US Releases WUGs Roster; Only 2 Swimmers To Double With Worlds

USA Swimming has announced its 44-swimmer squad for the 2017 World University Games, with only two of the eligible pool swimming World Champs team members electing to take part in both meets.

Selection procedures for this summer’s international meets allowed a small window for swimmers to compete at both Worlds and World University Games – swimmers who made the World Champs team in only relay events or non-Olympic events would be allowed to swim individual events at World University Games just over a month later. (You can read up on the full selection procedures here).

Of the pool events, there were 6 swimmers in that boat after the conclusion of U.S. Nationals, but only 2 will swim both meets, per the rosters released by USA Swimming today. Both are the Worlds representatives in the 50 backstrokes: Justin Ress and Hannah Stevens. Here’s a quick rundown:

Dual Worlds/WUGs eligible qualifiers:

In open water, Becca Mann and David Heron will both swim Worlds and WUGs, but will compete in different events at both. Mann will swim the 25K and Heron the 5K at Worlds, then both will swim the Olympic-distance 10K at World University Games.

We projected the likely qualifiers for WUGs (also known as the Universiade) right after the meet wrapped up. Only three names from that projection don’t appear on USA Swimming’s roster:

Absent From Our Projected World University Games roster:

  • Gunnar Bentz
  • Vanessa Krause

With World University Games taking place very late this year (August 20-26), it’s possible that some swimmers couldn’t attend the meet without missing classes at early-starting universities, or that swimmers or coaches didn’t want to set back their college seasons by training right up until the start of NCAA season. There’s no word yet on why Bentz isn’t included on the roster. The rising Georgia senior would have been the nation’s top entrant in the 200 fly, 200 IM and 400 IM.

Update: The situation with Krause is more interesting. As of July 1, she was projected as the 20th and final pool swimmer on the roster. But as the Worlds swimmers dropped off the roster, things shuffled and ultimately left Krause 21st in the priority line with a roster cap of 20. (Actually, Krause was tied with Katie McLaughlin for 20th, but the tiebreaker compared each swimmer’s time to the standing world record, and McLaughlin had the edge with her 100 fly compared to Krause’s 200).

Tennessee’s Joey Reilman was also in the mix in the men’s 200 backstroke, but that spot went to Austin KatzKatz was the only swimmer to qualify for World University Games and the Junior World Championships, and it appears he’s set to attend WUGs and skip Junior Worlds.

New Names From Projected Roster:

To fill in for those 6 absent names are 6 new ones:

Baldwin, Drabot and Konopka all qualified under USA Swimming’s selection procedures originally, but were left off the projected team because the roster max of 20 was hit. Sanders gets bumped into Bentz’s 200 IM spot, Grieshop to Bentz’s 400 IM spot and Virva take one of the 50 free spots vacated by Apple and Chadwick.

The other vacant 50 free and 100 free slots go to Ryan Heldwho was originally set to only swim the 4×100 free relay. Maxime Rooney takes over the other vacant 100 free spot and Zach Harting the 200 fly entry. For the women, Kaersten Meitz gets Runge’s 800 free spot and Katie McLaughlin will get to swim her signature 200 fly, taking Krause’s spot.

You can view the full World University Games roster here.

Women (22):

Men (22):

Coaching Staff

USA Swimming also named its coaching staff. Head coaches were announced in advance (covered here in March), but assistants were finalized after U.S. Nationals.

Men’s team:

  • Head coach Whitney Hite (Wisconsin)
  • Braden Holloway (NC State)
  • Jeff Poppell (Florida)
  • Brian Smith (Georgia)

Women’s Team:

  • Head coach Carol Capitani (Texas)
  • Rick Bishop (Michigan)
  • Tracy Duchac (Stanford)
  • Duncan Sherrard (North Carolina)

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6 years ago

Will there be a live stream where we can follow the meet?

Annoyomus national swimming viewer
6 years ago

What happened to the acc Virginia & Smith college standout Leah Smith who won her races; was their any ladies from ncst squad that made the team but gotten let & Katie Ledecky from Stanford?

6 years ago

some of these post grads at wugs will be shooting for top 8 or top 16 so they can get funding or trying to be top 6 Americans so they can make the National team.

6 years ago

Excited to see if McLaughlin or Licon can get closer to their career bests after underperforming this summer

Reply to  Wallaby
6 years ago

Poor Prenot

Reply to  Kid
6 years ago

Prenot is probably going to World Cups and the charity meet in Rome….all in early August. There he can try to get top 8 world ranking and some good funding for the year….he will have some good opportunities against good competition.

Speed Racer
Reply to  Kid
6 years ago

Really?!?! Guess you were not in house at Nationals to witness the full fit he had. One pad punch and outburst I can excuse. Two pad punches (and not in quick succession) followed by a storming off, followed by an embarrassing stand on the podium is unacceptable. He is clearly lacks self control, restraint and composure. Until he demonstrates those skills he should not represent the USA on a National team.

tea rex
6 years ago

Q: Why no Pan Am Games this summer?

Coach John
Reply to  tea rex
6 years ago

because they are every 4 years….. Toronto 2015, Lima, Peru 2019, Santiago, Chile 2023

Go Blue
6 years ago

From what I heard Krause didn’t get invited to go to WUGs even though her 200 fly time is 30th in the world

Reply to  Go Blue
6 years ago

Go Blue – that’s not really how it works. Because of the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act, if she was entitled to the spot based on the published selection criteria, they would have had to have given it to her. Subjectively making choices for a team like this would be a big, big deal.

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 years ago

Unfortunately it is what happened though.

Reply to  Jared Anderson
6 years ago

What is Katrina Konapka’s world ranking? I believe higher than 31.

Reply to  Jared Anderson
6 years ago

Thanks for the clarification. Can you provide a similar explanation for Katie Drabot in the 200? Wondering if her ranking in the 400 is being used.

Open Water
6 years ago

Becca Mann and David Heron are both doubling Worlds/WUGS

6 years ago

When will the world juniors roster come out?

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