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Campionato Sud Australia: Madison Wilson Record Nei 100 Stile Libero

Campionato sud Australia in vasca corta: Madison Wilson fissa il nuovo record dello Stato nei 100 etti stile libero femminili

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Madi Wilson Hits Lifetime Best, South Aussie 100 Free Record

While competing on day 1 of the 2020 South Australia SC Championships, 26-year-old Madi Wilson fired off a new state record n the women’s 100m freestyle.

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Chalmers Absent From 2020 South Aussie State C’shps

The 2020 South Australia State Short Course Championships for the 14 and older age set are set to kick off tomorrow, October 2nd in Oaklands Park.


Madi Wilson E Chalmers Protagonisti Del Sud Australia Division I Meet

Sud Australia Division I: gare in vasca corta per gli australiani ieri. Kyle Chalmers 48.33 nei 100 stile libero, mentre Madi Wilson nuota il PB nei 50 stile

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Chalmers Eases Back Into Racing At Short Course South Aussie Meet

Australian Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers got wet this weekend, contesting the local South Australia Division 1, Meet 1.


Chalmers Clocks Near-Personal Best 200 Fly Down Under

Kyle Chalmers doesn’t seem the 200m fly often, but when he does he makes the most of it. Tonight he logged a near-personal best in the grueling event.


Chalmers & Wilson Help Marion Sweep South Aussie State Relays

2016 Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers and Marion teammate Madi Wilson helped secure a clean sweep of relays on day 1 of South Aussie State Championships.

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Vladislav Grinev Reinforces Aqua Centurions Ahead of ISL European Derby

The strength of the Aqua Centurions, their men’s squad, got even better this week with the addition of Vladislav Grinev to the team’s roster.


Schooling Snags Win #2 At Aussie Short Course Championships

Joseph Schooling came within tenths of the Singaporean national record in the 200m IM in the morning and followed up with 50 fly gold at night in Melbourne.


L’Australia Inserisce La Skin Race Modello ISL Nel Campionato Assoluto

In Australia inizieranno domani i Campionati Nazionali in vasca corta. Nel Campionato sono state inserite due skin race, una maschile ed una femminile

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ISL-Type Skins Events Bleed Over To Aussie SC Championships

Olympic champion Mack Horton is ready to race at the 2019 Australian Short Course Championships and his events will include a rapid-fire sprint onslaught.

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Schooling Heads To Horton Country To Race At Aussie SC C’ships

Singapore’s Joseph Schooling is entered in the Australian Short Course Championships taking place the weekend of October 24th.


2019 ISL Group A Match 1 – Day One Analysis + Day Two Preview

With Energy Standard now in a substantial lead over the Cali Condors, how can these teams’ different strengths affect day two’s competition?


Aspettando ISL : Gli Aqua Centurions, “Scateniamo L’Inferno”

Aspettando ISL : Gli Aqua Centurions, “Scateniamo L’Inferno”. Il team di Federica Pellegrini conta su un roster prevalentemente italiano.

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Tokyo: Federica Pellegrini Bronzo 100Do, Martinenghi Sfiora Il Personale 50Ra

Tokyo: Federica Pellegrini conquista la medaglia di bronzo nei 100 metri dorso. Nicolò Martinenghi argento nei 50 rana, dove sfiora il suo personal best

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