Video: Easiest Way To Do A Crossover Turn!!

In swimming, it’s the little things that count. Adding an extra dolphin kick here, improving your tempo a little bit there, all pay huge dividends in the long run. Something that many swimmers highly struggle with or even implement poorly into their IM events is the ability to perform a crossover turn.

Back-to-breast turns are one of the biggest steps that a swimmer can take towards narrowing the gap between everyday swimmers and professionals. This being such a tricky turn, we decided to implore the help from one of our good friends, Ashlee Linn. Ashlee was a collegiate swimmer for the University of Florida, with her main event being the 200IM.

She breaks this turn down into three easy steps within the video. The approach, hand placement, and the roll into a normal flip turn. Just know that when you are going to implement a new turn, know that you are going to need patience and you will not be able to nail the turn on day one. This is only one way to go about a back-to-breast turn. It takes a lot of practice and you need to make sure you are always thinking about the minor details.

Feel free to reach out to us in the comments below and let us know how it goes!

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Great tutorial. Also helps that Ashlee is easy on the eyes….


Dude. Gross.

Steve Nolan

Agreed, but the video didn’t really do any favors with the way it started. Reminiscent of “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and that made me feel v skeevy.


I could not agree more. What is with the shower scene? Very awkward and distracting. Is it an educational video or a teaser for an adult film.

N3 Stroke and Turn Official

Some of these backstroke finishes are illegal. At 1:42, she touches the wall (finishes her backstroke leg) and yet her back is facing upwards.

Lucky for such swimmers that they move so quickly and that their ST judge must monitor more than one lane. When its down to one judge per lane, or the other swimmers are way behind, a backstroke finish like at 1:42 may correctly result in a DQ.

Ryan Rosenbaum

Link was fixed. Shouldn’t be any illegal turns anymore and if they are, they will definitely be questionable.


I want a private lesson from her.

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