VIDEO: Next Level Ice Swimming in Poland With the Silesia Swim Club

Some say that swimmers are all a little bit crazy. Hour-after-hour staring at a black line.

One Polish swimmer of the Silesia Swimming Center seems to be a bit nuttier than most of us. Watch the above video, where the swimmer not only swims in freezing cold water, but actually walks out onto the ice with an axe to cut his own ‘endless pool,’ then sets up a tethered swimming system, in a lake that was only freed from its icy cage minutes before.

Thanks to the Silesia Swimming Center for letting us all enjoy this video…from the warmth and comfort of our couches.

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6 years ago


6 years ago

That guy has perfect technique too! Scary

5 years ago

Thanks for making our no-tether, temperature-controlled Original Endless Pool® look even better! 🙂

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