van den Hoogenband Prepared to Take on TD Role Under One Condition

Dutch swimming legend Pieter van den Hoogenband has expressed his desire to become the next Technical Director of Dutch Swimming. His willingness to take on the role depends on one thing, that he does not have to answer to John Kossen, who is the Managing Director of the Royal Dutch Swimming Association.

“I want to be technical director, but not under Kossen,” van den Hoogenband told

“As long as John Kossen is the Managing Director of the KNZB it is not an option for me to enter into discussions for the post of technical director. I have no confidence in collaborating with Kossen. He has no vision, experience and ambition.”

van den Hoogenband won Olympic gold in both the 100 and 200 freestyle at the 2000 Games in Sydney and just missed winning the double once again in 2004 taking the gold in the 100 and silver in the 200 in Athens.

The current Technical Director Joop Alberda, who is stepping down after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, told that they are actively looking across the globe for the right person to take over the job,”With regard to the Technical Director we are looking at home and abroad.”

There are three other candidates who are being considered for the position, which include Ronald Gaastra (currently coach in Antwerp), Martin Truijens (coach in Amsterdam) and the Australian coach Shannon Rollason.

When asked about van den Hoogenband’s remarks Kossen stated he would be more than happy to sit down with the swimming icon, “If Pieter has interest in our opinion he is at the top of the list. It would be good if Pieter first noted the contents and function of the job and then judge whether it suits him. When the time comes I will discuss it with him.”

“I know the swimmers, coaches and staff very well,” said van den Hoogenband. “There is a good team to work with and I think I know exactly how to put people in their positions of strength. It would be a lot of fun it seems to take up the call to ultimately contribute to the Dutch swimming,”

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