeleb Dressel 39.90
2 Vlad Morozov 40.76
3 Cesar Cielo 40.92
4 Michael Chadwick 40.95
5 Nathan Adrian 41.08
5 Ryan Held 41.08
7 Blake Pieroni 41.16
8 Simonas Bilis 41.18
9 Ryan Hoffer 41.23
10 Tate Jackson 41.27
11 Justin Ress 41.34


1 Caeleb Dressel 39.90
2 Caeleb Dressel 40.00
3 Caeleb Dressel 40.46
4 Caeleb Dressel 40.48
5 Caeleb Dressel 40.68
6 Vlad Morozov 40.76
7 Caeleb Dressel 40.86
8 Caeleb Dressel 40.87
9 Cesar Cielo 40.92
10 Michael Chadwick 40.95

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3 years ago

The lad is tired, last 25 looked like it hurt. Still unreal a god among men!

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  Iswiminliquorinsteadofh2o
3 years ago

His worst races are still amazing.

Reply to  Iswiminliquorinsteadofh2o
3 years ago

i just told my friend the same thing. dude is beat. get him this race on day 1 and its low 39.

Kevin Skrabacz
Reply to  Iswiminliquorinsteadofh2o
3 years ago

He only took 2 breaths on that last 25 too. #discipline

Aiken Do
Reply to  Iswiminliquorinsteadofh2o
3 years ago

in an interview he said that he really was tired because of the cramming of 13 swims in 3 days

3 years ago

I’ll miss watching him next year and saying that Schooling went faster in practice.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  SwamSwim
3 years ago

Nah, wait this summer!

3 years ago

Rowdy did no service to swimming or CD by saying “He DIDNT DO IT” (Break 39 seconds) “BUT he did break 40”.

3 years ago

Crazy to be disappointed by a 39. This man has changed what I can personally get excited by as it relates to times. USA swim fans are blessed to have him. The only other time I was this excited about an individual swimmer was Phelps in 07-08. What an unbelievable week of swimming, I think it will go down as the best ever.

3 years ago

I wish I could watch this race without the camera changing views every couple of seconds. Do we really need NINE camera changes in a 39s race?!!

3 years ago

The way he slaps the water at the end says it all. Tired.

Honest observer
3 years ago

Having Dressel swim the way he did the past few days is sort of like what would happen if you had a time machine and got to plunk the 2004 version of Michael Phelps down in the middle of the 1984 Olympics. All the excitement of watching, say, Jon Sieben pass by Michael Gross in the 200 fly with a new WR of 1:57.0 would have been lost with this monster in their midst who went a 1:54.0. The thrill of seeing Gross win the 100 fly in a new WR of 53.08 would shift to confusion about the interloper who just went a 51.2. And it wouldn’t be the normal amazement at a new WR, the standard reaction of… Read more »

Reply to  Honest observer
3 years ago

Very Beamonesque is it? As one competitor said to Beamon, “You have destroyed this event.”

Reply to  Philip
3 years ago

I said this before and I’ll say this again. Frederick Bousquet broke 19 13 years ago with an 18.74 in a body suit. In the 13 years since, excluding Caeleb, the 50 free has been brought down 0.27 seconds by Cesar Cielo to 18.47, also in a body suit. 0.27 seconds in 13 years. That’s the non-caeleb progress. Caeleb? 1.11 seconds in that time. He broke the event. The difference between him and the next fastest in the 50, is virtually the same as him and the next fastest in the 100 (a .84 second difference in the 50 and a .86 second difference in the 100 – Vlad Morozov’s 40.76 is the next fastest person).

He beat the field… Read more »

Reply to  Philip
3 years ago

This one competitor was a world record holder.

Reply to  Honest observer
3 years ago

you can be proud of any time, lets say a 24.0 in a 50free. pride comes from within, knowing you did your best at that time (just like dressel maybe wouldnt have been proud of an 18.3 for example).
what other people say or think in that regard isnt very important or least it shouldnt be, especially if they these other people are “non swimming people”.

so imo dressels swims dont devalue anything bc performance isnt a currency, its rather that they are now an even bigger motivation/inspiration to others than his old records already were.

Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

Correct if inaccurate, but it seemed that the crowd reaction was more one of relief than sheer ecstasy. Like a “whew”, kind of mirroring Caeleb’s own fatigued water slap. This is not like what we have seen from him before (Budapest, earlier this meet, etc.). Perhaps his groin situation was more of a factor than anyone let on, hence another part of his relief at having achieved a significant milestone even when injured? SUPER swim & SUPER DUPER week nonetheless!!!

About Torrey Hart

Torrey Hart

Torrey is from Oakland, CA, and majored in media studies and American studies at Claremont McKenna College, where she swam distance freestyle for the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps team. Outside of SwimSwam, she has bylines at Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, and The Student Life newspaper.

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