Vladislav Grinev Didn’t Start Training for Swimming Until “15 or 16”


Russian swimmer Vladislav Grinev is such a revelation after his Russian Record of 47.43 in the men’s 100 free, that the questions in the post-race mixed zone after the swim revolved around the most fundamental questions – like “where are you from” (Sport School 77 in Moscow) and “who is your coach” (Vladimir Vladislavovich Nutsubidze).

One of the big revelations from the event, though, was that Grinev didn’t pick up swimming seriously until he was “15 or 16.”

“At 15 or 16 years old, I wanted to begin, and my father supported me, with good reason,” the 22-year old Grinev said. “I fell in love with swimming, and by February they gave me a Master of Sport – International Class. I practiced quietly, (my parents) did not pressure me, I myself realized what I wanted to achieve.”

That expalins his relatively-limited history in the event. After beginning training in 2013 with Nutsubidze, He swam a 52.27 in 2014: his only long course 100 free on the record that year. In 2015, he swam the event only twice, dropping to 51.39 and 51.33.

By 2016, he was showing his real promise, though. He was 49.7 that year, 49.5 by July of 2017, and in 2018 had his breakthrough when he qualified for the European Championship team.

But that his progression would continue was not a given. Within 10 days of the meet, he got sick, and his allergies kicked in.

“I thought that, in principle, everything was already lost for me, but my coach continued to believe in me, and it turned out how it turned out.”


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3 years ago

Some people are just a natural talents. Reminds me of that Hanser Garcia guy.

Reply to  Philip
3 years ago

Had forgotten about him – Could’ve done something special that dude.

Andrei Vorontsov
3 years ago

Lost in translation: what he actually said was that he wanted to quit swimming when he was ,15-16 year old. He was a late developer and progressed very slowly. He began swimming much before 25-16 year and did all the stuff age-grouper has to do

Reply to  Andrei Vorontsov
3 years ago

Please post his response here, in Russian.

Reply to  Andrei Vorontsov
3 years ago

I was being sarcastic. He is doing amazing.

3 years ago

“I thought that, in principle, everything was already lost for me”

But, turned out everything was not lost and he drops 2 seconds last 2 years.

By far the worst interview in history of swimming.

3 years ago

oh darn. He missed his aerobic capacity building window. God only knows what he could’ve done.

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