USA Swimming Bans Former Texas Club Coach Chris Waid

Chris Waid, a former swim coach in the State of Texas, has been added to USA Swimming’s list of Individuals Permanently Suspended or Ineligible, effective October 9th, 2013, and an official list date of Monday.

Waid has had several jobs, including at the Cy-Fair Swim Club from 2005-2009, working primarily with their Gold Team (mid-ages, 11-14, generally). He was named the Gulf Swimming Age Group Coach of the Year in 2009. According to his Facebook page, those jobs also include a stint at Team FINS, also in the Houston area: a position that according to his Facebook profile he lost on March 25th.

SwimSwam’s Ceci Christy did a thorough search and was unable to find any arrest or criminal records for Waid anywhere. An email request for comment from USA Swimming on the basis for Waid’s arrest was not immediately returned.

Update: USA Swimming says that they had no comment beyond listing which sections of the Code of Conduct that they have ruled the coach to have violated.

The specific sections of the Code of Conduct included on the list include:

305.3.4 Violation of any of the Athlete Protection Policies set forth in Article 305

304.3.8 Any inappropriate sexual conduct or advance, or other oral, written, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed towards an athlete by (i) a coach member or other non-athlete member, or (ii) any other adult participating in any capacity whatsoever in the activities of USA Swimming (whether such adult is a member or not). Any act of sexual harassment, including without limitation unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in connection with or incidental to a USA Swimming-related activity by any person participating in the affairs or activities of USA Swimming (whether such person is a member or not) directed toward any member or other person participating in the affairs or activities of USA Swimming.

304.3.18 Any other material and intentional act, conduct or omission not provided for above, which is detrimental to the image or reputation of USA Swimming, a LSC or the sport of swimming.

305.1 Inappropriate touching between an athlete and an adult non-athlete member or Participating Non-Member (as defined in 401.1) is prohibited, including, but not limited to, excessive touching, hugging, kissing, sexually oriented behavior, sexually stimulating or otherwise inappropriate games, and having an athlete sit on a non-family member adult’s lap.

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10 years ago

I had a daughter that he coached at different times for 9 years. Because of the distance, I always stayed for practice or private lessons. He never made an inappropriate comment or gesture toward her or any other swimmer. Keep in mind I was at his practices for over 2 years! He was quirky, but no more so than the other coaches. I know why and when he left those clubs and the reason had NOTHING to do with what USA swimming has accused him. Big big difference.

10 years ago

Having past dealings with this coach over 9 years ago, and knowing the havoc that he created in our town and then how he abruptly left, I totally agree with this last post.

10 years ago

As has been the case over the years, Chris Waid has his supporters wherever he coaches. Then again it would be fair to say that he has left a trail of misinformation, manipulation and generally unseemly behavior at the multiple teams, clubs, etc. he has coached at. He seems to have never coached very long in once place without upheaval and turmoil. His willingness to make up “facts” on the fly and baffle those around with BS has worked on a few people everywhere he goes. Those people usually end up being parents of younger swimmers that often are not savvy enough to see what is really going on. It seems that veteran swimming parents and coaches usually see right… Read more »

Reply to  Really?
9 years ago

You’re wrong. Coach Chris was my coach. He was the closest thing to a father that I had. Looking back at my experience with him, I still would trust him with everything. How can you make those accusations if you didn’t even know the guy? I don’t see how being the best coach I’ve ever had can be considered taking advantage of me. I was coached by him. I saw the way he acted around little kids and it was in no way inappropriate. Being older and being able to understand more about stuff like this, I still have no doubt that coach Chris did nothing to violate that code.

10 years ago

I am absolutely appalled that a great coach like Chris can be banned based on one persons perception of inappropriate! All you throwing stones remember all it takes is one person to take something the wrong way & maybe your career will be next! Simple facts: he’s an incredible coach who takes as much joy in watching your kids succeed as they do! Those coaches are few & far between and will become less & less in the future because of these rulings.
I do find it ironic that while we see this article on this website USA swimming (I believe the “official” governing board for club swimming in USA) has absolutely NOTHING on their website. Just makes you wonder…..

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

Thank you Branden Keith for the link on USA Swimming. It was obviously well hidden on the website but I stand corrected that they do have it listed.
Still not agreeing with the ruling but no one ever said the world was fair.

10 years ago

Or the coach could avoid the need for a defense at all by not touching kids inappropriately.

Reply to  SarahSwim
10 years ago

I don’t even know where to start with this statement. Does it not seem from the comments here alone that perhaps we should consider the possibility that this coach is getting the short end of the stick? Regardless, should we not presume innocence until guilt is proven, across the board, with no exceptions for emotionally charged cases? Are you implying that to defend one’s self is an admission of guilt? Help me out here, its been ages since I took a civics or ethics course. But it hasn’t been so long since I’ve seen reputations, careers, and lives tarnished by false accusations.

10 years ago

My main complaint with USA swimming is that they have huge financial resources to prosecute, while a coach has very limited funds to defend. Regardless of how you value the DA’s investiation at least you KNOW it was fair. If USA Swimming wants to have a fair evaluation than the party being scrutinized should be provided a defense to match.

NC Swimming
10 years ago

Jamie Thomas, New South Swimming Charlotte NC

David Berkoff
10 years ago

What might not be a crime in a particular state (eg sex with a 17 year old in a state where the age of majority is 16) is STILL a violation of the USAS Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the burden of proof is not “beyond a reasonable doubt” under the Code of Conduct. It is preponderance of the evidence. So the decision of a district attorney NOT to bring a criminal complaint against a coaches irrelevant under our rules–which is a good way to protect athletes
in my opinion.

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