Texas Men Still #1, Cal Women Jump Into Top Spot, in February CSCAA Poll

by Robert Gibbs 30

February 11th, 2021 College, National, News

Editor’s note: the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA)’s rankings track dual meet strength, specifically. That is, a higher-ranked team is expected to win in a head-to-head dual meet with a lower-ranked team, according to the voters. These rankings aren’t an NCAA finish prediction – for a ranking closer to that model, check out SwimSwam’s Power Rankings.

The California women jump into the top spot, while the Texas men maintain their season-long spot at #1, according to the latest CSCAA dual meet polls.

The Texas men have led every poll this season, marking nine straight appearances at #1. The last time the Longhorn men weren’t ranked #1 was in October of 2019, when they sat second to California. The California men continued to hold steady at #2.

This is the first #1 ranking for the California women this season. The Texas women had led the last two polls.

Up until this month, the polls had stayed relatively stable, but with an increase in competition among Big Ten and Pac-12 teams, there were some pretty dramatic changes in ranking, including the Northwestern women leaping from 22nd to 7th. The Wildcats have been hot over the last few weeks, going undefeated against Iowa, Penn State, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

The rankings stayed much more stable on the men’s side, as the majority of teams were within a spot of two of where they were ranked last month.

Biggest Risers

  • Northwestern women (+15)
  • North Carolina women (+11)
  • Kentucky women (+7)
  • Wisconsin women (NR to 17)
  • UCLA women (NR to 19)
  • Wisconsin men (NR to 19)

Biggest Fallers

  • Indiana women (-9)
  • Texas women (-7)
  • NC State women (-5)

Division I Women

Rk Prv Team Points
1 7 California 362
2 2 Virginia 350
3 10 Kentucky 321
4 8 Florida 314
5 4 Tennessee 306
6 3 Georgia 304
7 22 Northwestern 288
8 1 Texas 259
9 5 Michigan 247
10 9 Stanford 240
11 6 NC State 221
12 19 Louisville 217
13 24 North Carolina 209
14 18 Notre Dame 168
15 16 Virginia Tech 145
16 11 Alabama 137
17 NR Wisconsin 129
17 13 Texas A&M 129
19 NR UCLA 105
20 20 Arkansas 85
21 12 Indiana 78
22 NR Minnesota 59
23 14 Ohio State 58
24 NR Duke 41
25 23 Auburn 39
25 15 Missouri 39

Also Receiving Votes

Florida State (14), Houston (13), Buffalo (10), Akron (9), Penn State (9), Southern California (6), Navy (1)

Women’s Poll Committee

Dan Colella, Duke; Niko Fantakis, Brown;  Chris Hansen, CSU Bakersfield; Naya Higashijima (Chair), Southern Methodist;  Lars Jorgensen, Kentucky; Nathan Lavery, Drexel; Matthew Leach, Washington State; Sergio Lopez, Virginia Tech; Jonathan Maccoll, Rutgers; Jesse Moore, Minnesota;  Jeff Poppell, Florida; Jos Smith, Utah; Braden Keith, SwimSwam; Andy Ross, Swimming World.

Division I Men

Rk Prv Team Points
1 1 Texas 325
2 3 California 312
3 4 Texas A&M 291
4 2 Georgia 287
5 6 NC State 267
5 5 Florida 267
7 8 Louisville 249
8 7 Indiana 235
9 11 Missouri 200
10 10 Virginia 198
11 13 Tennessee 191
11 9 Michigan 191
13 14 Virginia Tech 170
14 11 Stanford 166
15 15 Florida State 131
16 16 Alabama 105
17 18 Notre Dame 101
18 20 North Carolina 99
19 NR Wisconsin 90
20 NR Northwestern 86
21 17 Ohio State 69
22 19 Georgia Tech 63
23 23 Auburn 43
24 21 Arizona 42
25 22 Pittsburgh 26

Also Receiving Votes

Purdue (10), Southern Methodist (5), Southern California (3), Minnesota (2), UNLV (1)

Men’s Poll Committee

Steve Barnes, Penn State; Chase Bloch, Southern California; Jason Calanog, Texas A&M; Matt Crispino, Princeton; Daniel Dozier, West Virginia; Matt Gianiodis, Michigan State; John Hargis, Pittsburgh; Craig Nisgor, Seattle; Bill Roberts (Chair), Navy; Rachel Stratton Mills, Arizona State; Neal Studd, Florida State; Braden Keith, SwimSwam; Andy Ross, Swimming World.

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New b
11 months ago

How did Texas fall so far?

Braden Keith(@braden)
Reply to  New b
11 months ago

I’m wondering the same thing.

I actually moved them up, from 4th to 3rd, on my ballot.

Stan Crump
Reply to  New b
11 months ago

It is curious. But I was curious why Texas women were ranked 1 anyway.

11 months ago

I get Cal jumping up but a lot of that women’s rankings makes zero sense.

Reply to  VFL
11 months ago

NC state takes #1 VA down to the last relay and they drop 11 places. Who’s on crack?

Reply to  Snarky
11 months ago

Double dq in the 1000 in that meet, nc state was home and had more swims, and i believe although I may be wrong that uva swam unc the day before.

Reply to  Swammer
11 months ago

Yeah and VA diving is light years ahead. So there’s always an excuse.

Reply to  Swammer
11 months ago


Troll Longhorn
11 months ago

It just comes down to you can’t trust the polls?

11 months ago

I was never strong at math, but am I missing something here? (Guerra, please chime in…) Indiana women dropped nine spots, but they’re not listed as the Biggest Fallers, while Texas (-7) and NC State (-5) are??

11 months ago

Strange. Michigan women beat Northwestern easily in one of only two dual meets Michigan swam yet Northwestern is ranked a lot higher. I also think Indiana beat Northwestern.

11 months ago

Indiana at 8??? This has to be a joke!! IU is clearly the best team in the nation, and arguably the world. The Hoosiers will win NCAAs in a landslide like we have never seen in the history of college swimming!!! Go Hoosiers!!

Reply to  HoosierDaddy
11 months ago

These downvoters don’t understand sarcasm

Reply to  HoosierDaddy
11 months ago

Finally someone other than me speaking some facts! Can’t wait to see goat coach looze clean up at NC’s.

ACC fan
11 months ago

Totally nuts! Kentucky #3? NW #7?, each ranked above Texas, Stanford, Michigan and NC State? NC State went to the last relay with #2 Virginia, and didn’t lose all year other than that. Buffalo and Akron getting 9pt and 10pt votes? Is this April Fools early?

Old b
Reply to  ACC fan
11 months ago

Riley Gaines and friends is that good.

Reply to  Old b
11 months ago

I agree Riley Gaines and friends are good but they’re not good enough for 3rd. I wouldn’t even say they’re third in their own conference

Reply to  Soup
11 months ago

The Kentucky ranking isn’t right….

11 months ago

To be honest, the only poll I put any value in is the swimswam power rankings

Reply to  JCO
11 months ago

Swimcloud rankings are way closer to reality. Cscaa is worse than a Brietfart or Puffpost political poll! 🇺🇸