Today, Aqua Knuckles Highlights The Swim Guy in Lawndale, CA

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December 03rd, 2020 Gear, News, Training, Video

Swim shops are an important part of the swimming community culture. Proudly placing the logos of our teams on parkas, t-shirts, gear, team suits and sweats help us represent our teams – competitive swimmers in our areas – a group of friends and competitors trying to reach goals and win races as a team. Our local swim shops provide us with many of the tools we need to stay current and represent our teams proudly. Thank you to The Swim Guy for doing a great job servicing the Southern California area.

When many of us learned how to swim, we were taught to close our fingers. However, closed finger swimming isn’t as fast as open finger swimming. It can be hard to change your stroke after years of closed finger swimming – even if it’s been scientifically proven that open finger swimming is faster. It might be worthwhile for you to start observing really fast swimmers in the pool. Are they utilizing open finger swimming?

If you want to explore what open finger swimming feels like to see if it might help you get faster, Aqua Knuckles is a good training tool to try. Wearing Aqua Knuckles during training can help swimmers develop open-finger swimming muscle memory. When it’s time to race, your hands will grip the water and you will get to the wall faster. Another effect of training with Aqua Knuckles is lowering your stroke count. Because you push more water with open finger swimming, you’ll need fewer strokes to get to the wall.

Let’s be ready for the next competition!

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The Aqua Knuckles training tool was invented by John O’Grady. John is a lifelong competitive swimmer and coach who believes that every swimmer, no matter what level, can always improve both technique and times. John is a natural innovator who started noticing that many of the fastest swimmers in the world were using open-finger technique to get through the water faster. John created Aqua Knuckles to help swimmers at all levels create muscle memory with open finger swimming during training.

Aqua Knuckles is a SwimSwam partner.

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1 month ago

The Swim Guy?! What’s going on here?!

1 month ago

Go Craig! The Swim Guy is at all the meets!

Toad Hollow in Paoli, PA is another great swim shop. Been around forever, too.

1 month ago

Great store. We go there often.